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Chapter 724

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Chapter 724 – Promotion

Besmir was still inside the General’s residence. Although they already had a lot of reinforcements, Besmir still didn’t have a moment of relief. He had seen the fight between Zhao Hai and the God-ranked Demons. To be honest, upon seeing the battle, a deep anxiety rose inside him. The strength that Zhao Hai and the Demons had shown was just too tremendous. Each punch and kick that they did seems to be able to move mountains. Facing enemies like these needed more than just ordinary soldiers, they needed 9th ranks if they wanted to keep up. Besmir was very clear about Zhao Hai’s importance in resisting the Demons and the Divine Race, but the help that Besmir and the others can provide was just too low.

Because of this thought, Besmir worked hard. He completed every single task diligently. This was to minimize Zhao Hai’s worries as he battled the Demon Experts. There was little time when he relaxes, he was almost always inside the battle room. Those who were with him were almost scared of his frantic work.

While Besmir was looking at the sand table, a voice suddenly came from outside, “We have seen Mister!”

Besmir stared, then he quickly recovered himself as he turned around to see Zhao Hai. Besmir immediately stepped forward and gave a salute, “Mister, please come in.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he entered the battle room. He turned to Besmir and smiled faintly, “General Besmir, you’ve been working hard. I came here today because I have something for you to do. Have everyone leave the room. Berry, Shue, go guard the door.”

After hearing this order, Besmir couldn’t help but be startled. However, he immediately had everyone leave the room as Shue and Berry guarded the entrance. Zhao Hai sat on a chair and beckoned towards another in front of him, “General, please take a seat.”

Besmir was quite anxious about Zhao Hai’s actions, however, he still sat down and listened intently. Zhao Hai smiled at Besmir and said, “General, tell me about what you think of this war. No need to hold back.”

Although Besmir didn’t understand where Zhao Hai wanted to take the conversation, he still nodded and said, “Alright. Mister, to be honest, I really don’t feel good about this war. The Demons are just too strong. And since the Divine Race managed to shatter the heavens, causing ripples everywhere, I also reckon that they’re quite strong. The reason why I don’t feel good is because of you, Mister. You are strong, but as for us, we can only do so much. There are too few people in the continent who can provide sufficient help to you. I’m not too optimistic about the future.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he replied, “What you said is true. The present situation isn’t really good. But we aren’t left with nothing. Everyone knows that I have a lot of good things in my hands. And those things are truly unique in the continent. Nobody understood why this was the case. In fact, there really isn’t anything mystical about it, I just happen to have a team that specializes on alchemy and refining. Our goal is to develop a way to quickly improve one’s strength.”

Besmir listened intently to Zhao Hai. When he heard the last words, his eyes couldn’t help but shine. He can now understand where Zhao Hai’s conversation would end up.

Seeing Besmir’s expression, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Right, the General is a smart person. It seems like you already understood why I came here today.”

Besmir looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Is Mister saying that the potion has been completed?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Correct. The potion has been finished. It doesn’t have any side effects. After drinking it, average people would reach 8th rank within two days. After reaching 8th rank, they can then drink another potion that can help them reach 9th rank in one day. Only by doing so would we gain a chance against both the Demons and the Divine Race.”

Besmir looked blankly at Zhao Hai. If he wasn’t aware of how strong Zhao Hai was, then he wouldn’t be able to believe any of this at all. He would just think that Zhao Hai was crazy.

In the past, 9th ranks were the top existences in the continent. 9th ranks were very hard to reach for ordinary people. Now, Zhao Hai told him that he can make 8th ranks in two days, and then a 9th rank in one. A 9th rank experts in just three days? This was something beyond crazy.

Zhao Hai smiled at Besmir’s expression, he turned his hand as a bottle appeared, “If you don’t believe me, then go and try it.”

Zhao Hai placed the bottle of spatial water on the table and then said, “Drink this potion. Since you are 7th rank, then you’ll reach 8th rank by tomorrow. When that time comes, I shall give you another potion to promote you to 9th rank.”

Besmir looked at Zhao Hai, and then at the bottle on the table. In the end, he nodded and didn’t say anything before taking up the jar and drank it up in one go.

Seeing Besmir’s action, Zhao Hai faintly smiled and said, “Go and take a rest. Stabilize your breathing. Come see me tomorrow.” Besmir nodded. Then Zhao Hai stood up and said, “Alright, then I won’t be disturbing you any further, take a rest.” Besmir stood up, gave Zhao Hai a salute and then left the battle room. Originally, the General’s residence was the City Lord’s Mansion. The current battle room was the mansion’s lobby. There was a small guest room at the side of the lobby, that room had now become Besmir’s bedroom.

When he saw Besmir leave, Zhao Hai turned around and walked out. Outside the room were the other enlisted officers. All of them were respectfully standing, nobody dared to speak a word.

Zhao Hai looked at them calmly and said, “General Besmir had something to do today. Don’t disturb him. Leave two guards to protect the entrance. If you need anything, then just hold it off until tomorrow.” All of them responded, nobody made a comment. All of them were aware about Zhao Hai’s status. He wasn’t only an elder and a prince, he was a God-ranked expert, a peak existence in the Continent right now.

One must say that in the past, the 9th ranks of the continent could see themselves as Zhao Hai’s equal. But now, nobody would dare do so, Zhao Hai was at the apex of strength.

After the group left, Zhao Hai released Alien and then entered along with Shue and Berry before going back to the Space.

Laura and the others were currently handling material allocation and transport. At the same time, they were also sending letters to the Emperors of the continent, informing them about what happened to the Radiant Empire. This would be used in order to spread information about the atrocities of the church, making the population lose faith in them.

Besides this matter, Zhao Hai also made them ask the Emperors for their most trusted people. Moreover, Zhao Hai also stated that he wanted to promote the strengths of those on the list. As for those people that the Emperors didn’t trust, Zhao Hai wouldn’t bother with them in the future.

The Emperors immediately believed Zhao Hai’s words. They already knew Zhao Hai’s strength. Don’t think that the people in Demon City were all from the Buddha Empire. Among the Adventurers and Mercenaries were spies of the other major powers. Because of this, it didn’t take too long before Zhao Hai’s fight has been made known to the entire continent.

After knowing Zhao Hai’s strength, these people weren’t worried about being fooled anymore. With Zhao Hai’s capabilities, then he would have already acted, he wouldn’t wait until now.

The most happy about this situation were the people in Lyon Empire. Zhao Hai was their current Emperor. Having such a powerful ruler, it wasn’t strange for the population to rejoice.

Because of this as well as other reasons, the Empires immediately sent their lists over to Zhao Hai. They didn’t hesitate a bit and send a huge pile of names. Upon seeing this list, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but chuckle, this was because almost all of these people were 8th ranks.

For Zhao Hai, this was a good thing. This would eliminate the period of turning them into 9th ranks.

But since these people were the trusted people of the major Empires, it would be impossible to direct them to the battlefield. However, Zhao Hai wasn’t counting on them to be on the battlefield. He wanted to use these people as a proof. As long as these people get promoted, then everyone in the continent would have faith on Zhao Hai’s method. When that time comes, then there won’t be any issue whenever Zhao Hai wanted to promote additional people.

After the names were sent, Zhao Hai immediately took some water from the Blood Pond and then had them sent to the different Imperial Palaces for the people on the list to drink while he stayed in the Buddha Empire.

After handling these matter, Zhao Hai finally relaxed. He rested inside the Space as he prepared to go to battle at any time.

Zhao Hai was also waiting for the herbs in the Space to mature. He wanted to make God-ranked potions as soon as possible. The Divine Race were waiting for their shield to expire, only then would they be able to start their invasion of the continent.

After having rested inside the Space, Zhao Hai appeared on the City Lord’s mansion the next morning. At this time, Besmir had also woken up. He had truly become 8th rank. When he saw Zhao Hai, he was very excited, he immediately gave a bow and said, “Mister, thank you very much. I have already reached 8th rank.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he withdrew another bottle, this one had water from the Blood Pond. Then he gave the bottle to Besmir and said, “The potion in this bottle will promote you to 9th rank. After becoming 9th rank, I’ll have to ask you to gather some trustworthy people in Rising Sun City. After gathering them, go and call me. I’ll improve them to 9th rank so that they can have more impact on the future battles.”

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