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Chapter 221: Chapter 221: Trouble Is Here For Li Xiwu (2)

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Chapter 221: Trouble Is Here For Li Xiwu (2)

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“Who’s the kid? The boss’s brother? Or a nephew?”


“That’s too hard to guess. The boss’s youngest brother is graduating from high school. If it’s a nephew, the boss shouldn’t dote on his nephew.”

“It’s hard to say. Could it be the boss’s child?”

“That’s absolutely impossible. The lady boss comes back to the company a few times a year. Every time I come to see the lady boss’s figure, I’m so envious that

I can’t sleep at night. That child can’t be the boss and the lady boss’s.”


“None of you saw what that child looked like. I did. Let me tell you quietly, that child’s eyebrows are a little like the boss’s.”

“I’m not eating this damn gossip!”

The employees of the company had already started all kinds of discussions about Pei Jingzhou’s relationship with Yaoyao.

After all, this was the first time and the first child to be carried into the company by Pei Jingzhou. However, that was not all.


The higher-ups were also dumbfounded.

This was the first time they had seen their boss, who had always been cold and heartless, bring a child to a meeting!!!

The child did not sit in the back or go to the side, but sat beside Boss. Moreover, Boss had tacitly approved of it.

It was simply off the charts!!

The higher-ups who were reporting the bidding plan couldn’t help but look at the child beside the boss. It was mainly because the Ultraman in the child’s hand was too eye-catching. It was difficult to ignore it.

Pei Jingzhou looked up at the distracted higher-up and asked expressionlessly, “You want to play too?”


The higher-ups shut their mouths and shook their heads.

Pei Jingzhou said, “Continue.”

The higher-ups nodded.

With Yaoyao here, today’s morning meeting was destined not to go smoothly, especially for those higher-ups. It was simply torture. The morning meeting ended.

Pei Jingzhou carried Yaoyao back to the office.

Chen Xin followed them back silently and entered the office. Seeing that Mr. Pei had placed the little guy on the sofa, Chen Xin quickly walked forward. He had been holding back his words for a long time and was about to say something when Mr. Pei threw him a sentence. “Play with him for a while.”

Chen Xin: ‘

A few minutes later, Chen Xin walked up to Pei Jingzhou with a bitter expression. “Mr. Pei, I’m despised.”


Pei Jingzhou raised his eyebrows. “You don’t know about Ultraman?” Chen Xin looked troubled. “Among the full set, I only know a few. I’ve never seen the rest.”

Pei Jingzhou said, “I don’t know them either.”

Chen Xin:

Pei Jingzhou said, “That’s why I asked you to play with him.”

Chen Xin: .

The more he spoke, the more curious Chen Xin became. “Mr. Pei, why did you bring this little guy to the company today? You don’t even know, but today, everyone in the company is saying that this little guy is your son.”

Pei Jingzhou held his forehead. “Does he look like my son?”

Chen Xin turned around and looked at Yaoyao who was focused on fiddling Ultraman. “You don’t say, he really does look a little like you.”

Meanwhile, Han Qianye and Li Xiwu had already gotten into the production team’s car. The live broadcast that had already started on the way started. From the moment Li Xiwu and Han Qianye appeared on camera, their online popularity increased crazily!

[My Brainless and Unhappy are back!!]

[Sister Li’s group was the earliest yesterday. I can’t bear to part with it, but it’s understandable. Your health is the most important.] [The production team must observe Sister Li’s condition more.]


[Looking forward to today’s single-line mission.]

[Did anyone notice? Sister Li, who is usually expressionless, has been smiling faintly since she appeared on camera today. I can tell that Sister Li is in a good mood.]

[I look forward to Sister Li sharing something happy.]

The staff handed over the mission card. “This is today’s mission.”

Han Qianye reached out to take it first, then handed the mission card to Li Xiwu. “Read it.”

Li Xiwu did not refuse. She took the mission card and read out today’s mission under the camera.

Today’s mission was even simpler than yesterday. It was to eat, drink, and have fun. However, the reason why it was called a mission was because it was not just purely eating, drinking, and having fun. One had to find three intangible cultural delicacies among the delicacies they ate.

Every group of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law had to find three intangible cultural delicacies. They could not rely on their phones to search. They had to find them themselves.

The production team only allocated 200 yuan to each group of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. This 200 yuan covered all the expenses.

After Han Qianye heard the contents of the mission card, she raised her eyebrows. “Then won’t we win for sure today?”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips and said nothing.

Han Qianye did not notice Li Xiwu’s expression and continued happily, “Xixi has the most contact with intangible cultural delicacies. It’s too easy to find them. Are you sure it wasn’t the production team who went easy on us?”

[I announce that Han Qianye is my Internet mouthpiece.]

[This episode is too simple for Sister Li. Could it be that the production team set it up to support Sister Li?]

[The production team is biased. Has my food variety show become commercialized’! J

[I’m sure that as soon as Mother-in-Law Joy ends, Li Xiwu will immediately announce her entry into the entertainment industry.]

[F*ck, something happened! Li Xiwu’s artiste, Ji Weiling, is in a scandal.]

[Guide Weibo, everyone, go take a look!!]

On Weibo.

A post called #Ji Weiling Mistress# was pushed to the top by popularity.

Netizens clicked on it.

It was a video taken by the paparazzi. Ji Weiling got into Qi Zishen’s business car and was quickly chased out.

The topic of controversy was that Ji Weiling had tried to hook up with Qi Zishen because of his acting, but Qi Zishen claimed that he already had an out-of-industry girlfriend. He chased Ji Weiling out of the car and resolutely maintained a colleague relationship at work.

This heated discussion completely eliminated the possibility of Qi Zishen cheating.

All the public opinion attacked Ji Weiling. There was a flurry of curses.

At the same time, Li Xiwu, who was under the live broadcast camera, also received a WeChat message from Qi Jiangchi: [Trouble is here.]

Li Xiwu didn’t reply.

Qi Jiangchi quickly sent another WeChat message: [The wind is not right. It feels like premeditation. The ultimate goal is you..]

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