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Chapter 318: Chapter 318: Finished

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Chapter 318: Finished

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She clearly heard someone call her name. She looked around but did not see anyone. Wasn’t this seeing a ghost in broad daylight?!


Li Xiwu rested her elbows on the car window and raised her voice. “Jinzhu, I’m over here. Look here.”

Xue Jinzhu looked across and saw Li Xiwu in the car. She thought to herself that it was a good thing she didn’t say it loudly. She quickly quickened her pace and walked to the car door. “Sister Li, where did you go?

Li Xiwu replied, “I rowed.”

Xue Jinzhu looked envious. “That’s good. Are you ready to go back now?

“Yes.” Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “We were about to return to the hotel when we passed by and saw you. Why are you alone? Where are Auntie Tang and Gu Lanshi?”

At the mention of Gu Lan, Xue Jinzhu looked depressed. “Don’t mention it.

That stinky man is really something. He promised to shop with me, but he was called away.”

If not for the fact that the occasion was not right, Xue Jinzhu definitely wanted to complain: Someone like him deserves to not be able to find a girlfriend! Unlike her brother, who would never leave her behind easily as long as he was with her.

With that, Xue Jinzhu took a fierce bite of the candied hawthorn. “Forget it, let’s not talk about him.”

The words in Xue Jinzhu’s heart were: It’s unlucky to mention such a man.

However, because it was a live-stream, it was not convenient for her to say it. Just now, she expressed her dissatisfaction a little. It was also a small quarrel between couples. In the eyes of the audience, her relationship with Gu Lanshi was even more real.

How could a couple not have a small quarrel?

Li Xiwu suggested, “Do you want to get in the car and go back to the hotel together?”

Xue Jinzhu immediately nodded. “Okay, okay.”

She opened the car door and was about to bend down to get in when she saw Pei Jingzhou sitting beside Li Xiwu. The image seemed to freeze for a few seconds. Then, Xue Jinzhu closed the car door again. “I… want to play for a while more before going back. Sister Li, you guys can go back first.”

Li Xiwu knew that Xue Jinzhu did not dare to get into the car when she saw Pei Jingzhou, so she said to him, “Fourth Brother, why don’t you drive?

The cameraman was sitting in the front passenger seat. Although there were three people in the back, Xue Jinzhu did not dare to get into the car when she saw Pei Jingzhou. Li Xiwu could only make this arrangement.

Pei Jingzhou did not say anything. He nodded and pushed open the car door.

Actually, Xue Jinzhu wanted to say that she should go back alone. She felt that she did not dare to breathe too heavily when she was in the same car as President Pei.

It couldn’t be helped. This damned oppression.

However, now that President Pei had lowered himself to be the chauffeur in front, Xue Jinzhu could only bite the bullet and sit in the back seat.

The journey of a few minutes was as long as a century. Xue Jinzhu sat obediently and did not dare to move. She did not even dare to eat the candied hawthorn in her hand. She only chewed the candied hawthorn in her mouth and did not dare to spit out the seeds.

Li Xiwu glanced sideways at her. “Every time I see you, it’s like seeing my friend.”

She missed Qiao Qiao a little. She wondered when she would be able to return to the capital from Xingzhou. Could Shao Jingmo let her come to the capital after they got married?

Xue Jinzhu pursed her hawthorn seeds and said, “Is my personality very similar to hers?”

Li Xiwu nodded. “Mm.”

Xue Jinzhu grinned, and the hawthorn seeds almost flew out of her mouth. She covered her mouth and said politely, “Two best friends always have opposite personalities. It’s a law.”

Li Xiwu nodded. “Now that you mention it, that seems to be the case.”

Qiao Qiao had a carefree personality. She didn’t follow any rules in whatever she did. Moreover, Qiao Qiao’s personality was completely opposite to her current personality.

The laws were so subtle.

The two of them chatted all the way back to the hotel. Xue Jinzhu remained gentle and ladylike, while Pei Jingzhou was in charge of driving. They did not speak the entire time.

Around six o’clock, everyone went to dinner.

The large private room was filled with people.

None of the guests were absent. All three husbands were here, except for Xue Jinzhu’s boyfriend. However, everyone knew that Gu Lanshi had been called away by a call about work in the afternoon.

The audience was also very satisfied with his appearance in the last episode.

[Mother-in-Law Joy’s last dinner was full of farewell.]

[My favorite food variety show is coming to an end.]

[I really like my Brainless and Unhappy CP!]

[Miss Pig, you must be with Mr. Gu for a long time!]

[The voting on the official Weibo account today is still led by Li Xiwu and Han Qianye’s group. 1,860,000 people voted for them.]

[I’m already looking forward to Mother-in-Law Joy’s third season.]

The atmosphere at dinner today was very good.

The show was about to end. Everyone was reluctant from the bottom of their hearts, especially after spending nearly a month together. It was hard to forget these wonderful things.

The audience liked Min Hanrong at first because of their past feelings. Later on, because Min Hanrong was the mother-in-law of a wealthy family, she did not put on any airs and looked at her daughter-in-law with admiration at all times.

Tao Jing had a quiet appearance and was sometimes a little cute. Her personality was easy to get along with and she was not shy.

Xu Muzhen was a simple person with a doctor profession. Her various performances on the show made the audience change their opinion of doctors.

This change was not because of medical ethics, but because as a doctor, Xu Muzhen reminded the patient not to drink the beverage a second ago. After the patient left, she took out the beverage and took a big sip.

This contrast was a side that many people could not see.

The audience liked Xiang Lan because of her tolerance for Xu Muzhen. The relationship between mother and daughter-in-law was moderately clear, but there was no sense of distance. It was also enviable for many to maintain this relationship.

Han Qianye was not likable from the beginning. At first, she was a little arrogant, liked to put on airs, and liked to make decisions on her own. Later, as she interacted with Li Xiwu day by day, Han Qianye began to take her attitude seriously.

Later on, she began to think about Li Xiwu everywhere. Her eyes were filled with Li Xiwu. The ‘Brainless and Unhappy couple’ made the audience click their tongues.

And Li Xiwu was originally the most inconspicuous existence.

She looked very Buddha-like and did not care so much about anything. As long as Han Qianye said that she did not know how to do it, she would definitely not fight for it. But later on, in order to make Han Qianye happy, she began to show her true level.

She could make Han Qianye not lose every time, make Han Qianye happy, and make Han Qianye satisfied.

At this moment, the screen was filled with all kinds of reluctance.

In addition to all the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law guests, MO Yujin and Yu Hewei were also present tonight. The audience thought that Guan Suling would be attending tonight) but she was nowhere to be seen.

When asked, MO Yujin explained, “My mother likes peace and quiet. She’s not used to places that are too lively, but she instructed me to take Xixi back early.”

MO Yujin did not let it slip. She knew that she could not call her Little You directly now, so she followed Han Qianye and called her Xixi. Min Hanrong was the first to be curious. “Xixi? Is it Xiwu?”

MO Yujin replied, “Yes.”

Min Hanrong was surprised. “What’s Xiwu’s relationship with you…?

MO Yujin said generously, “Xixi is my niece.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the others present widened their eyes in shock. They subconsciously looked for Li Xiwu, but they couldn’t find her. They learned that Li Xiwu had accompanied Xue Jinzhu to the bathroom.

Min Hanrong could not believe that she had suddenly learned such a shocking thing in the last two hours!

She asked MO Yujin, “Is she… your niece that you acknowledge?”

MO Yujin smiled and said, “No, she’s my biological niece..”

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