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Chapter 696: 696 What an Idiot

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696 What an Idiot

Xue Fanxin woke up in high spirits, but she was very hungry. Hence, she washed up briefly and prepared to cook.

But at this moment, Du Yuxuan’s curses sounded from outside the tent.

“Xue Fanxin, you sl*t. Get the hell out here.”

Not only did Xue Fanxin hear Du Yuxuan’s curse, but the people in the other tents also heard it. Even the unrelated people stationed around heard her curse and came out to watch the commotion.

Heiyue was the first to rush out. When she saw Du Yuxuan, she was annoyed and scolded her angrily, “Du Yuxuan, it looks like the lesson you received last time hasn’t made you learn. I have to teach you a lesson today.”

“You dog slave, stop showing off in front of me. Get lost.” Du Yuxuan scolded fiercely, but she was actually very nervous. Her hands were trembling. She had wanted to open the medicine bottle hidden in her sleeve the moment she saw Heiyue, but because her hands were trembling badly, she took a long time to open the bottle. Furthermore, the bottle almost fell out.

Old Man Yin Feng had been watching from afar. When he saw that Du Yuxuan had almost dropped the medicine bottle, he was very nervous. Fortunately, the bottle did not fall, and things went quite smoothly.

When Du Yuxuan scolded Heiyue and opened the medicine bottle, Heiyao and Heiran also came out. There were also other Black Shadow Guards. These were all Heiyue’s subordinates. All of them glared fiercely at Du Yuxuan, their gazes so terrifying that they could almost tear her apart.

Du Yuxuan was quite frightened and regretted agreeing to Old Man Yin Feng’s request. However, she had no choice but to do it now. Therefore, no matter how regretful, nervous, or panicked she was, she had to finish what she was doing.

None of the senior brothers and sisters who had come with Du Yuxuan dared to speak carelessly. They only waited by her side.

At this moment, Xue Fanxin walked out of the tent and asked coldly, “Who is the dog slave scolding?”

“Dog slave is scolding your unruly subordinates.” Du Yuxuan did not even think about it. She was excited to see Xue Fanxin, so she spoke without thinking.

Xue Fanxin chuckled and said, “Yes, yes, yes. It’s you who scolded my unruly subordinates.”

Hearing this, Heiyao, Heiran, and the others all laughed.


“Haha… Someone actually called herself a dog slave. How stupid!” Little Lei carried the little white tiger out of the tent and spoke coldly the moment he came out, looking like he was not afraid even if the sky collapsed.

Not only that, but the surrounding crowd was also secretly mocking Du Yuxuan’s stupidity.

Du Yuxuan finally reacted and was furious. However, she had not forgotten the purpose of her trip. Calculating the time, it was about time. Although she was still very angry, she had to retreat because it was time. “Xue Fanxin, I can’t win against you now, but don’t be too smug. When I leave this place and return to the Heavenly Spirit Sect, you’ll suffer.

“Let’s go. We won’t waste our energy on such a person.”

She… she was leaving just like that?

The other disciples of the Heavenly Spirit Sect were confused. They had not expected Du Yuxuan to swallow her anger and leave just like that.

Based on Du Yuxuan’s personality, she would not stop until she caused a ruckus.

Could it be that she was afraid because of what had happened previously?

Who cared about her! Anyway, they just had to listen to Du Yuxuan and do their job. As for the outcome or consequences, that was not their business.

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