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Chapter 111

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In fact, William Merlin himself was an accomplished Great Alchemist. Although he wasn't an expert in alchemy arrays, he could still understand array designs.

One of the uncrumpled draft papers on the refining table just fell into his sight, his eyes widening open in response, prompting him to glance at Lin Yun with horror filled eyes. That wasn't a look you would use on a normal human being, it was as if William was looking at a monster.

William's mind was simply blank as he stood there in a daze. He was so shocked he couldn't even keep his mouth closed.

'Master, that's a Master Alchemist!'

Many unusual things had happened ever since he came to Thousand Sails City, and he finally had the answer.

How could Mafa Merlin easily rebuild the Gilded Rose, how could Mafa Merlin spend over a million golds at the Black Horn Auction, how could Mafa Merlin have a good relationship with numerous peak characters in Thousand Sails City, how could he maintain a good relationship with Leader Lys...

This was all because Mafa Merlin himself was a Master Alchemist!

'Master, he is really a Master Alchemist…' William stood there with a dull expression.

'I have a Master Alchemist younger cousin!'

Inexplicably, William Merlin was actually proud.

But once the pride washed away, it was replaced by growing fear.

Because William Merlin suddenly recalled how arrogant he had been in front of this Master Alchemist. He ordered such a Master Alchemist to help him with his luggages. And then he made a move on this Master Alchemist and was slapped twice.

Recalling these events, William's legs shook, he subconsciously supported himself with the side of the refining table. 'This is too frightening, I have been so arrogant in front of a Master Alchemist. Yet I'm still alive, was I blessed by the Merlin Family's ancestors?'

'Oh, right, that Faleau told me I should thank Leader Lys for saving my life…'

'I thought he was just mocking me, but it looks like Leader Lys truly saved my pitiful life. Not to mention a Great Mage, even a High Mage can't avoid death after making a move on a Master Alchemist.'

'Among all the High Mages from Okland, who is foolish enough to provoke a Master Alchemist? If a personage like that became unhappy, they could ask an Archmage for a favor, and what could a High Mage do at that time?'

'Fuck, I was quite bold!'

While William Merlin's legs kept shaking, he gritted his teeth as he cursed at himself.

"Talk, what the hell is going on." Lin Yun noticed William Merlin's appearance, and after staring for a long time, he couldn't help but remind him.

"I…" William opened his mouth, but found out that his voice was weird. He laboriously gulped before opening his mouth again, and managed to say with some difficulties, "Can I take a seat?"

"..." Lin Yun rolled his eyes at him, thinking, 'Isn't that too much of a change?'


After hearing Lin Yun's "sit", William cautiously sat on a chair next to the refining table, but he didn't dare sitting too comfortably, his posture straight, not even leaning his back on the back of the chair.

As for the reason...

It was because the Master Alchemist was still standing!

"Good, talk now." Lin Yun didn't have the time to analyze William Merlin's thoughts, he straightforwardly asked him as soon as the latter sat.

"I… I only wanted to ask, do you… Do you possess a Nether Iron Vein?"

"Excuse me?" Lin Yun squinted, looking at William unfriendly.

After all, the Bone Plane was Lin Yun's true foundation.

The Bone Plane's fertility was well-known even during the peak of the magic era. One look at his last trip there was enough to prove this. He got a hold of an Obsidian Flower, a ticket to smoothly progress to Artisan level, and that was without mentioning the harvest of materials and loot.

If a small place like the black wasteland had a heaven defying existence like the Obsidian Flower, then what would there be outside the black wasteland? What else does the Bone Plane hold in store for him?

Furthermore, the Sage Chapter in Lin Yun's hands needed a large amount of Soul Fire.

That was an important item able to increase the efficiency of the Magic Array!

The Bone Plane was crucial to Lin Yun. If he lost the Bone Plane, he would become unable to get the Book of Death, the magic materials would be nothing more than an illusion of the past and the Sage Chapter in his possession would never display its true might.

Lin Yun wasn't willing to bear this kind of loss.

Lin Yun had been trying all kinds of ways to increase his power ever since he returned from the Bone Plane, not hesitating to use the dangerous Obsidian Flower Sap to make a Magic Tool. The reason behind this: The Monchi Family's and the Black Tower's attention.

Now, William's careless words made Lin Yun vigilant.

At that instant, Lin Yun even thought that William Merlin might already know of the Bone Plane's existence. Why else would he ask about the Nether Iron Vein?

In that situation, Lin Yun's first thought was to silence William.

"No no, don't misunderstand!" Noticing the killing intent in Lin Yun's eyes, William almost peed himself, "Listen to me please, I only came to talk about cooperation, cooperation!"

"Sorry…" Seeing William's frightened expression, Lin Yun calmed down, his reaction had truly been a bit too fierce.

He had obtained a large amount of Nether Iron and magic gems from the Spatial Magic Tool of that High Mage, he had then delivered those to the Gilded Rose and turned them into alchemy items.

The amount of items flooding the market was so high that it would be hard not to attract attention.

It seemed reasonable that people could guess about him having a Nether Iron Vein from these items.

"That's right, I have a Nether Iron Vein, what about it?" After thinking about it, Lin Yun decided to admit it. In any case, he would have enough mining puppets next month to start mining that Nether Iron Vein. At that time, there would be more items entering the market and concealing it from others would be impossible.

"That's great, Cousin…" William suddenly felt happy. Due to excitement, he even forgot about his fear of Lin Yun and addressed him as "Cousin". He only realized that it was a Master Alchemist standing in front of him after talking, thus he quickly glanced at Lin Yun and found out that the other side wasn't dissatisfied. He steeled himself and continued, "Cousin, you might not know, but the elders of the Family Elder Council have set an extremely expensive price for that Nether Iron Vein of yours!"

"Oh?" Hearing this, Lin Yun knew that his guess was spot on. The Merlin Family had guessed that he had a Nether Iron Vein due to Thousand Sails City's market.

Lin Yun's expression eased up, they could have a discussion if they wanted to cooperate, he just didn't know what kind of price the Merlin Family was willing to pay.

"The elders promised that as long as you handed the Nether Iron Vein to the Merlin Family, they would acknowledge your status as a direct member of the Merlin Family. Your father and grandfather included. You can even…" The cheerful William started speaking about the conditions.

But as he talked, William found out that with every word, the expression of that Master Alchemist cousin of his turned gloomier and gloomier. Mafa Merlin's face was extremely unsightly when William came to a stop.

William Merlin's heart suddenly tightened, not daring to say the last few sentences.

He carefully looked at Lin Yun, inwardly considering what was wrong with his words.

"Damn, how could I be so stupid!" William was quite smart, after thinking about it, he felt that he should slap himself.

'Fuck, how could I forget…'

'He is a Master Alchemist!'

'Would a Master Alchemist care about the status of direct member of the Merlin Family?'

'In fact, if the family learned that one of their branch descendant living outside was a Master Alchemist, the whole Elder Council might personally visit Thousand Sails City to welcome that Master Alchemist back.'

'After all, even as a peak force of the kingdom, no Master Alchemist appeared in the Merlin Family for two hundred years. And that Master Alchemist is young and frighteningly gifted in magic as well.'

'If he returns to the Merlin Family, he will definitely be appointed as the only heir.'

William immediately understood what was wrong.

But fortunately for him, William wasn't inferior to Faleau when it came to adapting to an unexpected situation. Just as Lin Yun's countenance worsened, William displayed a resentful expression.

"Those old guys are really crazy, to think of using the status as a direct member to get your Nether Iron Vein. Rest assured, I'll argue for you with my father. I'll make sure those old guys take out enough benefits, otherwise, not to mention you disagreeing, even my father and I will reject that!"


"Oh right, Cousin, you have to keep this Nether Iron Vein a secret. In Okland, I heard that the Black Tower's people were also asking about the Gilded Rose…" The more William talked, the more affectionate his tone was towards his cousin.

"Black Tower?" But those words actually startled Lin Yun when he heard them, "You are saying that someone from the Black Tower is asking about the Gilded Rose?"

"Yes, I heard they were Solan's people."


"Yes, Solan Monchi, 9th Rank High Mage, the High Mage with the most chances of becoming an Archmage among the Black Tower's High Mages. He has recently entered the Dark Azure Plane and it was said that he will return a year later." After William finished, he seemed to recall something, "Speaking of this, it seems like this Solan Monchi has a deep relationship with Thousand Sails City's Monchi Family."

"Solan Monchi, Monchi Family…" After mumbling, Lin Yun smiled, "I understand…"

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