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Chapter 332: 332 Someone's Messing Around? Eat It In One Mouth!

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332 Someone’s Messing Around? Eat It In One Mouth!

In the dojo in the old district, Lin Ye was teaching Zhao Xiaosi how to operate.

The Beast Taming Machine was originally operated in an easy way, so Zhao Xiaosi got used to it quite quickly.

Coupled with the help of his four lackeys, they could continue in an orderly manner.

After explaining some things to Zhao Xiaosi, Lin Ye brought Qin Zhilan from the spatial door on the third floor of the dojo in the old district to the dojo that had only been built during the war at the east city gate.

When he got Blackie to open the door from the inside, he was also stunned by the scene at the door.

At the door that should have been an empty space, there were already several piles of bags used to store crystal cores.

Then, a group of mercenaries and a few soldiers were guarding these with weapons.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Zhang Yun, who had been left behind by Liu Gang to be in charge of communication, looked at the door of the dojo.

“Dojo Master Lin!”

Lin Ye looked at the soldiers and mercenaries at the door and then at the bulging pockets behind them. Then, he came to a realization.

“These… are all crystal cores?”

Zhang Yun nodded.

“Yes, it is.”

“There are a total of 23,678.”

“Among them, there are 160 level five crystal cores, 530 level four crystal cores, 2,000 level three crystal cores, and the rest are all level one and level two crystal cores.

Hearing Zhang Yun’s statistics, Lin Ye could not help but gasp.

This… he was directly rich!

These crystal cores were worth 200 to 300 million credits.

Lin Ye walked over to take a look and thanked these mercenaries and soldiers. At the same time, he invited them in to draw a beast for free.

After all, his main goal now was no longer to sell money, so he could do it for free.

Zhang Yun did not expect such a good thing and was overjoyed as he entered the dojo with the people guarding the crystal cores.

Lin Ye put away all these crystal cores.

“There’s so much. When will you finish using it?”

“If we can’t use it all, we can sell it!”

“It just so happens that there are so many empty seats in the dojo.”

“Not only do they sell crystal cores, but they also sell evolution grass for evolution and specialties of the Beast Taming World.”

Hearing Lin Ye mention the specialties of the Beast Taming World, Qin Zhilan immediately thought of the four-horned sheep they had eaten in the morning…

“Do you want to sell those cute sheep?”

Lin Ye shrugged.

“Why not?”

“However, we don’t have to sell it. We can rent out the second floor of the dojo.”

In any case, Lin Ye was not prepared to stay in this dojo in the east district.

Therefore, it was fine to rent it out.

It also matched the characteristics of these mercenaries in the east district.

It could also generate income. It was killing two birds with one stone.

“Moreover, it might not only sell four-horned sheep meat.”

“There are many good things in the Beast Taming World.”

“However, not many people have entered now, so they were not discovered.

Hearing Lin Ye say this, Qin Zhilan nodded gently to show that she understood.

After returning to the dojo, after Lin Ye finished drawing beasts for these soldiers and mercenaries, he asked those mercenaries to go out and tell them that the dojo here could also sell beasts.


In the end, not long after, the dojo in the east district replayed the scene in the old district.
As long as the mercenaries in the city received the news, they basically rushed over.

Therefore, when Wei Zhou’s team slowly walked over from Fifth Brother’s restaurant, they were all stunned by the long queue in front of them.

“Damn, so many people?”

“It’s all Wu San’er’s fault. He insisted on eating two more bowls. Let’s see how long we have to queue?!”

Wang Bo slapped Wu San’er’s stomach angrily.

Wei Zhou also touched his big nose speechlessly.

“Is… the dragon we saw last night really from here?”

He still could not believe it.

“Of course. You’ve seen the video too. You still don’t believe me, right?”

Wang Bo was very speechless at Wei Zhou’s stability.

“Let’s not talk about anything else. If our team can create such a dragon, how good will our business be? How much money will we earn?”

Wei Zhou thought about it and felt that it made sense, so he did not say anything else.

As soon as the four of them stood there, they saw another group of people walk over from the street behind.

Moreover, what was more interesting about this group of people was that their bodies were tattered and covered in blood. Moreover, they had ferocious expressions and looked at the mercenaries looking at them without any fear.

No, it should be said that he directly bared his teeth and glared back.

For example, at this moment, Wang Bo was looking at these people and was roared at as expected.

“What are you looking at?!”

Wang Bo glared back rudely.

“What’s wrong with looking at you!?”

The person who was glaring at Wang Bo was about to come over and attack when he was pulled back by a rather lean and fierce man in the lead.

Looking at the mercenaries walking towards the front of the line, Wei Zhou hurriedly pulled Wang Bo back.

“Are you tired of living?!”

“These are people from the Cannibal Mercenary Group. I don’t want to encounter these lunatics after leaving the city.”

Hearing Wei Zhou mention this name, Wang Bo and Wu San’er were stunned.

“Are they from the Cannibal Mercenary Group?”

Wei Zhou nodded.

“It’s normal for you not to have seen it.”

“I’ve only seen him twice.”

“These people seem to be often outside the city. I wonder what commission they received.”

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