Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 2334

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Chapter 2334: 2334

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Chapter 2334 - Combat Ji Ji

Just because Guchi Xiaoyin's arms were gone didn't mean his soul eyes were. Soul eyes were growths that started in the brain and stretched all the way to the hands. Once an ebon’s arms were destroyed, their soul eyes would appear near the stumps.

Guchi Xiaoyin's body was so beaten up that many of his heptastar organs were visible. Tianming's totem ki was still rampaging within his body, causing him to bleed profusely. Such was the power that destroying his totems had unleashed! Though, much of that was also due to how unprepared Guchi Xiaoyin was. He didn't think Tianming would ever be capable of harming him. Had he seen his fight with Lin Jianxing, he would have been on guard enough to avoid any heavy injuries.

As long as he's alive, he's a threat! The moment Tianming saw Guchi Xiayin, he raised his head all of a sudden.

His dark eyes and the silver soul eyes near the stumps of his arms furiously glared at Tianming. "Trying to kill me by destroying your totems, eh? How ruthless, but it's over for you! I admire your courage, but you weren't able to kill me, nor destroy my heptastar organs! Very good! I've never been so badly hurt in all my life, so I thank you! To return the favor, I’ll torture you to death in the coming days! Lin Feng!"

Blood filled his mouth as he continued speaking. "I, Guchi Xiaoyin, swear that I'll make you regret being born!"

Right after he said that, Tianming's Prime Cosmic Rings bashed his head in, cracking his skull and revealing his star-like brain. Half of his shrieking mouth had been sheared off by another ring as well.

"Hahahaha!" Even then, his four eyes looked the same as before, only even more insane. Though he had lost his jaw, his tongue was still there, hanging and shaking as he laughed. His silverthread beast had been wiped out by Tianming, but he had more than one low-sanctuary-class warbeast. Even Qi Xuanzi had three of them, and someone of Guchi Xiaoyin's status had eight! The silverthread was only one of the ones that he kept out at all times.

Guchi Xiaoyin's large necklace of fauna worldstones shone, awakening the seven slumbering beasts. Before they even showed up, their terrifying aura filled the room. Tianming hadn't been able to kill him with his second totemic calamity alone. Though he was badly injured, his heptastar organs could still recover. As long as his seven warbeasts bought enough time, he would be able to recover to the point of threatening Tianming again, hence his wild confidence. He laughed even harder at the sight of Tianming's furrowed brows, a sign of his fear.

"Lin Feng, you’ll pay a most dear price for your reckless actions!" Though he wanted to grit his teeth, he couldn't, as they were all gone. He was also unaware that Tianming's expression wasn’t from fear, but from his conversation with Ji Ji. A problem had arisen.

"If you want me to wipe him out, you have to agree to a condition," Ji Ji said.

"Madam, I'm going to die at this rate! Please just help out!"

"I'll help you out! Give me a hundred of those shiny pleasure balls."

"Oh my, those aren't toys!" Tianming was completely exasperated.

"I don't believe it. Why can Ling'er play with them, then? I heard you say that you were going to research the pleasure balls with her. I want to research it together," Ji Ji insisted. There was no room for negotiation.

Seeing Guchi Xiaoyin's beasts awakening, Tianming couldn't care less anymore. "Fine, I promise!"

The pink-haired Ji Ji spiritform smiled within his lifebound space. "Little Li, get ready. Your Ji Ji is about to burst."

That came out wrong. [1]

The next instant, tens of thousands of pink streams of genesis ancestral nova source flooded out of his lifebound space and gathered near his head. "I didn't think Guchi Xiaoyin would be able to survive my desperate move. Looks like I have to use both trump cards in a row to solve this issue for good! I might be able to get that mysterious ring as well!"

Not only did Tianming not retreat, he turned the Prime Cosmic Rings into Prime Tower Shield to protect a certain corner of the room. Then the First Aeonic Ancestral Star descended above Guchi Xiaoyin's head.

"What the hell’s this?!" He looked at the micro nova source world with shock. It was common knowledge that a small star like it that didn’t have a formation locking it down would unleash so much energy that it would fizzle out quickly. For something of Ji Ji's size to be able to manifest in a small room like this was a miracle in itself. The pink star rapidly spun, radiating destructive nova source that loudly popped over and over, drowning the room in a sea of pink.

Ling'er's Vaporize is a destructive move that sacrifices her cultivation levels. Looks like Ji Ji might’ve been the original inspiration for it. It looks like a much better version, too. Ji Ji's a nova source lifeform, so as long as we return to the base world with nova source, it'll be able to replenish itself in a few months without having to recultivate like Ling'er.

Tianming had never seen Ji Ji use Vaporize to its full extent before, so he'd been incredibly wary of it. Using both of his trump cards meant that he would have nothing left for the rest of the bees' nest, or the Oldgod Domain as a whole for that matter. There wasn't any nova source in the ancestral world for him to absorb, after all.

Ji Ji had said that it would enter hibernation if it couldn't replenish its nova source, and it could only start its recovery after Tianming left the ancestral world. But for the sake of survival and obtaining that ring, he had decided to use both his trump cards on Guchi Xiaoyin.

"Now fuck off and stay dead!" With that last curse, the room was engulfed by the pink light.

1. Ji Ji is a homophone for male genitals

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