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Chapter 855: 855

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855 Something’s Wrong

Su Baifeng stood outside the house and stared straight at the closed door, wishing she could go in and kill Xue Fanxin now.

However, she could not act rashly, because she only had one chance. If her attack failed, it would be very difficult for her to have another chance.

However, if she did not take action, she would miss the opportunity.

Su Baifeng thought about it and turned her attention to Heiyao. She ordered secretly by Heiyao’s side, “Charge in now. No matter what, stop Ye Jiushang from saving her.”

“Yes.” Heiyao listened to Su Baifeng’s orders and suddenly barged into the room in front.

It had happened too suddenly. Heilong could not even stop him in time and could only rush in. “Heiyao, what are you doing?”

Because of Heiyao’s sudden intrusion, the room was in a mess. The servants and maidservants beside her were all kneeling on the ground. All kinds of potions were scattered on the ground, and the room was in a mess.

In the room, Heilong was stopping Heiyao, who wanted to kill Xue Fanxin, and pulling him back tightly.

Ye Jiushang, on the other hand, sat by the bed exhausted and was resting. His face was as pale as paper, and he looked like he had exhausted his spirit energy and had little vitality left. At this moment, he had no combat strength at all.

As for Xue Fanxin, she lay on the bed like a dead person. From afar, Su Baifeng had no idea if she was still alive.

Su Baifeng entered the room and ignored Heilong and Heiyao, who were fighting by the side. Her attention was all on Xue Fanxin. Then, she slowly walked over, wanting to stab Xue Fanxin again and quickly kill her.

“Su Baifeng, why is it you?” Ye Jiushang said weakly, his eyes filled with anger.

“Jiushang, I’ll catch up with you after I kill Xue Fanxin.” When Su Baifeng saw that Ye Jiushang was so weak and that he did not even have the strength to resist, the little nervousness and panic in her heart instantly disappeared. She increased her speed and came to the bed. Looking at the person lying on the bed, she took out a dagger and stabbed it ruthlessly.

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But just as her dagger was stabbing down, the person lying on the bed suddenly opened her eyes and intercepted the dagger she stabbed down, holding her wrist tightly.

Seeing Xue Fanxin suddenly open her eyes, Su Baifeng was extremely shocked. She could not help but panic, but it was only for a moment. She quickly reacted and increased the force in her hand, wanting to stab the dagger down.

How much power could a person who was about to die from the poison have to resist her?

Furthermore, now that things had developed to this point, she had no choice but to fight with all her might.

Furthermore, this was her only chance to kill Xue Fanxin.

“Xue Fanxin, go to hell.” Su Baifeng’s expression was ferocious. She used both hands to hold the dagger and stabbed down with all her might.

Su Baifeng was only concerned about killing Xue Fanxin, so she did not notice the abnormality of everyone in the room, nor did she notice that her hand had touched something she should not have touched. She only thought of killing. Kill, kill, kill…

Strange, wasn’t Xue Fanxin about to die from the poison? Why did she still have so much energy to resist her?

Up to now, Su Baifeng had not noticed anything strange.

However, the vengeful spirit remnant soul in her body had already reacted and hurriedly reminded her. “Something’s wrong. Quickly retreat.”

When Su Baifeng heard the words of the vengeful spirit remnant soul, she immediately reacted and quickly let go, wanting to escape from the scene. But when she let go, she realized that her palm had all turned black.

What was going on?


Su Baifeng suddenly screamed in pain, and the vengeful spirit remnant soul in her body was also chaotic.


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