Tread Lightly – Among Monsters And Men

Tread Lightly – Among Monsters And Men
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The Wild West, if only the entire wilderness was filled with all the horror and death the Native American legends spoke of. From Skinwalkers to Bakwas to Urayuli, even the Wendigo is real and very dangerous. People fight for their lives against these kinds of demons and beasts just as often as they do against each other. Ether, the substance that allows the impossible and things known as Sigils give the men and women of the east a fighting chance against the beings that dwell west alongside the horrors that lie above, below, and within.

The name of the game is survival. Survival of the mind, the body, and most importantly, the soul. All must Tread Lightly if they wish to not become another's corpse-like artifact, an unnamed body in an unmarked grave, a heartless demon's lunch, or the toy of an unknowable, unfathomable, and unseeable being of infinite time who yearns for enjoyment.

Overconfidence and bravado are the hands of a fool, but sometimes fearlessness is needed when all others cower before what lies in the Wilds.

And fear is something that Wyatt Graves does not possess.


What to expect

Fights - This world is a violent one, so expect gore, killing, and plenty of combat. But that's not all there is.

Adventure - A vast world that is centered on the Wild West and that period of technology mixed with the supernatural in every aspect from guns to the government.

Progression - Both character-wise and power-wise throughout the story. This does not apply to just the MC. Anyone can grow. Even enemies.

Power System - I've tried my best to make a unique system with a bit of mystery to it. It takes effort, introspection, and experience to grow. And... a little murder. Powers are complex, vast, and have their own restrictions. Oh, and Gods might as well be eldritch abominations for the most part.

Also, in case any are curious, most creatures, monsters, demons, and the like are based on native American and just American folklore/mythology in general. If you are ever curious about where something comes from, just ask in the comments, and I'll let you know.

This is crossposted on RR, link here, and I will be posting 3 Chapters a day, one every 8 hours or so, until it is caught up with RR at ~150 Chapters with ~500,000 words. Once caught up, Updates will be Mon-Fri just like RR.

Main cover by Fulminaire

Link to RR, in case you want to read ahead to catch up there.

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