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Chapter 371: Chapter 371 - Master Builder (End)

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Chapter 371 Master Builder (End)

“That’s why I love LEGO so much. Regardless of how typical the story is, it always ends up with a big family reunion.” Fan Meinan looked at the two men hugging each other on the other end of the shield and shrugged as she removed the Iron Man suit on her. “Some people say that such stories are terrible and childish, but it’s rather pleasant, to me at least. There are already too many sad things in life. All we can do is to seek happiness within that unhappy life and smile.”

“Is that your life’s philosophy? Your WeChat username, and those pranks… were they also because of this?” Zhang Heng asked.

“Yup. I hate seeing people looking sad,” Fan Meinan confessed. “But you are quite the strange one. I can’t see happiness or even unhappiness on your face, and you never get angry whenever I pull a prank on you. Even when you got your lost wallet back, you didn’t seem any happier… why are you like that?”

Zhang Heng kept quiet. Since a young age, he had always been much calmer than the other kids and was rarely frightened by anything. As a result, his relatives often commented that the child was a bit too quiet. His mother, however, would always answer that being quiet was a good thing and that silent people were more powerful. She insisted that quiet boys were more temperamental, so there was no need to worry about girlfriends in the future.

Ever since he received the watch on his wrist and got involved in the bizarre game, he had lived decades more than his peers. Everything he had experienced, the years that had gone by, an experience most would never be able to partake in their lifetime. Mentally, he was already in his thirties, but, emotionally, he was too reserved.

In fact, Zhang Heng could feel his mood swings diminishing. In some respects, it did not seem to be a bad thing. In the previous quest, he had to make an emergency landing in a waterspout while piloting a fighter jet. At the crux of the emergency, he was still able to execute every step of the plan without any incident accurately—he was like a machineeven surviving an almost inescapable disaster.

On the other hand, however, fear and terror were human emotions, basic human instincts. Now, he was not just at the stage where he simply did not feel fear; even his other emotions were gradually muted. Zhang Heng even suspected that he was somehow suffering from some kind of mental illness.

As the both of them were conversing, Evil Scientist and Baldy had removed the quantum collider from the antenna mast and were walking towards the pair with the box.

“I’m sorry my defiance caused you all so much trouble and sorry for making the big mistake of nearly destroying the entire city,” said Evil Scientist.

“Err, I hate to interrupt your affectionate confessions and monologue… but those things above our heads look like they’re going to come out,” said Mei Nan.

“Alright, then I’ll keep this short. I’m no longer worthy of having the Infinite Block. I was going to give them to the Mobile Arsenal since he’s the most talented special builder I’ve ever seen. But since he said that he’s not interested in this thing, I’m hoping to give them to you for safekeeping.”

“But we’re not from your world,” Zhang Heng said.

“Oh, I’ve heard that from Mobile Arsenal. But never mind… I’ve already had them for so long.

Apart from the fact that it inspires me from time to time, it seems to have no other use. I’m sorry I made up that ‘prophecy’ about the chosen one, but I have actually heard of a real prophecy-one night while I was asleep, a voice whispered in my ear that if someone from another world stopped me, then I should give that person the Infinite Block. At first, I didn’t take those words to heart, but he kept repeating them in my ear every night. I’ve been suffering from insomnia. Can you see it in my bloodshot eyes?”

Evil Scientist pulled up the eyelids of his painted eyes. “Of course, part of it is thanks to me missing my wife and daughter, but… that voice is the main culprit. He was such a pain. So, can you just do me a favor and take this thing away from me? I just want to have a peaceful night of sleep.”

“Well, in that case, it is better to accept graciously than decline courteously.”

Zhang Heng opened the box, and a piece of an ordinary-looking building block was in there. However, it was different from the regular LEGO block. There was no serial number at the back of this piece, and it looked like a counterfeit.

Once he held it in his hands, the system prompt sounded in his ear. [Discovered a game item— Infinite Building Block (unidentified)]

Before it was identified, Zhang Heng had no way of knowing for sure that this was the B-grade game prop that Fan Meinan mentioned. This quest was very special-it did not count as a round, and players could enter and exit at any time. They could also choose to repeat the game, the trade-off being that players would not be rewarded with points like in ordinary quests.

So this object was his only profit from this game. When he took out the block from the quantum collider, the beam of light in the sky disappeared, and the cyclone began to rotate in a reversed direction. The monsters inside, too, cried out in disinclination. They could not get out of the cyclone, disappearing into the night sky, along with their immeasurable anger.

Instead, a bright river of stars would take their place.

Tens of thousands of onlookers had gathered below Canton Tower, recording the unusual weather with their phones and enthusiastically sharing their thoughts.

“Hey, that thing… can I take a look at it?”

Zhang Heng did not even hesitate for a second as he handed the building block to Fan Meinan.

“Tsk tsk. How unexpectedly generous. Aren’t you afraid that I would take it for myself or make a run for it?” Fan Meinan blinked.

“No. Because if you did, I would find you,” Zhang Heng answered.

“Ah, you. You really know how to spoil the mood. Most guys would look me in the eye and say that it’s because they trust me. This is a great opportunity for you to leave a good impression on girls.” “Will that method work on you?” Zhang Heng asked.

“That erm… it depends. Girls are unreasonable creatures. The right people are always right no matter what they do. On the contrary, no matter how hard they work, the ones in the wrong will only keep losing points,” Fan Meinan replied as she tossed the Infinite Building Block back to Zhang Heng. “Anyway, thank you for spending New Year’s Eve with me.”

Then Meinan retreated to the guardrail of the viewing platform before looking down. “Speaking of which, I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time now,” she continued. “What is it?”

“You’ll find out soon enough.” Fan Meinan grinned. “Hey, you have to be happy during New Year, eh?”

Before Zhang Heng realized it, she had already jumped off the 488-meter viewing deck.

Zhang Heng hurried over just in time to see Meinan’s body shoot across the night sky like a shooting star. Then, it started falling out of the sky.

The crowd below cried out in terror and covered their eyes. The figure which was about to hit the floor then suddenly disappeared. Zhang Heng knew that Meinan must have exited the game.

“Isn’t that a little sloppy?” Zhang Heng shook his head, then placed the block into his pocket. He took one last look at the city made entirely out of LEGO. He looked toward the bald man and Evil Scientist who were embracing each other before opting to leave the game too.

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