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Chapter 2000

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Someone excitedly congratulated.

Suddenly, overwhelming congratulations sounded in the field:

"Congratulations to Emperor Howling Wind!"

"Congratulations to Emperor Howling Wind!"

... That heavy sound, through the clouds, spread far and wide, and the momentum was magnificent.

Su Yi smiled and looked at the scene in front of him, only to feel that some long-cherished wishes in this world in the fairy world finally have a result today.

Qingtang, Qingwan and the others were all staring at Su Yi.

At this moment, they finally realized that in just six short years, how dazzling and unparalleled the great achievements Su Yi has created in the Immortal Realm!

When he was in the human world, he dominated the starry sky and said he was respected in the world.

Now in the Immortal Realm, he is also not inferior, proud of the past and present, and the sword is pressed against the heavens!

He has been continuing to write his own mythology!


Time passed, and seven days passed in a hurry.

The Central Immortal Court was re-established, and the scenes that took place at the Pan Tao Conference have long since spread throughout the Immortal Realm, attracting countless heated discussions.

During these seven days, Su Yi completely let go of himself, let go of everything at hand, and stayed by his old friends every day.

Of course, with Qingwan with her at night, she was never alone and lonely.

It can be called every night Shengxiao.

this day.

Su Yi decided to leave.

Everyone had a premonition that this day would come, and although they were prepared, they were inevitably disappointed and reluctant to part.

But for Su Yi, this is not parting from life or death. Apart from a little nostalgia, there is not much sadness that is hard to let go.

As before, he just threw the little monkey into the sky-making furnace, waved to the people who were seeing him off, and turned away.

That is called a dashing and calm.

"My main brother is still the same as before. It's as easy as going out to the flowery world, and I don't see him reluctant at all."

Kongzhao monk muttered.

In a word, everyone laughed lightly.

The sadness of parting has also been diluted a lot.

After six years since entering the fairyland, Su Yi left alone and went to Jiyuan Changhe to seek a way. Only those old friends and relatives who knew about this matter.

It's just that no one knows when and when they will meet again.

In the house where Su Yi once lived, there is a painting of calligraphy.

That was after getting drunk last night, Su Yi took advantage of it and left it behind.

Just one sentence:

"There is Ling Yunzhi in my chest, and I live up to the eternal flow of kendo"!


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