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Chapter 515: 515

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Chapter 515: Given Her Such A Dangerous Thought

Zhu Yu was a little hesitant. “But, Miss…”

“Quickly, now!” Lu Tingchen ordered in a deep voice.

Zhu Yu had no choice but to went and prepare it.

“As for you, go get a bowl of hangover soup here.” Lu Tingchen ordered Chu Jiu, who was standing at the side.

Chu Jiu darted a look at him and went off to prepare it.

It was not long before Chu Jiu returned with a bowl of hangover soup in her hand. By then, Lu Tingchen had helped Lu Liangwei up, and let her leaned against his shoulder.

“Give it to me.” Lu Tingchen held out a hand.

Chu Jiu quickly passed the bowl over to him.

Lu Tingchen took it over and used his other hand to pinch tight on Lu Liangwei’s nose.

Lu Liangwei was forced to open her mouth as she was not able to breathe properly. Lu Tingchen took the opportunity to bring the bowl of soup to her lips and poured the hangover soup into her mouth.

“Cough cough cough!”

Lu Liangwei coughed herself awake. “Big brother, what are you doing?”

Lu Tingchen replied indignantly, “You couldn’t have forgotten what day is it today, have you?”

Lu Liangwei massaged her aching forehead and mumbled, “What day is it today?”

Lu Tingchen could not help but feel if His Majesty had missed the auspicious moment to marry Weiwei, he would be skinned alive.

As for why Weiwei was reacting in such a dim manner, it was because he had encouraged her to drink with him last night.

“It’s the day you are marrying His Majesty. If you don’t come to your senses and miss the auspicious moment to enter the Palace, what would happen if His Majesty punishes you?” Lu Tingchen clenched his teeth as he said.

Lu Liangwei yawned and hugged her blanket, lying down once again. “I’ll just not marry then!”

Lu Tingchen, “…”

What had he said to have given her such a dangerous thought?

Everything has been planned up to this stage and she refused to marry just like that?

Even though he was reluctant to see Weiwei get married, but His Majesty was the one who had fallen for her. If she were to reject the wedding, she would be sentenced to a punishment.

This silly girl!

He rubbed her head, not knowing whether to feel angry or funny over this.

He turned and saw Chu Jiu standing at the side and the smile on his face immediately froze. He said in a deep voice, “Hurry up and check if the water is hot.”

Chu Jiu darted him a look and said nothing as she turned to leave the room.

It was not long before the hot water was ready. Lu Tingchen patted Lu Liangwei, who had gone back to sleep. “Wake up, quick.”

“Stop disturbing me. Let me sleep for a little while more…” Lu Liangwei slapped his hand away and turned to continue her sleep.

Zhu Yu got anxious and said, “Miss, if you continue sleeping, you’ll miss the auspicious moment. The bride chaperone is already waiting outside.”

Lu Tingchen frowned and yanked Lu Liangwei’s arm. “You silly thing, are you a pig? How can you still sleep so well?”

Lu Liangwei ignored him and hugged her blanket, continuing her sleep.

Right at that moment, she felt an emptiness in her arms where her blanket was supposed to be. Almost immediately, she was carried up in someone’s arms.


Zhu Yu and Chu Jiu watched in shock as Lu Liangwei was thrown into the wooden bathtub. Water splashed all over and the floor was instantly wet.

Lu Liangwei choked on a mouthful of water. She held on to the side of the tub and coughed vigorously. She glared at Lu Tingchen and asked, “What are you doing?”

Lu Tingchen ignored her. Instead, he instructed Zhu Yu and Chu Jiu, “Quickly help Miss to clean up.”

He strode out of the room after giving his instructions.

Zhu Yu and Chu Jiu did not dare delay. They quickly grabbed towels to help Lu Liangwei wipe her back.

Lu Liangwei’s giddiness cleared slightly after being thrown into the water and she finally came to her senses.

She was not used to be served this way, so she said, “Both of you can leave. I’ll clean up on my own.”

“This won’t do. It’s your big day today. I have to clean you clean up properly for your first night.”

The corner of Lu Liangwei’s lips twitched. “The way you’re saying it is as if I usually don’t clean myself properly. Um, wait, what do you mean by clean up properly for my first night?”

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