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Chapter 239: Chapter 239: There’s No Substitute, Only You

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Chapter 239: There’s No Substitute, Only You

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Li Xiwu did not plan to do it directly. Therefore, she begged for mercy after the kiss. Pei Jingzhou was drunk and his head was a little dizzy. He let her go and lay beside her with the back of his hand covering his eyes.



Li Xiwu adjusted her breathing. After she calmed down, she turned around and propped her head up to look at Pei Jingzhou’s tired sleeping face. She adjusted her posture and called out softly, “Fourth Brother.”

Pei Jingzhou replied, “Mm.”

Li Xiwu continued to ask, “Are you tired?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “No.”


Li Xiwu suppressed the smile on her face and got up. She propped herself up beside him and looked down at him. “Fourth Brother, let me give you a massage.”

Pei Jingzhou removed his hand. When he opened his eyes, he saw her sly smile. “Where are you massaging?”

Li Xiwu smiled and asked, “Where else could it be?”

Pei Jingzhou touched his cheek with the tip of his tongue.


Two minutes later, Li Xiwu was sitting cross-legged on the bed. Pei Jingzhou’s head was resting on Li Xiwu’s thigh. His eyes were closed as he enjoyed Li Xiwu massaging his temples. When he was slightly drunk, Pei Jingzhou’s skin would be slightly pinker than usual. His lips would be even darker red than usual, and his slightly drunk state was captivating.

After massaging for a while, Li Xiwu’s fingertips started to ache. She softened her grip and started to find a topic to talk about. “Fourth Brother, are you and Li You childhood sweethearts?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Pei Jingzhou opened his eyes. “You and I are childhood sweethearts.”

Li Xiwu’s fingers paused. She lowered her head and saw Pei Jingzhou opening his eyes and looking at her.

Li Xiwu didn’t stop there. Instead, she continued to ask, “Then when did we meet?”


Pei Jingzhou said, “When I’m seven and you’re five.”

Li Xiwu: “So young?

Pei Jingzhou: “Otherwise, how could we be called childhood sweethearts?”

Alright, just as Pei Jingzhou had said, they had known each other since they were young. Only then could they be considered true childhood sweethearts. She didn’t ask too much about her childhood and asked what she wanted to know more. “How many years have I been in Country T?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “You followed your father overseas when you were 16.”

Li Xiwu did some calculations. She had left the country at the age of 16. She was now 25 years old. Four years ago, she was brought back from Country T by Pei Jingzhou. That meant that she had stayed in Country T for more than five years.

Five years could leave a lot of memories. Regardless of whether it was a good or bad memory, as long as it existed, it should be left behind. However, she had no memory of her years in Country T at all. She thought that it was not just caused by memory loss. Otherwise, how could she have forgotten so thoroughly?

Recalling that day at the Li Mansion, Gu Lanshi tried to get a psychotherapist to awaken her memories.


Li Xiwu suddenly asked, “Is my memory loss due to hypnosis?”

Pei Jingzhou suddenly grabbed her wrist. In the next second, he got up and looked at her face to face.

Li Xiwu was nonchalant and even smiled, “Is it inconvenient to answer this question?”

Pei Jingzhou asked her instead, “Do you want to remember these things?”

Honestly, Li Xiwu wanted to. She did not think that all the things that had happened recently were all illusory. They definitely existed. That was why she often dreamed of them. Otherwise, it did not explain why Li You’s father was in her dream.

So she really wanted to know what had happened in the past. She wanted to know what kind of great sorrow, joy, and ups and downs she had experienced.

Although her father’s death was a huge blow, she still felt that something was missing. It was very important. The very important part should be the memory that caused her to suffer so much that she wished she was dead.

She was really curious, but she was also afraid that she would not be able to withstand it, causing the world that was built now to fall apart because she recalled the past.

Li Xiwu raised her hand and touched her face. “My appearance is somewhat different from Li You’s.’

Pei Jingzhou reached out and pulled her into his arms. “You’ve repaired your appearance.”

Li Xiwu was lying in Pei Jingzhou’s embrace. When she heard this, she was stunned. “Face repair?”

“Yes.” Pei Jingzhou told her, “When I brought you back from Country T, you were seriously injured. The scar on your face needs to be repaired. After your face is repaired, there will be some obvious changes to your previous appearance.”

With that, Li Xiwu suddenly pushed him away. Pei Jingzhou was stunned. Li Xiwu raised her chin with a cold expression. “So you made me think that I had been a substitute for three years.”


Pei Jingzhou:

This step would have to be explained sooner or later, but it came so suddenly that Pei Jingzhou was not prepared to deal with it.

Li Xiwu crossed her arms in front of her chest and acted like a queen. “Before this, I was still thinking that if we could adopt Yaoyao, we could adopt Yaoyao together. After all, you can’t have children. But now, I feel that divorce is the best decision. Let’s go our separate ways.”

Pei Jingzhou:

He was just having a good chat with his wife a second ago, but the next second, his wife turned hostile and asked for a divorce—!!

Pei Jingzhou smiled helplessly. “It wasn’t my intention for you to be a substitute.”

Li Xiwu raised her eyebrows. “You better explain yourself, or else you’ll have to sleep in the courtyard tonight.”

Pei Jingzhou looked out of the window. “It’s freezing. Are you sure?”

Li Xiwu: “It’s not like I’m freezing, right?”

At this moment, 70% of Li Xiwu’s anger was real, and the remaining 30% was a spur of the moment.

She thought about how she had thought that she had been a substitute for three years. Facing his gentle words, she was afraid that she would fall deeply in love with him. She also had to stay sober at all times, afraid that once she fell for him, she would cut off her path of retreat.

Pei Jingzhou explained, “Initially, I wanted to tell the other members of the Pei family that you are still alive. However, I was afraid that they would remind you of those bad memories, so I didn’t tell the other members of the Pei family. That’s why I said that you are my substitute.”

He grabbed her wrist and pulled her back into his arms. “There was indeed a first love, but it later turned into a cinnabar mole, so the first love was you, and the cinnabar mole was also you. There was never anyone else.”

Li Xiwu called out softly, “Pei Jingzhou.”

He replied, “Yes.”

Li Xiwu slowly asked, “If I hadn’t appeared on this variety show, those people wouldn’t have come to look for me one after another just because they saw me on the show. If these prerequisites hadn’t happened, would you have planned to hide it from me for the rest of your life?”

This was his affirmative answer.

Li Xiwu felt a lot better after hearing the answer.

Pei Jingzhou said, “Do you know why I proposed a three-year marriage agreement?”

Li Xiwu straightened up and looked straight at him. “Why?”

This was what she was curious about.

Pei Jingzhou told her, “I tricked you into this marriage when you lost your memory. In a sense, other than that paper proof, the marriage doesn’t completely count. If you recover your memory three years later, the agreement won’t bind you. You can leave because you hate me for taking your memory. If you don’t remember the past three years later, I’ll tell you on that day, but I won’t let you leave..”

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