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Chapter 29

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All thanks to Li Xiwu

When she was stopped by Cheng Zhongqing, Li Xiwu had already guessed what he might ask. It was just as she suspected.

However, she did not choose to be honest. Instead, she pretended to be confused. “The person who discovered the Siberian grouse was my mother-in-law, Han Qianye. The person who recognized the Siberian grouse breed was also my mother-in-law, Han Qianye. It has nothing to do with me. Speaking of which, I’m ashamed. I didn’t do my homework before coming. I’ll definitely study the knowledge of wild protected animals tonight.”

Cheng Zhongqing said, “Miss Li, you’re too humble.”

Li Xiwu met Cheng Zhongqing’s gaze calmly. “It has nothing to do with modesty. It was my mother-in-law who discovered and recognized the Siberian grouse. It’s her credit.”

At this point in the conversation, Cheng Zhongqing already understood. After that, no matter how much he asked, Miss Li would not admit that she had actually recognized the two Siberian grouses. But he could probably understand why Li Xiwu hadn’t admitted that she’d recognized the two Siberian grouses first. A daughter-in-law who married into a wealthy family had to flatter her mother-in-law. She could not let her mother-in-law lose face.

“May I ask,” Cheng Zhongqing said, “what does Miss Li’s family do?”

These words immediately stumped Li Xiwu. What does her family do? Actually, she didn’t know. Because she’s an orphan. She finished her studies by working and studying, but her life was still a mess. Then something happened. She met Pei Jingzhou at the darkest time of her life. He pulled her out of the mud and gave her a glamorous identity and life.

Cheng Zhongqing saw Li Xiwu’s hesitation and probed, “Did Miss Li come into contact with zoology when you were in university?”

Li Xiwu said, “No.”

“Then is there anyone in Miss Li’s family who works for the Wildlife Conservation Association?”

“No,” Li Xiwu replied.

Cheng Zhongqing said curiously, “Yesterday, Miss Li recognized the lynx cub at a glance. Today, if I didn’t know that Miss Li is in the entertainment industry as a manager, I would have thought that someone in your family works in the Wildlife Conservation Association. That’s why you know such rare wild animals.”

Li Xiwu did not reply. She only looked up at Cheng Zhongqing and saw the sincere smile in his eyes. She also understood that the other party did not have any ill intentions and was just asking curiously.

Now, Cheng Zhongqing consciously did not continue asking. “I’ll go in first. I heard that there’s no need to cook for the guests tonight. You can rest well.”

Li Xiwu nodded. “Okay.”

Cheng Zhongqing turned around and was about to go up the steps when he bumped into Han Qianye. He did not know if Miss Li’s mother-in-law had heard his conversation with Miss Li, but it did not matter. Anyway, Cheng Zhongqing knew very well that Miss Li must have recognized the two Siberian grouses.

Cheng Zhongqing went up the steps and walked in. Han Qianye came down the stairs and walked towards Li Xiwu. When no one was around, she asked directly, “Why didn’t you admit it just now?”

Li Xiwu only heard someone coming down, but she didn’t know who it was, nor did she raise her eyes to look. Only when she heard Han Qianye’s question did she look up at her. “Admit what?”

Han Qianye stared at Li Xiwu’s face, trying to see some traces of disguise on her face, but she could not see anything. When she went in earlier and did not see Li Xiwu enter, she came out to look for her.

As soon as she came out, she saw Li Xiwu being stopped by Cheng Zhongqing and asked a few questions. She did not say anything and listened quietly. She did not intend to stop Li Xiwu from telling the truth. After all, the person who recognized the two Siberian grouses was indeed not her.

She had heard Li Xiwu and Cheng Zhongqing’s conversation. No matter how Cheng Zhongqing tried to get information out of her, Li Xiwu did not fall for a single word and avoided every word. Han Qianye could not understand Li Xiwu’s thoughts. Shouldn’t Li Xiwu take the opportunity to take back the credit when Cheng Zhongqing asked? But why wouldn’t she admit it?

Han Qianye pursed her lips and thought for two seconds. “Why don’t… I tell everyone later at dinner that you were the one who recognized the two Siberian grouses? I can’t take your credit for nothing.”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips and said in a very calm voice, “We’re all in this together. We’re a team. There’s no difference.”

That’s what she said, but…

Han Qianye felt upset when she heard that. She clearly wanted to say, “Aren’t you being too aggrieved?” but her mouth was not working at all. The moment she opened her mouth, she said, “You’re so uncompetitive. I keep feeling that you’ll bite me when I’m unprepared.”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “I’m not crazy. Don’t worry, I won’t bite.”

“I didn’t mean that…” Han Qianye wanted to explain.

Li Xiwu said, “You don’t have to say anymore. I understand what you mean.”

Did she really? Han Qianye did not know if she really understood. Anyway, she felt quite subtle. Especially when she remembered that not long before she returned, she was frightened by the caterpillar on Min Hanrong’s body. Without thinking, she hugged Li Xiwu. Why had she gone to hug Li Xiwu?

And she realized that Li Xiwu smelled so good.

The director had informed them that the live broadcast would end at 5:30 pm, so the production team would prepare dinner tonight. There was no need for the guests to prepare anything.

Wan Yu, Luo Xiaosong, and Du Xu, who were eager to taste Li Xiwu’s cooking again, looked disappointed.

The live broadcast ended at five-thirty. Everyone took a break and sat down to eat together. During the meal, Cheng Zhongqing chatted about what he had seen and heard on a daily basis. Everyone listened attentively and enjoyed dinner. They stayed for a while before returning to their own rooms.

Li Xiwu lay down on the bed tiredly. Within two minutes, the phone on the pillow vibrated frequently. She accepted her fate and took the phone to open it. There were more than forty unread WeChat messages.

Li Xiwu: “…”

She was really tired. However, thinking that it was all for the 400 million yuan, it was worth it. That’s four hundred million. Even if she didn’t eat or drink, she wouldn’t be able to earn 400 million yuan even if she worked hard for ten years. Even if she became an artist, she would only be able to earn a quarter of it in the first few years. She still had to rely on herself to become an A-list celebrity.

She opened WeChat.

President Qi: [Come to the company tomorrow at noon.]

President Qi: [I’ve sent you Xue Jinzhu’s information.]

Xue Jinzhu was the female artiste that President Qi had signed with Li Xiwu.

Li Xiwu had yet to see her or read Xue Jinzhu’s personal information.

Tonight, President Qi had sent her Xue Jinzhu’s personal information and even asked her to make time to go to the company at noon tomorrow. It meant that Xue Jinzhu had a background. No wonder President Qi signed it for her without even letting her meet her first.

She replied okay. Then, she clicked on Xue Jinzhu’s profile. Her name, age, graduation school, and whether she had any filming experience during her early school days were all written very clearly.

However, when Li Xiwu’s gaze stopped on the one-inch photo above the information, her pupils suddenly constricted—

She murmured, “Why her?”

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