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Chapter 223

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Chapter 223: The Stranger


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《Gluttony skill activate》

《Failed due to out of range》

《Gluttony skill activate》

《Failed due to out of range》

《Gluttony skill activate》

《Failed due to out of range》




Aaaah, I slept well! When I opened my eyes, the sun was shining through the window.

Looking at the sun, it might be noon already. I might have slept longer than I thought.

It felt like it's been a long time since I’d slept like this.

I spent all my time fighting, so I didn't get much rest.

And there was also the problem with the other me. I was afraid that if I fell asleep, I would be attacked again in the spirit world.

But that was a baseless worry.

For now, I think it's safe to say that things were calm. Well, I couldn’t let my guard down, but…

For some reason, I felt like I dreamt of the inorganic voice that I always heard when the Gluttony skill was activated. What was it saying? It's a vague memory, and I couldn’t seem to remember it.

It’s a dream after all. But still, I’m curious.


While I groaned, the door of the room was opened vigorously.

[Wake up! How long are you going to stay asleep! …Oh, you are already awake?]

[Morning, Cecilia.]

[You didn't come out for a long time, so I thought you were definitely still asleep.]

I got up from the bed and fixed my appearance.

[What's wrong? Another chore?]

When I thought it was a by-product of preparing the horned rabbit- I thought it might be processing of the fluffy leather,

[Oh dear, you've completely forgotten, haven't you?]

[What is it?]

[I'm astonished.]

Holding her head, Cecilia threw one of the two swords in her hand at me.

I hurriedly caught the sword and recalled my promise.

[Are you ready?]

[You finally remembered. I want to know the strength of you, the stranger. With my own eyes.]

[It might be a disappointment. That fenrir nearly killed me after all.]

[Don't be humble. The fact that you didn’t get killed itself means you've done enough here. At that time, you were already full of wounds and not at your original power.]

I rested the sword in my hand on the wall. I switched to my black sword instead.

[A broken sword? You like it that much?]

[He’s my partner.]

[The one who had shared the joys and sorrows with you?]

[Yeah, that's right.]

[Alright, go with that black sword. I don't hate that kind of thing.]

As prompted by Cecilia, I came to the backyard. I see, it's far from just a flower garden.

This place was prepared for warriors to train.

The moderately firm ground held your feet well.

Both pulled our swords out of their scabbards and took stances. Cecilia's sword was a large sword that didn't suit her slender body.

And the stance she took was bold.

[Come at me as you like]

[Can you handle it?]

[What do you think?]

[You said it yourself. Don’t come crying at me if you get hurt.]

I would usually rush in at once and close the gap. Since the opponent was wielding a greatsword, it shouldn’t be that difficult.

In comparison, the broken black sword was essentially a dagger in length. It’ll only be good for super close range combat.

Or so I thought.

However, the high-pitched voices of metal colliding with each other resounded throughout the area.

[You thought that I wouldn't be able to react. I wonder if you can think about the meaning of me going out of my way to deal with you with a large sword.]

[You have strength. And it's not average strength.]

She slowly pushed me back.

Where did such a slender arm draw its strength from?

There were no status benefits in this world. If so, there must be something else that can help her.

[Now, I will attack from now on. Try to take it.]

So fast!? Even though she was wielding that great sword, she disappeared from sight.

The same high-pitched voice resounded, but this time it contained a dull sound.


I didn't even have time to dodge.

I managed to block it, but my knees were sinking into the ground due to the excessive sword pressure.

[Do you understand now? The difference in strength?]

[I still blocked it though.]

[Very well. Let me tell you, I'm not serious yet.]

That’s actually scary. If she got serious, I might have been minced meat.

Even so, when she swung down her greatsword, it felt like her body was overflowing with a mysterious power.

Maybe that power was helping Cecilia?

[Hey, what's that green aura that you wrapped around your body earlier?]

[Eh, so Fate can see it.]

Cecilia stared at me like she was looking at something new.

[What is it!]

[You're special after all. To be able to see this, I think you're an existence close to an elf. You can see what the beastmen can’t.]

[So that's the secret to Cecilia's strength?]

[My, or rather, an elf. And the fact that you can see it means that Fate can also handle it.]

If I could harness that power, I may be able to fight monsters. With that power, I wouldn’t need Cecilia’s protection…

It’s the power I want in order to return to my home.

But I didn’t really know what it was.

As if anticipating my thoughts, Cecilia stuck out her great sword.

[What do you see on the tip of the sword?]

[A cluster of green aura is faintly visible.]

[U~n. 20 points!]

[Does that mean I can use the same power if I get 100 points?]

[Of course. You seem to have talent, but it's a different thing entirely if you can handle it]

I strained my eyes again. Something… something like a living thing was wriggling.

[It's not just a green light. It's like a living thing… what is it?]

[So you can tell that much.]

A green light flew from the tip of the sword and flew around in the sky like a dance.

[This is a spirit. I have a contract with the wind spirit Sylph. Say hello to Fate.]


A green light enveloped me and made me float in the air.

At the same time, I felt that my body's fatigue was healed.

[Oh, it looks like Sylph has taken a liking to you. It's unusual…even though this girl is shy. You're such a weird one after all.]

[Spirit? Sylph!? Did you fight using this power?]

[Yes. I also used it when I saved you from being attacked by fenrir.]

It seems that this world was based not on status or skills, but on the power of spirits.

Moreover, spirits had a will.

[Do all elves have spirits?]

[That's true for elves who have completed the coming-of-age ceremony. If there were elves who couldn't make contracts, they wouldn't be able to live in this society. They’d be treated like the beastmen.]

Cecilia said while sheathing her large sword. There was a tinge of sadness in her face.

[I wonder if I can get a spirit?]

[It’s a pity, but there’s only a small chance. I was expecting it, but…]

[I see…]

It looks like I have no choice but to fight with a single black sword.

There was something I really wanted to ask Cecilia. I called out to her back who was satisfied with the match.

[Hey, why are you being nice to me?]

[Didn’t I already tell you? It’s because I’m interested in you.]


[A human who came from the lost sacred land.]

Cecilia looked straight at me and said.

[That alone is worth enough. The only special existence in this world.]

[Cecilia, that’s…]

[It's already past noon. It's getting late, but let's have breakfast.]

She smiled and entered the house.

[There are a lot of fresh horn rabbits, so eat a lot.]

[Hey, wait]

[I'll have you help me prepare the food.]

It looks like we will be living together for a while while being swayed by Cecilia's pace.

The concept of a new world――I needed to know about spirits.

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