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Chapter 327: 327 Three-Attribute Dark High Priest?

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327 Three-Attribute Dark High Priest?

However, Lin Ye did not dare to underestimate this thing now.

“Damn! Why does this so-called high priest have three attributes?!”

When they saw Lin Ye use the Beast Taming Index to check the high priest’s attributes, Wang Zhen and the others also followed suit.

Although their Beast Taming Index could not see the information after level, the three attributes and red quality were enough to surprise them.

After the initial shock,

Iron Axe looked at the Dark High Priest who was only 300 meters away from them and could not help but lick his lips. He turned around and saw Wang Zhen.

“Brother, do you think… if we can contract this guy as a second beast, we can take off?”

“He’s only at the early level five. The three of us might not be afraid of him.”

Hearing Iron Axe’s words, Wang Zhen was indeed tempted for a moment.

Zhou Wenjie was also eager to try.

Fortunately, Wang Zhen was not blinded by high quality and three attributes.

After hesitating for a moment, he shook his head.

“Forget it. We’ll talk about it when we have the chance.”

“It’s more or less unwise for us to go now.”

“Don’t forget about that monster!”

Seeing his boss refuse, although Iron Axe was a little regretful, he did not force it.

Wang Zhen made sense.

That monster looked like it was not to be trifled with.

Just as Wang Zhen rejected Iron Axe’s suggestion, the monster summoned by the Dark High Priest had already begun to eat a fourth person.

At the side, Lin Ye was quite gratified to see that Wang Zhen and the others were not tempted.

Then, he looked at the gray-robed man’s information.

[Name] Torch Clergy

< Quality > Blue

[Bloodline] None

[Level] Beginner level three

[Skill] Purification, Recovery

[Overview] Clergy of the Snow Mountain Clan’s Torch Church. They are existences that bring light and hope to the Snow Mountain Clan and lead the progress of the Snow Mountain Clan.

This Torch clergyman was much inferior to the Dark High Priest.

However, this name confirmed that the ghost girl’s memories were not wrong.

From this situation, there was clearly a huge problem with the Snow Mountain Race.

After all, the Torch Church that had led the snow mountain race forward had been completely wiped out. One could imagine how ordinary people were.

“I’m preparing to go back. What about you guys?”

Before leaving, Lin Ye still asked Wang Zhen, Xing Rong, and the others.

After all, they were also rare people who could enter the Beast Taming World now. It was better for less of them to die.

Hearing Lin Ye say that he was leaving, Wang Zhen and the other two looked at each other and shook their heads.

“Let’s go to the forest ~”

“Since the grassland is so dangerous, let’s change locations.”

Hearing Wang Zhen say this, Lin Ye did not think there was a problem.

After all, their goal in coming in was to find a second beast and the evolution material, the Concentration Fruit. It was fine if they did not go out.

“By the way, Hall Master Lin.”

“I saw on the academy’s forum that there’s a restricted area in the forest. Which area is it exactly?”

When Lin Ye heard Wang Zhen’s question, he was slightly stunned. Then, he remembered that he should be talking about the “announcements” he had posted on the academy forum before Jiu Ying was killed.

Therefore, Lin Ye smiled and waved his hand.

“That’s all.”

“Previously, there was an unfriendly beast there. It has already been dealt with.”

Seeing this, Wang Zhen heaved a sigh of relief.

Now, he really felt that this Beast Taming World was not any safer than outside the city.

Not to mention the Dark High Priest in front of him,

Even those lion men or werewolves were in considerable trouble.

“Where’s Xing Rong?”

At this moment, Xing Rong had already vomited.

However, his face was still a little pale.

Hearing Lin Ye ask him, Xing Rong immediately nodded.

“I… I’ll go back for a while ~”

Therefore, everyone directly used the Beast Taming Index to return to the spatial door.

Just as Lin Ye and the others were about to come out, there was a long line outside the Beast Taming Dojo in the old district.

At the end of the team, they were almost at the edge of the deep pit created by the Earth Burrowing Worm.

If they squeezed, there might really be unlucky people who would fall.

Zhao Xiaosi was watching from the window on the second floor with his four lackeys.

After all, without Lin Ye’s permission, they could not open the door.

Of course, they did not have the strength to open the door.

“Kid, when will Hall Master Lin return?”

After the beast tide the day before, generous and extraordinary beasts were completely famous in Jiangzhou.

Without needing the army or the reestablished temporary municipal government to publicize, these residents had already begun to ask around about the source of beasts.

They were not blind.

Putting aside the night of the beast tide, everyone in the old city could clearly see how many people in the old city were able to use their beasts to deal with the scattered mutated beasts with ease.

Moreover, Hall Master Lin had also said that the residents of the old city could receive it for free.

There were even many residents who were not from the old district who ran over when they heard the news.

That was why this scene happened.

On the second floor, Zhao Xiaosi looked at the people outside and felt his scalp tingle.

He remembered that the curator seemed to have said that his job seemed to be… to receive these people?!

Just as Zhao Xiaosi felt that his future life was extremely dark, he saw the spatial door at the entrance of the dojo flicker twice before three figures appeared.

The residents in the front naturally knew Lin Ye.

Seeing him come out, he immediately shouted,

“It’s Hall Master Lin!”

“Dojo Master Lin is finally back!”

“Dojo Master Lin!”

As soon as he came out of the spatial door, Lin Ye heard a commotion at the entrance of the dojo.

Looking at the long line at the door, Lin Ye smiled and nodded at these neighbors. Then, he hurriedly comforted them.

Then, he pulled Qin Zhilan to the side of the dojo.

As for Xing Rong, he had just come out of the spatial door and left the dojo with his spirit girl.

Lin Ye looked at Qin Zhilan in front of him and asked softly,

“Um… are you going back to the academy?”

Hearing this, Qin Zhilan looked up at Lin Ye.

There was some confusion in her eyes.

It was as if she was asking Lin Ye why he wanted to chase her away.

Um, in any case, that was how Lin Ye understood it.

Therefore, he hurriedly added,

“Uh… I mean, are the injured in the academy still in urgent need?”

“If it’s fine, you can, you can…”

Looking at Lin Ye, who could not say the last sentence, Qin Zhilan covered her mouth and chuckled.

“I can even go back later.”

“They’re basically fine. Just need to recuperate.”

Hearing this, Lin Ye chuckled and brought Qin Zhilan to the entrance of the dojo. At the same time, he released Blackie and the others.

Pointing at the door of the dojo, although Blackie was a hundred times unwilling, it still showed its skills in front of the residents who had come to buy beasts.


Looking at Blackie, who had suddenly become huge, the residents who were preparing to buy beasts felt even more at ease.
If he had such a beast, who would be afraid of mutated beasts?!

After entering the dojo, Lin Ye was about to bring Qin Zhilan to properly identify the various rooms in the dojo when his communicator suddenly rang.

Looking at the person who called him, Lin Ye discovered that it was actually Su Hongcheng, who had been out for many days.

“Hey, Dean Su, you’re already back from the Central Province?”

Su Hongcheng’s voice immediately sounded from the communicator.

“Yes, we discovered that the spatial door in Shi City in Jiangzhou could not be used, so we immediately rushed back.”

“Thank you, Hall Master Lin, for the academy. Otherwise… I wonder how many students and teachers will die this time.”

“Dean Su, you’re being too serious.”

“By the way, there are also a few important guests from the Central Province who came with me this time. Hall Master Lin, do you want to meet them?”

Lin Ye looked at the long line outside and casually said,

“Another day. I’m a little busy today ~”

“Alright, I won’t disturb Hall Master Lin anymore.”

In the academy, after Su Hongcheng hung up, he spread his hands helplessly at the people behind him.

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