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Chapter 150: 150 Can't Let Go. He's Suffered For Four Years

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150 Can’t Let Go. He’s Suffered For Four Years

Li Xiwu and Li You looked alike. Did Gu Lanshi know?

Han Qianye’s mind suddenly froze. “Then why are you here today…?”

The smile on Gu Lanshi’s lips was deep. “My mother brought her future daughter-in-law on a variety show. What else can I do?”

Han Qianye had not thought about it carefully just now. Now that Gu Lanshi reminded her, she finally realized that Gu Lanshi was Xue Jinzhu’s boyfriend!

She remembered that she had heard from Li Xiwu that this third group was a combination of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Since they were a combination, they were completely unrelated. In that case, Xue Jinzhu and Gu Lanshi were not really boyfriend and girlfriend.

She understood this point.

Han Qianye’s expression immediately turned solemn. “You’ve watched variety shows before, right?”

Gu Lanshi smiled bitterly. “I didn’t watch it. I only found out yesterday that my mother was on this variety show, so I specially took leave and rushed back.”

Han Qianye immediately turned around. “I suddenly remembered that I seemed to have left something behind when I was packing my luggage. I have to hurry back and see if I left anything behind. I’m sorry.”

Gu Lanshi looked at Han Qianye’s back view as she hurriedly returned to the inn, and the smile on his face faded a little.

At this moment, Tang Xian came out of the inn and bumped into Han Qianye, who was about to enter. She stopped her. “Qianye, why are you in such a hurry?”

Han Qianye stopped in her tracks and pointed upstairs. “I’m not done packing. I’ll go up and pack.”

Tang Xian reminded her, “Slow down. Don’t fall when you walk so fast.”

Han Qianye waved as she walked. “It’s fine.”

Seeing Han Qianye enter, Tang Xian retracted her gaze and walked towards Gu Lanshi.

“Lanshi,” Tang Xian shouted as she approached. Gu Lanshi lowered his eyes and looked at Tang Xian. Tang Xian’s heart ached when she saw her son like this. “After seeing Miss Li today, it’s time to untie this knot in your heart.”

Gu Lanshi’s voice was low and hoarse. “I can’t undo it.”

Tang Xian sighed softly. “No matter how much they look alike, they’re not the same person. You should have let go long ago.”

Gu Lanshi’s jaw tightened, and the dark emotions in his eyes suddenly fluctuated a little. “I can’t let go.”

—Can’t undo it.

—Can’t let go.

It was all Gu Lanshi’s knot. For four years, he was repeatedly tortured by these six words every day and night.

In Tang Xian’s words, Gu Lanshi did not let himself off. That was why he’d suffered for four years.

Now, he learned from his friend that there was a person who looked like Li You on a variety show. At first, he was disdainful because he thought that no matter how similar she looked, she was not Li You. The real Li You would forever stay in Country T and never come back.

Until he watched the variety show.

He saw Li Xiwu on the variety show. At that moment, he panicked.

Why did she look so similar…

Especially her expression, eyes, every frown and smile… If it was just a resemblance, he probably wouldn’t want to meet her personally.

However, Li Xiwu’s husband was Pei Jingzhou. Just this alone was enough to make Gu Lanshi put down everything for the time being just to rush here to see her.

He wanted to verify her true identity personally.

At this moment, Han Qianye had already returned upstairs. She walked to the door of Li Xiwu and raised her hand to pat it. “Li Xiwu? Li Xiwu? Li Xiwu, are you up? Li Xiwu?”

In the room, Li Xiwu, who was being kissed by Pei Jingzhou, was speechless. She pushed the man on top of her. “Auntie came to call me.”

Pei Jingzhou closed his eyes and slowly got up from Li Xiwu. Li Xiwu wanted to laugh when she saw Pei Jingzhou’s expression. Suppressing the smile on her lips, she shuffled to the door.

When the door opened, Han Qianye was standing outside. When she saw Li Xiwu, she asked, “Did you just get up?”

Li Xiwu said, “I’ve been up for a while. What’s wrong, Auntie?”

Han Qianye coughed lightly. “The smog outside is a little heavy. Remember to wear a mask.”

Li Xiwu: “?”

Was the smog heavy today? It seems that there was no smog today except that the air was a little colder than yesterday.

Seeing that Li Xiwu hesitated and did not respond, Han Qianye quickly said, “Listen to me. Wear a mask and stop looking cold.”

Li Xiwu did not ask further and agreed. “Okay.”

Han Qianye heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, she was in time. She did not want to stop anything. She just did not want others to recognize Li Xiwu as Li You again. Li You was Li You, unique, but Li Xiwu was also unique.

Last time, Madam Di Xin and Yu Hewei both recognized Li Xiwu as Li You. To Li Xiwu, she must feel uncomfortable being constantly recognized as someone else.

In order to prevent this from happening again, she asked Li Xiwu to wear a mask later so that Gu Lanshi would not see Li Xiwu’s face.

Han Qianye felt that she was really smart. She was about to laugh when she looked up at Li Xiwu and silently retracted her smile. She coughed lightly and raised her head and chest to return to her previous difficult appearance. “Hurry up and pack up. The makeup artist should be here soon.”

Li Xiwu agreed. “Okay.”

Han Qianye did not see Pei Jingzhou in Li Xiwu’s room. After giving her instructions, she turned around and left.

Li Xiwu closed the door. Turning around, she saw Pei Jingzhou resting his forehead on one hand and lying on her bed, like a concubine waiting for her to come. She walked to the bed. “When are you leaving, Fourth Brother?”

Pei Jingzhou had no intention of leaving. “Are you annoyed by me so quickly?”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips. “The makeup artist will be here soon. We’ll leave at ten sharp.”

Pei Jingzhou said, “I know.”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips. Maybe it’s because she knew that she had misunderstood him. She realized that she was quite obedient to him today. If he wanted to kiss, she would kiss him, if he wanted to touch her, she would let him touch her. Her tone was much gentler, although she had not been fierce before.

Half an hour later, the makeup artist came in. When the makeup artist entered and saw Pei Jingzhou in the room, her originally casual expression became restrained in the next second.

Li Xiwu saw the makeup artist’s restraint and sat down to tie up her hair. “Just pretend he doesn’t exist.”

The makeup artist was secretly speechless. How could she pretend that such a living person did not exist…

The rest of the makeup process didn’t go too smoothly.

This was probably the slowest time the makeup artist had done Li Xiwu’s makeup. Pei Jingzhou’s existence was a cold magnetic field that could not be ignored.

Not long after, breakfast was arranged by the production team to be sent to the room.

Li Xiwu let Pei Jingzhou eat first. Pei Jingzhou took a boiled egg and slowly peeled it before feeding it to Li Xiwu.

Li Xiwu: “…”

She had never been pretentious. She ate it when it fed to her. In a few bites, an egg was gone. Pei Jingzhou thoughtfully took the cup and fed it to Li Xiwu. “Drink slowly.”

It was difficult for the makeup artist beside her to ignore this scene. At the same time, she found it strange. The man who clearly looked so cold and unapproachable was patient and gentle with his wife.

While Pei Jingzhou went to wash his hands, the makeup artist finally had a chance to speak. “Miss Li, you and your lover are so close.”

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