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Waking up from cryo sleep, Shen Siwei received an urgent mission: to disguise himself as a noble negotiator and enter the occupied area under the disguise of negotiations, investigating the background of the leader of the refugeees, Klet. He thought that his noble identity would serve as protection, but little did he know that those refugees had no limits. As soon as Shen Siwei entered the war zone, a group of men sort him and imprisoned him. Outside the cage, someone threw coins at Shen Siwei, asking the him to strip naked. Just as Shen Siwei’s killing intent grew stronger, Klet finally appeared and put a stop to his subordinates’ misconduct. And then… he himself paid one dollar to buy Shen Siwei.

The mission was progressing slowly, so Shen Siwei sought guidance from his superiors.

Shen Siwei: Can I directly kill Klet?

Superior: No. Find a way to gather information by any means necessary.

Unable to retreat or resist, Shen Siwei was firmly held by Klet, the thug leader. In his heart, he killed this rogue leader countless times, but on the surface, he had tears in his eyes and tried to reason begging: “Please let me go.”

Klet remained unmoved, his voice deep and hoarse: “Behave yourself, and I’ll let you go.”

Not long after, Klet saw Shen Siwei, who handled guns better than him, and realized that this was not a weak beauty but a humanoid weapon.

Klet (gong) x Shen Siwei (shou) Fierce Beast x Carnivorous Flower

Reading Guide: Cyberpunk background with traces of post-apocalyptic elements, no interstellar involvement.

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