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Chapter 14

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It’s Mr. Pei!

Li Xiwu endured the discomfort in her abdomen and squatted for a while before getting up. However, the discomfort did not improve. She grabbed her cell phone and dialed an urgent number for Qiao Qiao.

There was a lot of static on Qiao Qiao’s end, but it didn’t stop Li Xiwu from hearing her clearly. “I’m on my way to pick you up. Hang in there. I’ll be here soon.”

Li Xiwu smiled with relief. “I’m fine. I’m holding up.”

Qiao Qiao arrived in Fu Town a few minutes later. Because she could not enter, Li Xiwu could only go out.

The inn was about a hundred meters away from the entrance. Li Xiwu called the show’s driver to send her to the entrance of Fu Town. At the same time, she called Director Gao and told him in advance that she would be late when she came tomorrow morning.

Director Gao did not say anything else. He only reminded Li Xiwu not to be too late.

After getting into the car, the driver noticed that Li Xiwu was in a bad state. “Are you going to the hospital?”

Li Xiwu nodded in agreement.

The driver said, “Gastroenteritis?”

Li Xiwu raised his eyes and looked at the driver.

The driver said, “My daughter was like you when she had gastroenteritis.”

Li Xiwu explained, “I’m allergic to mushrooms. I’ll just go to the hospital and get some medicine.”

The driver secretly noted this, just now, Director Gao had asked him to ask indirectly where Li Xiwu was going and what was going on. Now, he had asked clearly: Mushroom allergy, going to the hospital.

A few minutes later, Li Xiwu was in Qiao’s car.

Qiao Qiao kept accelerating. “I don’t want the ambulance driving us both to the hospital instead of you,” Li Xiwu reminded her.

Qiao Qiao laughed. “Shut your trap.”

Li Xiwu rubbed her stomach gently. “Do you think I’m asking for trouble?”

Qiao Qiao knew what was going on. “It’s just like asking for trouble.”

As she spoke, the corners of Qiao Qiao’s lips curled up. “It seems like no one was alarmed at night. In fact, you’ve already arranged every step. Tomorrow, the production team will know that you were hospitalized because of a mushroom allergy. If Han Qianye had any conscience, she would restrain herself a little. But seriously, did you have to put yourself in danger? Do you know that if your allergy is serious, your life will be in danger?”

Li Xiwu smiled without flinching. “I know my limits.” She had been precise about how much to eat. Nothing serious would happen. She would just suffer a little.

Han Qianye, who was still on the phone with Lin Yourong in the bedroom, did not know that Li Xiwu had been hospitalized because of her mushroom allergy.

Lin Yourong was giving her some advice. “There will be some small missions tomorrow. If the missions are slightly difficult, try your best to protect Li Xiwu and let yourself suffer a little. You should know what to do next, right?”

Han Qianye complained, “I’m already tired enough from pushing the luggage and cooking today. Why should I continue to suffer?”

Lin Yourong reminded her, “It’s only the first day and you can’t take it anymore?”

Han Qianye said bitterly, “I’m tired.”

Lin Yourong asked, “Do you still want to chase her out of the Pei family?”

Han Qianye sighed. “Yes!”

Lin Yourong encouraged Han Qianye in all sorts of ways. “How much effort did I put in to chase that Gao woman away back then? Let me tell you, you can definitely do what I taught you.”

These words more or less encouraged Han Qianye. “Alright, I’ll listen to you first. If I’m tired, so be it. I don’t want the late emperor to spend his budget before starting his business.”

400 million yuan could not be wasted just like that.

“Oh yes.” Lin Yourong suddenly said, “I watched the live broadcast tonight. Your culinary skills… I’m really speechless, but I keep feeling that Li Xiwu knows how to cook. Are you sure she never cooks in the Pei residence?”

Han Qianye replied decisively, “She doesn’t know how to cook.”

She had heard from the auntie at Lake Lu that Li Xiwu had never cooked at home in the three years she had been married to Jingzhou. The food at home was all prepared by the auntie. Li Xiwu only cared about eating when she went back.

The next morning.

Li Xiwu woke up and opened her eyes. She quietly looked at the white ceiling for a long time before realizing that she was in a hospital ward. She turned to look at the woman in the hospital next door.

However, there was no bed or person. There was only a fabric sofa, and Pei Jingzhou was sitting on that sofa with his eyes closed.

Li Xiwu’s first reaction was: Mushroom hallucinatory? If it wasn’t a mushroom hallucination, how could she have seen Pei Jingzhou in her ward when she woke up around seven? It was unreal!

Moreover, she had been in a double ward last night, but when she woke up, it was a single ward. Who had moved her to a single ward? Was it Qiao Qiao? But Li Xiwu had no impression of this at all. When she arrived at the hospital, she was already looking very pale. She fell asleep after getting an IV drip.

The IV needle in the back of her hand must have been removed at midnight.

Li Xiwu lifted the blanket and gently walked to Pei Jingzhou. She had no idea when Pei Jingzhou had arrived. She saw his windbreaker jacket on the sofa and his hand on his thigh. His long legs were casually crossed, and the tips of his shoes were pressed against the corner of the table. Slowly, she leaned forward and peered at him. Then she raised her hand and waved it in front of his face again. Her movements seemed strange.

Pei Jingzhou opened his eyes when he heard a slight movement. When he opened his eyes, he saw Li Xiwu approaching him and waving her hand in front of him.

Pei Jingzhou looked at her. “Are you summoning souls?”

Li Xiwu straightened her back and said calmly, “I want to confirm if it’s a mushroom hallucination.”

Pei Jingzhou: “Are you surprised to see me when you wake up?”

Li Xiwu answered truthfully. “A little.” Shouldn’t the person she woke up to be Qiao Qiao? By the way, where did Qiao Qiao go?

As if reading her mind, she heard Pei Jingzhou say, “Your friend went back.”

“Oh,” Li Xiwu said. She turned around and walked into the bathroom. She didn’t ask the rest. For example, when did he arrive? When did he know she was in the hospital? Did he arrange for her to be admitted to a single ward?

Other than Qiao Qiao, who was closest to her, Xie Wen was also the one who knew about her mushroom allergy. Whether Pei Jingzhou knew or not, she was not sure. Anyway, when she ate with him, mushrooms had never appeared at the dining table.

A few minutes later, Li Xiwu came out of the bathroom.

Pei Jingzhou had already gotten up. He stood at the sliding window of the ward to answer the call. He held a lighter in his other hand.

Li Xiwu tried to be as quiet as possible so as not to affect him from answering the phone. She stood quietly by the bed.

After a few more minutes, when Pei Jingzhou finished the call, Li Xiwu said, “I’m going to prepare to leave for Fu Town to record the variety show. Thank you for coming to visit, Mr. Pei. I’m fine now.”

She was extremely polite.

Pei Jingzhou put his phone in his pocket and walked towards Li Xiwu. His footsteps were steady, neither fast nor slow. Although he was expressionless, his aura was like the mountains and seas.

Before Li Xiwu could react, Pei Jingzhou suddenly pressed her shoulder and she sat back down on the bed. He leaned forward slightly, his palm tickling her face. “Do you want me to help you remember what you called me last night?”

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