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Chapter 214: Chapter 214: Pei Jingzhou: They Want To Confirm That You’re Li You

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Chapter 214: Pei Jingzhou: They Want To Confirm That You’re Li You

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No wonder the four-year-old and three-month-old Yaoyao looked three years old. Because he was born prematurely, he was naturally younger than other children, and his physique was naturally weaker than other children.

And Yaoyao seemed to have no concept of seven months or months. He only knew that the adults said that he was younger than children his age because his mother was only seven months pregnant with him. The mothers of other children were nine months pregnant.


Therefore, he was younger than the other children. Li Xiwu felt a little suffocated and forced a smile. “Yaoyao is a treasure favored by God.” Yaoyao shook his head, he said, “Don’t want to be God’s baby.”

Li Xiwu asked, “Why?”

Yaoyao said, “Can I be your baby?”

Li Xiwu was delighted. “Of course.”


A word like a promise slipped out without hesitation.

Seeing that Yaoyao was happy, Li Xiwu was also very happy. Thinking about it, it was probably because she only thought that looking after Yaoyao was a temporary mission. She just needed to complete this mission and wait for Madam Di Xin to come and take Yaoyao away. Then she would have nothing to do with him anymore.
She and Yaoyao would probably never meet again!

But Li Xiwu didn’t think so anymore. Since she had promised Madam Di Xin to take care of Yaoyao, even if it was only a few hours of interaction, she should learn more about the habits, hobbies, and personality of Yaoyao.

Pei Jingzhou walked over with a glass of water. “Honey.”
Li Xiwu did not turn around, it was Yaoyao who turned around. Their eyes met.


Pei Jingzhou’s face darkened. “I’m calling my wife, not you.”
Yaoyao turned his head silently and sulked.

Li Xiwu couldn’t help but laugh. She reached out and touched the soft little face of Yaoyao. Then, she stood up and walked to Pei Jingzhou. “It seems that Four-years-old Pei is too much. e You should be Three-years-old Pei.”

Pei Jingzhou handed the cup to Li Xiwu. “If you drop from four to three, doesn’t that mean you’ll drop to two again?

Li Xiwu took the glass and nodded in approval. “I think it’s very likely.”

Pei Jingzhou was stifled. “You seem to like that kid very much.”

Li Xiwu smiled. “Yaoyao is very obedient.”


Pei Jingzhou smirked. “Obedient?”

Li Xiwu asked, “Does Fourth Brother think that Yaoyao is not obedient?”
Pei Jingzhou said, “He’s too clingy.”

Li Xiwu finished her water and pushed Pei Jingzhou away with a smile. “He’s not clingy to you.”
Pei Jingzhou:

As soon as she put down the cup, Li Xiwu was pulled back by Pei Jingzhou. He restrained her waist with one ha_nd and pushed away the bangs on her forehead with the other. “The wound is scabbing very well.”

Li Xiwu removed Pei Jingzhou’s hand. “I’m applying the medicine seriously.”

Pei Jingzhou’s expression gradually turned serious. “I know everything that happened today.”

Li Xiwu waited for Pei Jingzhou to mention this topic and asked, “Then did

Fourth Brother investigate why they did this?”


Pei Jingzhou stared into Li Xiwu’s eyes. “They want to confirm if you’re Li You.” Li Xiwu froze. These words came too suddenly from Pei Jingzhou. Li Xiwu stared at Pei Jingzhou’s expression seriously. “I look like Li You. Isn’t it excusable to be recognized as Li You?” Pei Jingzhou’s answer was, “Not really.”

Li Xiwu said, “Why not?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “You’ll always be yourself.”

Li Xiwu choked on a laugh. “I can understand this sentence alone. Now that it comes out of Fourth Brothers mouth, it seems to have become complicated. I don’t really understand it.”

Pei Jingzhou pondered for a moment. “Then what do you want to ask?”
Under Pei Jingzhou’s deep gaze, Li Xiwu chose to tell him frankly, “I saw Li

You’s photo at the Li Mansion today.”

With that, she carefully looked at Pei Jingzhou’s expression, wanting to see a strange expression on his face. However, Pei Jingzhou’s expression did not change.

Li Xiwu said, “To be honest, I’m quite surprised that I look so much like her. But there are still some differences. After all, two different people are not related by blood. It’s impossible for them to look exactly the same.”

At this point, Li Xiwu smiled and looked at Pei Jingzhou. “What do you think, Fourth Brother?” Pei Jingzhou slowly said, “There’s a 60% chance that everyone will find someone who looks more than 99-5% similar to them. Moreover, theyre not related by blood.” Just as Li Xiwu thought that he would fool her again, Pei Jingzhou added, “But that was an accidental discovery among thousands. Coincidence doesn’t count.”

Li Xiwu was stunned. After a moment of silence, she asked, “The difference between our identities is the difference between us. Three years ago, we didn’t interact at all. I want to know where you saw me before you chose me.”

If he hadn’t seen her in advance, why would he come straight to her door? Pei Jingzhou’s thin lips moved as if he wanted to say something. At this moment, there was a notification on the door screen of the entryway. Someone was here. Li Xiwu guessed that the takeaway had arrived. Although she was in a bad mood from being interrupted, she had to eat. Otherwise, the little guy would be hungry.

“I’ll get the door.”

She turned toward the entryway.


The property manager pushed the food cart outside the door. “Miss Li.”

Li Xiwu turned sideways. “Push it in first.” The property manager nodded. “Okay.”

Then, he carefully pushed the food truck in.

These were all orders Li Xiwu had placed in the Qingwei Pavilion. The people from the Qingwei Pavilion were in charge of sending them over and Lake Lu l s staff was in charge of sending them to the owner.

Yaoyao heard the sound and poked his head out of the sofa, looking curiously at the stranger who came in.

The property manager looked up and saw Pei Jingzhou. He nodded and greeted, “Mr. Pei.”
Pei Jingzhou replied indifferently.

The property manager placed the food on the dining table one by one. Li Xiwu came over to help and placed them all. When the property manager wheeled the food cart around, he saw the child lying on the sofa.

The property manager was surprised. “Miss Li, so your child with Mr. Pei is already so old.” Li Xiwu was about to explain. The words hesitated for a few seconds before she stopped and replied with a smile, “Yes.”
Yaoyao looked happy and even smiled at Uncle Property Manager. That smile almost melted his heart.

When Li Xiwu sent the property ma_nager to the door, the property manager asked, “Was the child with his grandpa and grandma before?
Li Xiwu agreed. “Yes.”

The property manager was a middle-aged uncle. He suggested sincerely, “Actually, it’s the happiest time for children to stay by their parents’ side. This is because companionship is the most important thing to them. If they miss it, they will completely miss it.”

Li Xiwu was polite. “Your suggestion is correct.”

The smile on the property manager’s face was sad. “When my wife and I were young, we only cared about our work and handed our children over to their grandparents. Although we gave the best in life, when the children grew up, there was always an insurmountable gap between u.s.”

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With that, afraid that he would delay the owner’s meal, the property manager took a few steps out. “Miss Li, have a good dinner. I’m returning to my post.”
Li Xiwu nodded..

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