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Chapter 210: Chapter 210: Yaoyao is an Orphan, Unidentified

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Chapter 210: Yaoyao is an Orphan, Unidentified

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On the cardiology side.


Madam Di Xin’s emotions had yet to stabilize. She looked a little weak, her usual spirit gone.

“I was supposed to bring Yaoyao for a checkup, but well, I collapsed first.” There was fatigue in Madam Di Xin’s voice.

Li Xiwu comforted her. “The doctor said you’ll be fine after a rest.”

Madam Di Xin smiled faintly. “The doctor also said that’s how it is with age.”


Taking advantage of the fact that Madam Di Xin was still in good spirits to chat, Li Xiwu asked, “Is the little guy your biological grandson?”

Madam Di Xin told the truth. “His name is Yaoyao. Yao is the word for bite. Yaoyao is an orphan before adoption.” Li Xiwu was stunned. “Orphan?” Madam Di Xin nodded slowly. “Yes.”

After Li Xiwu was stunned, she suggested kindly, “Yaoyao is a little antisocial. You have to get the doctor to adjust his mentality as soon as possible so that as he grows up, his autism will not become worse.”

Madam Di Xin said, “I’ve always been the only one accompanying him. This time, I didn’t go back immediately when I came to the Capital. Yaoyao made a big fuss, so I brought him to the Capital. He’s still adapting these two days, so his mental state isn’t very good.”


Li Xiwu expressed her understanding.

Ten minutes passed. Finally, Yaoyao was found. At the same time, Li Xiwu heaved a sigh of relief. Li Xiwu called Han Qianye back, planning to leave after they sent Yaoyao back.

A moment later, someone came in with a bite. “Madam Di Xin, I’ve sent your grandson back. Remember to take good care of him. If he gets lost again, you might not meet us.”

Li Xiwu listened to this familiar voice and felt that it was a little like Chen Xin’s voice. Thinking about it carefully, she felt that it shouldn’t be such a coincidence. She turned around.

It was really Chen Xin!

At this moment, the two bodyguards were behind Chen Xin. In his arms was someone who had been caught after escaping. Then, he gave up struggling after struggling.


Chen Xin followed Mr. Pei’s words and confirmed the other party’s identity. He would hand him over if he was the little guys relative. In the end, he found out that the other party was actually Madam Di Xin, so Chen Xin personally sent the little guy back.

However, Chen Xin did not expect to see his lady boss standing in front of him the moment he entered. He was dumbfounded.

Why was Miss Li with Madam Di Xin?

As he was thinking, the little guy in his arms suddenly reached out to Li Xiwu and said in a soft voice, “Hug.”

Li Xiwu was stunned and did not react for a moment.

Yaoyao repeated the word. “Hug.”

Chen Xin was the first to react. He quickly went forward and handed the little guy to Li Xiwu.

Li Xiwu was still surprised by the fact that Chen Xin was the one who sent the little guy back when the little guy was right in front of her.


Compared to the first time she carried the little guy, she was much more natural this time. As Yaoyao pounced into her arms, he turned around and bared his fangs and brandished his claws at Chen Xin fiercely.

Chen Xin smiled. “Miss Li, he’s so cute.”

Yaoyao: “Blah, blah, blah.”

Li Xiwu looked down at the little guy in her arms. The little guy also sensed that Li Xiwu was looking at him. He retracted his short hands and lay obediently and quietly in Li Xiwu’s arms. However, his soft face was filled with grievance.

What a strange little fellow.

The first time they met, she thought he was timid and afraid of strangers. But in the blink of an eye, he took the initiative to ask her to hug him. More than once.

Li Xiwu’s lips curled up unknowingly. She looked up at Chen Xin. “Why did you send Yaoyao back?”

Chen Xin did not answer immediately. Instead, he asked, “Yaoyao? Could it be the word bite?”

Li Xiwu nodded.

Chen Xin raised his hand and showed Li Xiwu the faint bite mark on the back of his hand. “This little guy bit me the moment he saw me. No wonder he’s called this. It’s just like his name.”

When he finished, he explained why he’d sent the child back. Only then did Li Xiwu know from Chen Xin that Pei Jingzhou had also come to the hospital.

“Assistant Chen, go back first. I’ll come over after handing Yaoyao to Madam Di Xin,” Li Xiwu said.

Chen Xin glanced behind Li Xiwu.


Madam Di Xin must have been frightened just now. Her face was so haggard. Fortunately, the little guy bumped into Mr. Pei first. Although Mr. Pei was impatient, he carefully reminded him to confirm his identity before returning the little guy to his family.

Chen Xin could not stay any longer. He nodded at Madam Di Xin and turned to leave first. Li Xiwu carried Yaoyao to Madam Di Xin and slowly put him down. Unexpectedly, Yaoyao clung to Li Xiwu like an octopus.

Seeing this, Madam Di Xin smiled. ‘Miss Li, Yaoyao really likes you.”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips and said to Yaoyao, “I have to go back. Come down first.

Yaoyao remained unmoved and scrabbled at Li Xiwu. Li Xiwu was at ease with adults. But she seemed at a loss with children, especially since she had never been entangled with children.

At this moment, Madam Di Xin said to her, “Miss Li, can I trouble you with something?”

Li Xiwu couldn’t let go of Yaoyao, so she could only hug him first. When she heard Madam Di Xin’s words, she didn’t agree immediately. Instead, she said, “Tell me what it is first.”

Madam Di Xin said, ‘Can I trouble you to take care of Yaoyao?

It made sense that Li Xiwu did not respond directly. Hearing this request, she flatly refused. “I’m afraid I can’t.”

Madam Di Xin continued, “I’m not asking you to stay and watch over him. You can take Yaoyao away. I’ll pick him up when I’m better.” Now Li Xiwu hesitated.

Take Yaoyao away? Should she bring him back to Lake Lu?

Madam Di Xin explained, “In my current state, I can’t take good care of Yaoyao.

In addition, Yaoyao was adopted by me. Without me, he can’t stay with my

daughter. Miss Li, you and I hit it off at first sight and I also told you about the

situation of Yaoyao. Please help me. I’ll come and pick him up later.”

Madam Di Xin spoke sincerely. But Li Xiwu had her own concerns. This was a temporary responsibility. Other things should be okay, but taking care of the child…

“I’m sorry to have troubled Miss Li. Just place Yaoyao by the bed,” Madam Di Xin said softly, giving up on this plan.

Li Xiwu nodded and put Yaoyao down. But Yaoyao didn’t let go no matter what. Seeing this, Madam Di Xin reprimanded softly, “Yaoyao, come down quickly.”

Yaoyao remained unmoved, holding Li Xiwu tightly. Li Xiwu met the little guys big confused eyes and hesitated for a few seconds. In the end, her heart softened.

Han Qianye waited for Li Xiwu to return. When Li Xiwu slowly approached, Han Qianye realized that Li Xiwu was carrying a little boy.

At that moment, Han Qianye had a bad feeling. When she saw the little boy in Li Xiwu’s arms, her vision darkened and she almost fainted.. “What a sin…

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