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Chapter 1797: 1797

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Chapter 1797 Leveling up

The game notification appeared again.

[Hint: The player has obtained an item-Unknown disc.]

Item: Unknown disc.

Type: Future technology.

Description: A disc made of a special alloy. It may contain some secrets. You may be able to open it.

Description: The player does not possess the relevant skill. Forcefully activating it may cause internal damage to the disc.

Fang Heng was even more confused when he saw the item notification given by the game.

It was strange.

Could it really be the Avira chip?

The Federation was also strange. They were also looking for the sarcophagus. Was it also for the metal disc?

Fang Heng felt that something was not right. After thinking for a while, he temporarily put the metal disc into his backpack.

First, he would bring it back to Qiu Yaokang and Dodd’s research team to take a look. With Qiu Yaokang’s ability, he could naturally find a way to activate it. By that time, he would have more clues.

“M-Mr. Fang, are you okay?..”

Lu Yanlong had been watching from the side for a long time. Seeing that the crisis had been resolved, he hurriedly ran over.

He thought that Mr. Fang was getting more and more skilled.

Last time, he took a few hours to settle the leader creature.

This time, it was less than an hour.

He glanced at the gray ashes on the ground and asked cautiously, “It’s all settled now, right?”

“Yes, it’s done.”

“Alright, we just scouted that the next mausoleum is about 20 kilometers north of here. It’s in the middle of a mountain range. The terrain is not suitable for combat.”

Fang Heng stroked his chin and pondered.

With his current efficiency, starting from breaking through the mutated beasts guarding the mausoleum, it would take him two days to enter the depths of the mausoleum and farm a commander-level monster for a Tier 3 mutant crystal.

He could also obtain two mutant crystals through the Federation’s mutant crystal conversion device, but it would take a lot of time. It would take him four to five days to obtain two.

This was still under ideal conditions.

If they encountered special terrains and monsters, the time would be even longer.

The efficiency was too low.

It seemed impossible to increase his efficiency.

It seemed a little silly to just farm.

He could only think of another way…

Fang Heng thought of the Federation.

“No need. I’ll leave the zombie creatures here to help with the mining.”

“Huh? Go back?” Lu Yanlong was stunned and asked, “Go back to where?”

“Let’s go back to the federal camp.”

Fang Heng looked confident and nodded. He said, “Aren’t the Federation looking for mausoleums and moving the sarcophagi everywhere? We might as well borrow the Federation’s power to help them find the mausoleums and move the sarcophagi together.”


Lu Yanlong was even more confused.

What did he mean?

Why did he suddenly rush to help the Federation?

His relationship with the Federation wasn’t that good, right?

“Hey, Mr. Fang…Wait for me…”

Lu Yanlong was still deep in thought when he raised his head and saw that Fang Heng had already left the room and left through the passage. He quickly quickened his pace and chased after him.

Fang Heng’s plan was simple. Since the efficiency of killing the Tomb Boss one by one was too slow…

Then he might as well pull it!

Didn’t the Federation have a large number of sarcophagi?

He didn’t care what the Federation was planning.

Anyway, he now had the compound to activate the corpse virus.

At that time, he would find an opportunity to activate all the corpses in the sarcophagi.

He would directly use his ultimate skill, Everlasting Moon, to kill the corpse Boss in one wave!

It was all about efficiency.

As for this period of time, he could help the Federation collect more sarcophagi and speed up the process…

Oh, right.

Speaking of leveling up, there was another problem in front of him.

It was still uncertain how many Tier 3 mutant crystals he would need to level up to Level 40.

Calculating the time, the mission would end in half a month.

Would he be too late?

Fang Heng stopped in his tracks.

After leaving the mausoleum, Lu Yanlong immediately followed him and said, “Mr. Fang, don’t be in such a hurry. I need to inform the Federation about this. I’ll go offline for a while and ask my friends in the company to handle the commission remotely. Wait for me.”

“Okay, I’ll wait.”

Fang Heng said as he opened the mission upgrade panel.

He had already met the requirements to level up to level 37.

He might as well level up first and see the situation.

Lu Yanlong saw Fang Heng lowering his head to check the mission’s attributes, so he placed a sleeping bag beside Fang Heng in the mausoleum and went offline.

[Hint: The player’s level has increased to Level 37. Due to the player’s innate skill, the player has obtained an additional 1,307 zombie clones.]

[Hint: Current number of zombie clones: 7840.]

[Hint: The player’s Level 38 upgrade requirement: Tier 1 mutant crystal*200, 000, Tier 2 mutant crystal*1000, Tier 3 mutant crystal*1.]

The ground around them began to roll and surge. Green-gray hands reached out from the ground, and the zombies struggled to climb out of the ground.

Sure enough, from Level 38 onwards, he would need to use a Tier 3 mutant crystal!

Fang Heng became more and more worried.

It was not safe to level up to level 40.

Charlene had helped him farm a lot of monsters in the main main mausoleum. At least, he did not lack Type 1 and Type 2 mutant crystals.

Leveling up first!


The level up again!

[Hint: The player’s level has increased to Level: 38. Due to the player’s innate skill, the player has obtained an additional 1,568 zombie clones.]

[Hint: Current number of zombie clones: 9,408.]

[Hint: The player’s Level 39 upgrade requirement: Tier 1 mutant crystals*500, 000, Tier 2 mutant crystals*5,000, Tier 3 mutant crystals*5.]

Leveling up to Level 39 required 5 Tier 3 mutant crystals.

The increase was still within a controllable range.

Fang Heng calculated with his fingers.

Previously, with Charlene’s help, he had killed the corpse of the main tomb and obtained a rainbow crystal.

The rainbow crystal was a higher-grade crystal, and could be exchanged for 10 Tier 3 mutant crystals!

He exchanged it directly.

Leveling up first!

[Hint: The player has consumed 1 rainbow crystal. The player has obtained Tier 3 mutant crystals*10.]


As a faint light appeared on Fang Heng’s body, the surrounding ground surged again!

[Hint: The player’s level has increased to Level 39. Due to the player’s innate skill, the player has obtained an additional 1,882 zombie clones.]

[Hint: Current number of zombie clones: 11,290.]

[Hint: The player’s Level 40 upgrade requirement: Tier 1 mutant crystal*5,000,000, Tier 2 mutant crystal*100,000, Tier 3 mutant crystal* 20.]

Fang Heng once again felt a warm energy flowing through his body.

After reaching Level 39, the total number of zombie clones finally broke through the 10,000 mark!

The area had been crowded with zombie clones, and new ones were crawling out of the ground one after another.

Fang Heng looked at the Level 40 requirement and his heart skipped a beat.

Trouble was brewing.

The Federation’s mutant crystal conversion device had been sent back to the federal camp for conversion. According to the Federation’s estimates, it could convert 2 Tier 3 mutant crystals.

He still had six left, a total of eight.

Four sarcophagi had been discovered in the secret area of the Federation.

If he counted one leader from each coffin, he would be able to obtain 12.

He was still missing the last eight.

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