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Chapter 391: 391 Where Did He Go?

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391 Where Did He Go?

In the small tavern, sword Qi filled the air, and killing intent boiled.

Everyone else in the tavern had been dismissed. Those who could be here were all the people of the Ancient Kingdom Blessed Land.

However, Jiang Ming was not afraid at all. Instead, he revealed a playful smile.

Many experts from the Ancient Kingdom Blessed Land stepped forward.

There were even dozens of peak-level Foundation Establishment Realm auras rising one after another.

There were even three Golden Core Realm experts!

Many people who wanted to enter the tavern were killed. There was no blood inside. However, the outside was already stained with blood. Countless people were shocked.

The imperial officers of the Feather Kingdom stationed here wanted to investigate. However, they were isolated outside.

“They’re from the Ancient Kingdom Blessed Land. We can’t afford to offend them!” the leader said with an ugly expression.

People from the imperial court were useless unless someone from the Immortal Feather Grotto-Heaven came forward.

Even though the Immortal Feather Grotto-Heaven and the Feather Kingdom started from the same bloodline, ever since an incident many years ago, the imperial court had gradually become figureheads. The Immortal Feather Grotto-Heaven was the true ruler of the Feather Kingdom, the imperial court could only obediently listen to the Immortal Feather Grotto-Heaven.

Not to mention, the Ancient Kingdom Blessed Land’s foundation was above the Immortal Feather Grotto-Heaven in all aspects. Thus, the imperial court was of no use.

However, what kind of existence was the Ancient Kingdom Blessed Land? Who could provoke them like this?


Suddenly, a powerful blood Qi spread out.

It was blood Qi at the level of the Foundation Establishment Realm of martial arts!

Jiang Ming stood up slowly and looked at these people coldly. Then, he teleported to Holy Son Gu Chi.

For a moment, the expressions of all the experts changed. They never expected Jiang Ming to approach Holy Son Gu Chi in an instant.

At this moment, Holy Son Gu Chi’s expression was also ugly. He thought that with so many experts protecting him, it would be easy to take down Jiang Ming. He did not expect him to fight back!

“To defeat an army, one must defeat their leader. I don’t need to deal with them. I only need to deal with you, Holy Son Gu Chi.”

Jiang Ming’s lips curled up slightly, and then his eyes became colder. A burst of light shot out, shocking Holy Son Gu Chi so much that he broke out in cold sweat.


“All of you, retreat!”


However, Jiang Ming smiled.
“Do you think that this is my true appearance?”

What did he mean?

Holy Son Gu Chi was stunned.

“In order to lure out a person like you, I’ve put on a very tiring act. However, it’s fine. Holy Son Gu Chi, let’s meet again soon.”

Soon, Jiang Ming and Wu Hen disappeared.

Many experts chased after them. However, they could not find Jiang Ming at all.

“There’s no need to chase after him. This guy has been plotting against me from the beginning to the end. He’s stolen everything from me!” Holy Son Gu Chi shouted angrily, his face ashen.

He conspired against people every day and looked down on everyone. Finally, he was taught a lesson today.

All of his magical tools, spirit herbs, and spirit stones had been looted!

Even his storage ring was taken away!

“Moreover, this guy is very capable. He instantly erased the aura I left on the storage ring. It’s impossible to find him now! However, why is this guy acting like a petty thief and snatching my items? Usually, only individual cultivators would do this…”

Holy Son Gu Chi was extremely puzzled. He would never have thought that the Zhang Shan he was talking about was an individual cultivator.

In the wilderness, Jiang Ming’s figure appeared. He looked at Wu Hen and asked, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Wu Hen shook his head and revealed a bitter expression. “Master, Holy Son Gu Chi is the Holy Son of the Ancient Kingdom Blessed Land after all. He’s high and mighty. If you’re targeted by him, I’m afraid there will be endless trouble!”

He could not kill them.

It was indeed very troublesome to be chased down.

Jiang Ming returned to his true appearance and smiled indifferently.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ve shown my strength today. Many people think that I’m from an ancient sect or a blessed land of immortal cultivation. They would never provoke me. Furthermore, those who have made enemies with me will not be able to find me. This is because they will not know that Zhang Shan is just an alias of mine. They do not even know my true appearance, so how can they find me? Lastly, Holy Son Gu Chi is indeed troublesome. His intuition is too strong. Even if I was deliberately luring him into my trap, he was able to instantly find me. However, he must think that I am from outside the Feather Kingdom. I will return to Xiaoqian Mountain later.”

Jiang Ming’s thoughts settled and he was about to leave with Wu Hen. However, he was stunned the next second.

“Master, what’s wrong?”

Wu Hen was anxious, thinking that the Ancient Kingdom Blessed Land had caught up.

Jiang Ming looked in a certain direction with a slightly puzzled expression.

“I seemed to have sensed a familiar aura just now.”

“Who is it?”

“A young girl.”

Wu Hen was stunned.

Since when did his master hook up with a woman?

Jiang Ming did not know what he was thinking. After thinking for a long time, he finally returned to his senses.

“It’s Bai Ling! That ancient true spirit! I didn’t expect her to pass by this place and leave behind her aura. Moreover, it seems that she is being pursued.”

If it were anyone else, they would have gone to Bai Ling to save the damsel in distress. Unfortunately, Jiang Ming was not such a person.

“Retreat! The people chasing after that woman are a group of Void Core Realm and Golden Core Realm cultivators, and there is no lack of late-stage Golden Core Realm cultivators among them! What is Bai Ling doing? She has only left the mountain for less than a day and she has already caused such a huge commotion?”

After Jiang Ming and Wu Hen left, a figure appeared where they were a few minutes later. It was an old cultivator.

“Eh? I clearly sensed someone here just now. Why did they disappear?”

Instinctively, he relied on his magical tool to search. Even if it was an incomplete magical tool, it had powerful tracking and searching abilities. In the past, it had always been successful. However, today, he could not determine anything.

“It doesn’t matter. According to the people from the Ancient Kingdom Blessed Land, Zhang Shan should have left through this path. This is the only way. If I continue to look here, I will definitely find him!”

At this moment, the old man in the Golden Core Realm curled his lips and sat cross-legged on the ground, waiting for Zhang Shan to come knocking on his door.

However, after ten days, there was still no sign of him.

Where did Zhang Shan run off to?

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