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Chapter 152: 152 Find a Way to Approach Li Xiwu

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152 Find a Way to Approach Li Xiwu

They landed after nearly three hours of flight.

The four groups boarded the production team’s minibus. It was an hour and a half’s drive. After taking a short rest along the way, they boarded a few off-road vehicles one after another.

The reason why they had changed to an off-road vehicle was that the road into the mountains was really rugged.

Xue Jinzhu and Tang Xian were in the same SUV as Li Xiwu and Han Qianye.

Tang Xian sat in the front passenger seat. Although her eyes were closed, it was obvious that she was not used to the bumpy ride. Han Qianye and Xue Jinzhu’s expressions were extremely ugly. Even Li Xiwu did not look too good.

In the other car, Min Hanrong, Tao Jing, Xiang Lan, and Xu Muzhen were in similar situations.

The mountain path was too steep and the bumps along the way were really intense. When they reached a section of the road, there were too many potholes. The car swayed so badly that everyone in the car was frightened.

Xue Jinzhu shouted, “Sir, drive slower. Is the car going to flip over?!”

Tang Xian also opened her eyes. “Sir, drive slower.”

The driver was a local and knew this part of the road well. He smiled and comforted everyone. “You haven’t seen our road here. It’s always been like this. I’ve been driving for years without incident. Don’t worry. I’ll definitely get you to your destination safely.”

Xue Jinzhu turned around and hugged Li Xiwu’s arm. “Sister Li… I feel so uncomfortable…”

Li Xiwu held Xue Jinzhu’s hand. “We should be there in twenty minutes. Bear with it.”

Xue Jinzhu felt extremely uncomfortable. “This road is almost driving my internal organs out. Sister Li, I really want to vomit, but I’m afraid of vomiting my intestines out. I feel that my intestines are already scattered.”

Under normal circumstances, Li Xiwu could still smile and treat it as a joke. But in the current situation, no one could smile except the driver.

The driver even joked, “There are pockets. Remember to vomit into them. They can still hold your intestines when they come out. You can stuff them back in later.”

[That’s not funny at all.]

[I feel that Xue Jinzhu is about to faint in the next second.]

[As someone who came from Mount Liang, my mentality is actually no different from a driver.]

[The locals really don’t think much of it, but outsiders really suffered.]

[Everyone was still talking and laughing in the minibus. Xue Jinzhu was the happiest. Hahaha, Xue Jinzhu is really pitiful now.]

[Currently, only Tang Xian, Xiang Lan, Xu Muzhen, and Li Xiwu are temporarily strong. The other four feel like they’re going to vomit in the car in the next second.]

[When the officials posted on Weibo, I knew that this trip was very difficult. I didn’t expect it to be so difficult.]

[This camera is really shaking. It’s making my head spin. I’ll come and watch it when they reach their destination.]

From the moment the plane landed, the minibus was the most popular online. Ever since they got into the SUV, the online popularity had decreased. It couldn’t be helped. The camera was too shaky. Netizens were getting dizzy watching the live broadcast.

It was a bumpy journey.

The five SUVs and two supply trucks finally arrived at the village club in Xinzhao Village. The people who wanted to get out of the car all the way did not want to get out after arriving at their destination. They only wanted to lie in the car and relax.

Xue Jinzhu let go of Li Xiwu’s arm. “Sister Li, my internal organs must have moved. I’ll lie down for a while to see if I can return them to its original position.”

The pale Han Qianye said with difficulty, “Don’t worry about me. I’ll lie down for a while.”

Li Xiwu left the car door open so that the two of them could get some air when they rested.

“Xiwu?” Tang Xian shouted.

Li Xiwu answered, “Here.”

Tang Xian walked over and asked Li Xiwu with concern, “Are you carsick?”

Actually, Li Xiwu didn’t look particularly good either, but she still said, “It’s fine.”

After hearing this, Tang Xian reached out to support Li Xiwu. “Then I’ll support you a little. I’m not carsick. It’s just that my back hurts after being on such a bumpy ride for so long.”

Tang Xian meant well, so Li Xiwu did not refuse. After Xu Muzhen got out of the car, she stretched her muscles. Xiang Lan walked down and asked, “Are you dizzy?”

Xu Muzhen chuckled. “I was thinking that it was over when I got into the SUV. In the end, I was very happy along the way and became more and more energetic.”

Xiang Lan said, “It’s finally beneficial for you to exercise more with me.”

At this moment, Xu Muzhen reached out and tugged at Xiang Lan’s sleeve. “Mom, look over there…”

There were two little boys dressed in rags over there. The little boy’s skin was either dark or a little dirty, but his eyes were bright. He was looking curiously at the cars that had just arrived.

Looking further back, the entire Xinzhao Village was filled with tattered adobe houses. A few of the adobe houses were covered with tiles, and the other roofs were thatched. The only ceramic tile visible was the village club in front of them.

If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, Xu Muzhen would have found it hard to believe that there was such a poor and backward place.

Tang Xian, who was beside her, was also shocked by the scene in front of her. “We’re living too well. We forgot that there are so many hardships in the world.”

[The official Weibo account said that this is Xinzhao Village. It’s considered the poorest village in the mountain area.]

[Two carts of supplies. How nice.]

[Mother-in-law Joy not only brings joy to people, but it’s also full of positive energy.]

[Wuwuwu, Tang Xian’s words hit me hard. We live in a big city and can’t see the sufferings of the world.]

[I heard that the donation of resources this time is a transformation from the first two live broadcasts. The production team is very considerate.]

[I thought the poor mountainous areas on television were too exaggerated. After seeing reality, I realized that the television dramas were all quite good.]

At this moment, the door of the village club opened and three people came out.

The person in front was the person in charge of the village club’s donation. His name was Ding Wei. His skin was a little dark, and he was wearing a thick jacket. He walked very quickly and was walking over quickly.

When the two little boys saw him, they smiled and called, “Uncle Wei.”

Ding Wei agreed, then said, “You’re both frozen like dogs. Go inside and warm yourself by the fire.”

Obediently, the two little boys went in, bickering.

Ding Wei, who had walked over, wiped his hands on his body and handed them over enthusiastically. “Hello, I’m the person in charge of receiving donations from Xinzhao Village. My name is Ding Wei.”

Tang Xian held out her hand. “Hello, Ding Wei.”

Ding Wei quickly introduced the two people behind him. “They’re my colleagues, Naibao and Ah Yue.”

Apart from the fact that Ding Wei was not a local, Naibao and Ah Yue were both locals. Both of them looked a little shy, but their smiles were sincere.

After shaking hands, Ding Wei bowed. “It’s been hard on you. On behalf of the entire people of Xinzhao Village, I thank you.”

Tang Xian quickly helped him up. “You’re the ones who have worked hard.”

Ding Wei looked up at Tang Xian.

Tang Xian said, “I know. You’ve been guarding Xinzhao Village for eight years. For eight whole years, Xinzhao Village has gotten better bit by bit. You contributed greatly.”

These words instantly made Ding Wei’s eyes turn red. After graduation, he came to Xinzhao Village. The colleague who came with him stayed for a year or two before leaving. Only he stayed for eight years.

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