Divine Path System - Chapter 1246

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Chapter 1246: 1246

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Chapter 1246 The Consequences Waiting

The one which Enigma used, the one she said she was born with.

'But she isn't even a Palarin, is she?'

Varian titled his head in confusion. Enigma, Sia, and Isadora—they were created—to be the perfect hybrid of three origins.

Baldur didn't know this secret. But he did know something else.

"I've been hearing about Princess Isadora all my life. Even though I look like this, I am not 500 years old yet." Baldur pointed to his face and said with a depreciating smile.

'…You're older than my great-great-great grandmother!'

Varian didn't smile back.

Sighing that even his self-derisive joke was a failure like him, Baldur continued. "I only know about her legendary feats and that she has a very, very powerful natal treasure. But I learned on accident that she didn't even belong to Palarin race.

She acquired the natal treasure from somewhere later on to prove her legitimacy. I want to acquire her natal treasure and avoid a terrible future"

"Are you kidding me?" Varian punched the coffee table and glared at Baldur. "You don't learn she's from a fucking different race by accident! You think you're talking to a 6-year-old?"

"…" Baldur turned his head away in embarrassment. This was turning harder than he thought.

There were things he could speak without risking his life. And there were things he absolutely didn't want to say because they irked him more than losing his life.


"Huh?" Even with his advanced hearing, Varian could barely make out what Baldur muttered.

"My sister heard from that asshole!" He yelled with his fists gripping the table hard.

"Bella?" Varian recalled the creepy smiling girl who was fighting alongside him not too long ago.

For some reason, he felt sympathy for the girl's husband.

"You know her?"

"A bit. We fought together. Sorry to be rude but her ever-smiling face is creepy as hell."

"…It's an effect of her natal treasure, the whip she uses," Baldur shrugged. "Anyways, my sister's fiancee learned about this secret somehow. It's still heavy speculation.

Once they reach rank 9, a palarin's natal treasure won't perish after their death. He said that she acquired a very powerful natal treasure left behind by our ancestors. Perhaps the strongest ever."

Varian exhaled.

He now understood why a prince of a kingdom would come here incognito. Perhaps Baldur had some speculations about Isadora's death, there was always a small chance she could be alive.

But that's just an afterthought. The real reason was to acquire Isadora's natal treasure.

He must have the means to detect the signals of the treasure, or else he wouldn't have appeared in the solar system after Isadora used her power.

The card was always used by Enigma but the power she could draw out before celestial ranks was too weak for any detection.

Everything made a lot more sense now. But it also gave him a big headache.

"…I didn't expect Princess Isadora to be alive. I don't mean it in the wrong way." Baldur pushed against his chair, raising his hands and showing a harmless smile that was mixed with fear.

"The reason we even have the crown prince selection was because she disappeared. If she returns, she'll be quickly crowned as the next ruler."

Varian didn't like the sound of that. He knew how busy a ruler would be.

As the ruler of a province-equivalent, he was already neck deep in work.

Imperial Secretary Alison: '…'

Varian coughed slightly. Well, even though he dumped almost all of the work to his reliable secretary, it's not like he didn't have any work.

'Come to think of it, she didn't even know I returned. Oh fuck…' Rubbing the back of his head, Varian felt a storm approaching.

"Anyway," He looked into Baldur's eyes. "Isadora isn't going anywhere. And she's definitely not taking up the reigns of a kingdom."



"I can't oppose you without getting beaten, right? So, why should I even oppose you?" Baldur said with an honest expression.

"Never mind."? Varian shook his head. "Enough about Isadora, what will happen if the emergency message of the woman who came with you is sent out."

"…Azalea is my half-sister." Baldur sighed.

"Oh, my condo—"

"I have more than ten thousand half-sisters."

"Excuse me?"

"She's sent here with the support of the three members who are at the forefront of the crown prince race. Including my sister's fiancee," Baldur said with a wry smile.

Baldur himself didn't expect he'd help Miss Calamity and get into the spotlight. His brother-in-law must've felt betrayed and threatened. It was a bit too much but since time immemorial, ethical people rarely made it in politics.

After the Miss Calamity thing, they must've thought Baldur was going to do something big. That's why he was staying in a remote duchy despite all the spotlight.

Varian's expression grew solemn. "So if she sent a distress call from here, they'll think that she found something important and got killed."

"It'll be interpreted as something I am going to use for my crown prince race. This will rattle the three of them. If I understood them even roughly, they'll all be heading here, sooner or later."

"That stupid bitch..." Varian covered his face and gritted his teeth.

Even though he couldn't take all of the planets, he could take in all the ruins, and all the population into Hortus already.

Technically, he could already keep his people safe. But there's a catch.

At his current rank, taking that many people and planets would be pushing Hortus close to the limit.

While Hortus had excellent stealth, having that many people would make it easier to spot with a high rank and treasure.

The chances were slim even then. But they'd be at least 0.5%—a risky endeavor.

Moreover, even if he did evacuate everyone, Hortus couldn't really move at a high speed now.

The solar system stretches for a radius of nearly two light years. Hortus would take a whole year to cross this distance even though it'd be traveling in inner space where the travel would be a lot shorter.

If the pursuers could grasp that fact, they would just need to dig deeper into the solar system to find them.

Varian could easily keep Hortus in an absolute stealth state—given it didn't have too much population.

For a few moments, Varian's mind went through terrible futures and situations.

Looking at the man's eyes flashing with intense emotions, Baldur was scared and continued. "But they probably won't send anyone else over. They'll come over personally."

"W-What?" Varian released the breath he didn't know he was holding.

"It's an important achievement. They don't want to split the merit. If they could achieve this independently, without the help of their subordinates, it'd establish a stronger image." Baldur explained.


"Of course, if they find the trouble here impossible to overcome, they'll use their forces. They are seeking merit, not death."

Varian leaned back into his chair and rubbed his chin. He needed to do something.

Killing the princes wasn't an option. He had to solve this through a mix of strength and deception. Mainly deception.

But how could he deceive them?

They're coming for the solar system and with a little digging, they'd learn the specialty of ruins as well as Hortus.

Varian needed a good plan.

"I'll take care of this issue," With a snap of his fingers, the seal of rank on Baldur activated, pushing him to the ranks of Sovereign. "Enjoy your stay here. You'll be treated as our guest."

"W-Wait, you just can't take care of it!"

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