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Chapter 436: Lin Xiu’s Growth

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Chapter 436: Lin Xiu’s Growth

Lin Xiu looked at another rank 6 warrior holding a club and said faintly at this time.

And now the wound on Lin Xiu’s neck has begun to heal slowly.

Those blood also solidified.

Awesome recovery ability.

The man holding the rod as a weapon, saw Lin Xiu staring at him and his body trembled.

Because he felt the coldness in Lin Xiu’s eyes.

“Gold skill——[Tiger Club]!!!

Before Lin Xiu rushed over, the man quickly deployed his skill to attack Lin Xiu!

Following his roar, he rushed towards Lin Xiu like a tiger descending from the mountain.

His aura was very terrifying and he really looked like a tiger.


But when he smashed Lin Xiu’s body with the club in his hand, Lin Xiu blocked with his spear and thrust the spear towards the guy.

The basics of using the spear such as blocking, holding, and stabbing were the most useful!

The man holding the club was shocked at this time. He hadn’t expected that such a domineering skill would be blocked by Lin Xiu so easily.

He even counterattacked!


But he was not a fool either. At this moment, the “Sphere” on the body was unfolded.

The ‘Sphere’ blocked Lin Xiu’s attack.

But the speed and power of Lin Xiu’s spear were amazing and the force instantly caused him to fly out for a certain distance.

At this moment, Lin Xiu held the Dark Edge spear in his hand and continued to rush towards the front.

Before the man could steady himself, he saw Lin Xiu appearing in front of him.

Dang dang dang——

The Dark Edge spear in Lin Xiu’s hand was constantly waving and the man could only keep warding off blows.

He held the club with both hands but his hands still felt numb.

There was a hint of shock in his eyes.

Lin Xiu had grown so much stronger than a moment ago.

Was he just… just warming up?

“‘Ground Slam!!!!!!” The man was unable to withstand Lin Xiu’s attacks. After warding off Lin Xiu’s attack one after another, he took a step back then thrust the club towards Lin Xiu!

He held the club firmly and the power from his whole body burst out.

When the power from his whole body burst out, his speed had reached the extreme and he appeared in front of Lin Xiu in an instant. The club in his hand smashed towards Lin Xiu!


At this moment, there was a loud rumbling on the ground.

“Lin Xiu!” Zhang Yin, who saw this scene just after coming back from the treatment, couldn’t help but exclaim.

The platform was shaking, which was enough to prove the horror of this skill.

“Hng! If this guy is knocked down so easily, he doesn’t deserve to be my opponent.” Ouyang Hang saw this scene, then said quietly to himself.

At this time, he looked to the front and saw the man who had just been knocked out, being carried away on a stretcher.

Ouyang Hang looked at him with a cold snort and said, “This kind of rank 6 warrior isn’t a true rank 6 at all.

At this time, on the stage, the man was panting a little after using this powerful skill.

This was a powerful skill but it also consumes a lot of energy.

He glanced around but did not find Lin Xiu.

Only Luo Yue and Yu Muchen were seen fighting wildly on the other side that only their shadows could be seen.

Where was he!?

If he managed to hit Lin Xiu, Lin Xiu would definitely be seriously injured and fall to the ground, but at this time, Lin Xiu was not seen at all!

What exactly was going on!?


Just when he was puzzled, a cold voice came directly from behind him.

He turned abruptly to look back, but only saw a black shadow and he flew out!


With a dull sound, the man’s body slammed heavily on the wall.

At this point, except for Yu Muchen, all the men in Class 1 of the North Campus were all sent flying by Lin Xiu.

“This guy… Even though Ouyang Hang didn’t want to admit it after seeing this scene, he still felt Lin Xiu’s strength.

What he found more unbelievable was that Lin Xiu learned that diamond body skill.

Even the masters in his clan couldn’t cultivate that body skill.


At the same time, Lin Xiu, who was on the platform, turned to look at Luo Yue and Yu Muchen and saw a figure flying towards him.

Seeing this person’s figure, Lin Xiu’s eyes suddenly changed.

As soon as his body moved, he caught the white figure firmly.

“Are you okay?” He looked at Luo Yue and asked quickly.

Luo Yue’s pretty brows knitted but she still shook her head.

Lin Xiu could feel a little warmth on his hand and upon closer inspection, it turned out to be… blood?

“You’re bleeding?” Lin Xiu looked at Luo Yue’s arm and saw a long scratch. There was still a lot of blood flowing out of it.

“I’m okay.” Luo Yue shook her head, then said.

“Tsk tsk, Luo Yue, it looks like your strength is still the same as before, no improvement.”

At this moment, Yu Muchen’s figure walked over, then looked at Luo Yue’s bleeding wound and said aloud.

“You should treat the wound first and I will deal with him.” Lin Xiu stood up and said to Luo Yue.

“He is very powerful.” Luo Yue shook her head and wanted to pick up the long sword to attack Yu Muchen.

But Lin Xiu was already standing in front of Luo Yue and blocked her from doing so.

Luo Yue looked at Lin Xiu’s back and was stunned, she wondered when it became so wide.

She realized that Lin Xiu seemed to have grown a lot.

He had grown into a presence that makes her feel safe.

“Do you think you can beat me?” Yu Muchen burst out laughing as he watched Lin Xiu walk over.

Both eyes were full of disdain.

“We’ll see.” Lin Xiu’s spear spun quickly, then he pointed the tip of the spear at Yu Muchen.

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