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Chapter 112: 112 Xie Wen is Heartless, Chi Xu Will Face Prison Sentence

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112 Xie Wen is Heartless, Chi Xu Will Face Prison Sentence

Xie Shaohua forcefully suppressed his emotions and revealed Chi Xu’s actions to the public.

At this moment, as Xie Shaohua finished speaking, the entire ward was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

Luo Ying had already seen the evidence once. However, when she heard Old Xie say the crimes that Chi Xu had hurt her daughter in front of everyone, she could not help but cry.

The cameraman and the other staff were even more shocked by this truth and speechless. The cameraman carrying the live camera almost lost his grip on the camera.

The netizens in the live-stream was in an uproar—

[Damn! How scary. I really don’t know what to say…]

[I thought he would cheat at most, but I didn’t expect it to be fatal! Damn my worldview!]

[Help! This is actually a pick-up-artist man!!]

[I remember now. Sister Li had already hinted to everyone on the variety show. At that time, everyone thought that she was being nosy.]

[That day, Sister Li said that she would take Xie Wen to dye her hair.]

[Chi Xu likes Xie Wen’s black hair and doesn’t want it tied up. Sister Li was already hinting to everyone at that time, but no one understood and even thought that she was being nosy!!]

[I was prepared to scold the scumbag, but in the end, even the scumbag had to call him godfather!]

[Damn, I finally understand why Xie Wen’s father knelt down to Li Xiwu. Li Xiwu saved Xie Wen’s life!]

[She can’t escape. She can’t even resist. The gentle knife stabbed her again and again. If this continues for a long time, Xie Wen will definitely break down to the point of suicide. This time, Li Xiwu really saved Xie Wen’s life!]

[Li Xiwu is the only one working hard to save Xie Wen, but no one saw it. They even attacked Li Xiwu.]

[I’m going to kneel down to Li Xiwu, let alone Xie Wen’s father!]

What Chi Xu did almost shocked everyone. But at this point, Chi Xu was still struggling. “Those aren’t things I’ve done. If you have to force them on me, I can only call the police. You’re slandering me.”

Xie Shaohua’s eyes were red. “Call the police, right? Very good, I’ve already called the police for you! The police will be here soon. It’s premeditated murder. Just you wait!”

Zheng Yuehua’s eyes were also red, but they were red from anxiety. “What nonsense are you talking about? How could my son do this! If you slander my son again, I’ll sue you for slander!”

Luo Ying choked on a laugh. “Zheng Yuehua, where’s your shame?”

To Zheng Yuehua, these words were equivalent to scolding her for being shameless. “You’re the shameless one. Let me tell you, if you continue to slander my son like this, we won’t…”

She didn’t get the last word out asLuo Ying raised her phone. A video was playing on the phone. Luo Ying connected to the television in the ward and placed the video on it. There was no face. It was just a conversation.

—My sister-in-law used to be a high and mighty person. No one could woo her, but my brother wooed her and even disciplined her.

—I just hope that I can be as good as my brother. When I become an adult and fall in love, I’ll be the one in control.

—My brother is very powerful, so I admire him very much. There’s nothing he can’t control, so I have to learn from him.

—When my mother ordered my sister-in-law around, my brother wouldn’t stop her. He just wanted to wear down her arrogance and drive and make her willingly take care of this family.

—In other matters, when Sister-in-law is wronged, my brother will also coax her well. Is this considered a sweet date after a slap?

—Actually, it’s still my brother who’s charming. Sister-in-law is head over heels for my brother.

—I feel that my sister-in-law can’t leave my brother at all. Yes, I’m that sure. Besides, they already have a child, so it’s even more impossible for my sister-in-law to leave my brother.

[F*ck, no one in the Chi family is normal.]

[This is the first time I’ve seen a real example of the son being as bad as the mother.]

[Could this car accident have been directed and acted by Chi Xu? He knew that Sister Li was investigating him, so he wanted to use this method to force Li Xiwu out of the variety show.]

[Damn, it’s terrifying to think about.]

[Everyone, go take a look. The police have released the results. Chi Xu’s car accident was caused by him.]

[Amazing. This man is too scary. He’s so psychotic that there’s no cure for him.]

[Ahhh, we misunderstood Sister Li.]

[Chi Xu is too scary.]

“Turn it off! Turn it off! Turn it off!” Chi Xu suddenly roared crazily. He even tried to get up. The neck brace on his neck prevented him from getting up. He could only roar with red eyes!

Zheng Yuehua’s face turned green as she hurriedly turned off the television. She fumbled with the button behind the television and had to go back and forth several times before she could figure it out. By then, the video had already been played. Even if she turned off the video, it would be meaningless.

Luo Ying put away her phone and looked at the guilty Zheng Yuehua. “Is there anything else to say?”

“Wenwen…” At this moment, Chi Xu called out to Xie Wen sadly.

Xie Wen was stunned. Ever since the truth was exposed, she had been a bystander. The grievances she had experienced and the treatment she had suffered had all been exposed. She knew that this was not evidence gathered by her parents, but Miss Li was doing her best to pull her back.

“Do you want to be famous again, Xie Wen?”

“If you want to become famous, show your former high spirits. I’ll give you an idea, you should be bold enough to do it. If you do it well, I’ll be the first to be happy for you. If you don’t do it well, I’ll be the first to take responsibility for you.”

Only Miss Li would always think for her.

Afraid that her daughter would soften, Luo Ying gripped her daughter’s hand tightly. “Wenwen, look at the reality. This man has hurt you badly.”

Chi Xu called out again, “Wenwen, you know that I love you. I love you very much…”

Xie Shaohua roared, “Shut up!”

At this moment, everyone looked at Xie Wen. They waited for Xie Wen to express her stance. As long as Xie Wen admitted it, these charges were set in stone.

Li Xiwu stood at the door and quietly watched Xie Wen’s delicate back. She wanted to go forward and remind Xie Wen to stay awake and not fall into Chi Xu’s trap again, but she held back. She had helped her thousands of times. For the last time, let Xie Wen make her own choice.

[I’m so anxious. Xie Wen, don’t be soft-hearted for the scumbag anymore.]

[Wenwen, work harder. Sister Li has taken 99 steps for you. All you need to do now is take one step!]

[Chi Xu’s family is really scary. There’s something wrong with the entire family.]

[This time, I’m standing in front of Chi Xu’s… grave.]

[Deliberate approach is actually a disguised intentional murder.]

[If anything goes wrong during the siphon, Xie Wen might be gone. There will be a sentence.]

[Xie Wen, don’t disappoint Sister Li. Boohoo, when I think about how I misunderstood Sister Li these past few days, I feel so guilty.]

[It’s best if the entire Internet apologizes to Li Xiwu!]

At this moment, Xie Wen broke free from Luo Ying’s hand and took the initiative to walk towards Chi Xu.

Luo Ying’s eyes were red. “Wenwen…”

Xie Shaohua endured until his cheeks trembled. “Wenwen…”

The cameraman even wanted to stop her. “Sister, this is a scumbag who wants your life! Wake up and think twice!”

Only Li Xiwu stood there motionless and watched quietly.

When Chi Xu saw Xie Wen walking towards him, his eyes lit up again. He reached out to her. “Wenwen, I knew it…”

Before he could finish speaking, Xie Wen picked up another glass of water from the cabinet and slowly poured it on Chi Xu. It was poured, not splashed.

Splash represented anger.

Pouring meant that she was calm and awake at this moment.

Xie Wen said word by word, “Chi Xu, my biggest nightmare in my life is meeting you. After all, we’re husband and wife. I’ll personally send you to prison.”


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