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Chapter 157: 157 On the Eve of the Trouble, Li Xiwu's Choice

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157 On the Eve of the Trouble, Li Xiwu’s Choice

Li Xiwu thanked him first, then put her hand on Ah Yue’s arm and slowly came down the steps.

She walked up to Xue Jinzhu and took out a handkerchief from the pocket of her down jacket to wipe her face. “How old are you to still cry? It was just a fall. Kids know to stand up and continue playing.”

Xue Jinzhu showed Li Xiwu her hand. “Sister Li, my hand hurts. Look.”

Li Xiwu smiled. “I saw it. I’ll blow on it for you.”

Xue Jinzhu’s crying face turned into a smile the next second. “I knew Sister Li doted on me~”

Probably because she saw such a shocking snow scene when she woke up in the morning, Li Xiwu was also in a particularly good mood, so she was very accommodating to Xue Jinzhu. After a while, Xue Jinzhu took out her phone to take photos, videos, and selfies. After taking them, she sent them to Chen Xin.

Li Xiwu stood beside her. “Why are you up so early today?”

Xue Jinzhu replied to Li Xiwu as she typed a WeChat message to Chen Xin. “Actually, I didn’t sleep much the entire night. I woke up at five.”

Li Xiwu looked at her in surprise. “You didn’t sleep all night? Are you sure you have the energy for the live broadcast today?”

Xue Jinzhu did not mind. “I usually stay up late like this too. I’m used to it. Moreover, the bed here is too hard. My back hurts from lying here all night. I can’t sleep at all.”

Young people like to stay up late.

Li Xiwu smiled bitterly. She was like an old person. She rarely stayed up late and basically slept after finishing her work. She often slept earlier than Pei Jingzhou.

After sending the WeChat message, Xue Jinzhu turned to look at Li Xiwu. “Sister Li, why aren’t you taking photos?”

Li Xiwu looked at a snow-covered mountain in the distance and asked, “Why do you have to take photos when you see beautiful things?”

Xue Jinzhu smiled brightly. “Because we have to share beautiful things with the most important person.”

Li Xiwu murmured, “… The most important person.”

Xue Jinzhu asked, “Isn’t Mr. Pei the most important person to Sister Li?”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips and did not respond.

Xue Jinzhu moved closer to Li Xiwu and studied her face seriously. “Sister Li, why do I feel that your relationship with Mr. Pei isn’t that good? Could it be that all your passionate love has become dull after being married for many years? If that’s the case, I don’t even dare to marry Brother. When I think about how everything will return to normal after marriage, how boring it will be to get married.”

Xue Jinzhu said a bunch of things calmly.

Li Xiwu smiled as she listened. “Don’t bring yourself so much premarital anxiety too soon. It’s the same when you’re in love and when you’re married.”

Xue Jinzhu tilted her head. “But I don’t think you and Mr. Pei are like that. Last night, they took photos of the snow scenery for their husbands. You didn’t, right?”

Li Xiwu: “…”

“Look, I was right.” Xue Jinzhu circled back to her original position and stood beside Li Xiwu. She crossed her arms and looked at the snow-covered mountains in the distance. “I’ve always thought that if sharing was lost in the relationship, it’s equivalent to an end.”

Li Xiwu savored Xue Jinzhu’s words.

—If sharing was lost in the relationship, it’s equivalent to an end.

But to her, it was not equivalent to an end. It was about to end. They had been husband and wife for three years. Looking up was the end. There was no need to cater to anyone. The last decency of the end was enough.

It was almost nine o’clock before the other mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws woke up one after another.

Yesterday and today were both afternoon live broadcasts. There was no need for everyone to be in a hurry. If they could rest well first, they would rest well and be full of energy. Only then could they complete the afternoon live broadcast better.

Finally, at one in the afternoon, the live broadcast officially started.

Countless netizens rushed into the live-stream. When they saw the white snow on the camera, they all exploded—

[After a night, it’s snowing so much on Mount Liang!!]

[I actually saw the first snow of this year in Mother-in-Law Joy’s live-stream.]

[Children who haven’t seen much snow since they were young express their envy.]

[This should be the first snowfall of the year in Mount Liang, right? I didn’t expect Mother-in-Law Joy’s show to be just in time.]

[The snow at night is always the most beautiful in the morning.]

[I hope it doesn’t snow during the day. Otherwise, it will affect everyone from sending supplies to Hope Primary School.]

Today’s important task was to move the supplies sent yesterday to Hope Primary School bit by bit.

Ding Wei said, “The village club’s office is half a kilometer from Hope Primary School. Everyone might have to work a little harder.”

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