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Chapter 337: Chapter 337: Is It Really Your Daughter?

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Chapter 337: Is It Really Your Daughter?

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Li Xiwu waited quietly in the car for a while. A few minutes later, a familiar figure walked out from the side of the district. Li Xiwu recognized it at a glance. It was Gu Lanshi. She pushed open the car door and got out. When Gu Lanshi approached, she raised her voice. “I came alone.”

Gu Lanshi said, “I know.”

The reason why she specially said it was because she was afraid that Gu Lanshi would become suspicious and hide until her goal for coming today was not fulfilled.

Gu Lanshi turned sideways. “Go up and sit.”


Since Li Xiwu was here this time, she naturally had her own plans. She agreed generously and entered the district under Gu Lanshi’s lead. She took the elevator upstairs and went to his house.

Along the way, Li Xiwu deliberately remembered the environment here. She remembered which building Gu Lanshi lived in, which floor, and the house number.

She thought that it was impossible for Gu Lanshi to notice her gaze. When she reached the door, Gu Lan entered the fingerprint password and opened the door. When she invited her in, she asked, “Do you remember this place?

Li Xiwu stopped in her tracks. She looked up at him.

Gu Lanshi only smiled. “It’s not that I’m observant. I just know you too well, Li


To Li Xiwu, this call seemed to be directed at another person. Li Xiwu was still not used to her other name, which was her real name.

Seeing that her expression was gradually becoming guarded, Gu Lanshi said apologetically, “I shouldn’t have said that. Sorry, please come in.”

Li Xiwu nodded and walked in.

Gu Lanshi’s house was estimated to be about 200 square meters. The decor was simple, with a fabric sofa and gray curtains. It did not look lively. He probably rarely lived here.

After entering, Li Xiwu quickly scanned the room. There were no signs of children living there at all.

“Are you looking for signs of a child living here?”

Gu Lanshi’s voice was very close to her. When Li Xiwu turned around, she stepped back a little. She pretended to be puzzled. “What?”

“I’m the only one living here.” After Gu Lanshi finished speaking, he raised his hand and opened his palm.

Li Xiwu looked at Gu Lanshi’s raised hand. There was a small strawberry hair clip in his palm. When she saw the small hair clip, the light in Li Xiwu’s eyes flickered. Although it was not obvious, Gu Lanshi saw it all.

Gu Lanshi suddenly smiled. “Although there are no traces at home, I occasionally carry some small hair clips or hair ties with me. When Youyou goes out to eat, the small hair clips and hair ties I carry will work.” With that, Gu Lanshi put away the little strawberry hair clip.

Li Xiwu turned around and began to brazenly search for Youyou.

Gu Lanshi did not stop her and just watched her search quietly.

To Li Xiwu, this was Gu Lanshi’s house after all. It was impossible for her to enter and leave as she pleased, like in a public place or her own house She only searched the living room and places she saw.

But there was still no sign of Youyou.

Gu Lanshi calmly watched Li Xiwu search for a while. After a moment, he stopped Li Xiwu. “There’s no need to look. The meaning of my words just now was obvious. Youyou doesn’t live here.”

Li Xiwu stopped and turned around. The water that Gu Lanshi left to boil was done. Gu Lanshi went to the front of the stage, opened the cabinet, and asked, “Is your taste in tea the same as before?

Li Xiwu didn’t answer.

Gu Lanshi said to himself, “Sorry, I forgot that you don’t remember the past. You probably don’t remember the past tastes either.” He turned to look at her, a soft smile on his face. “You used to like cinnamon. What about now?

Li Xiwu Imew very well that although she was not specially here as a guest, Gu Lanshi had the intention to treat her as a guest, so she naturally could not be unreasonable. She pursed her lips. “Black tea will do.”

Gu Lanshi looked back at the tea in the cabinet and said, “There’s no more black tea.”

Li Xiwu said, “Water, please. Thank you.”

“How can that do? This is your first time here. I’ll place an order online now. It’ll be sent over very quickly.” As he spoke, he picked up his phone and prepared to order black tea.

Li Xiwu felt that it was really troublesome and a waste of time, so she said, “Then I’ll drink cinnamon.”

Gu Lanshi paused. “Isn’t that too much?”

“No.” Li Xiwu smiled and shook her head.

Gu Lanshi nodded and took out his usual Tiger Roar Rock from the cabinet. He soaked it in a pot.

The first cinnamon tea was poured away. The second tea did not take long.

Half a minute was enough. Gu Lanshi came over with the soaked cinnamon. Seeing that Li Xiwu was still standing, he nodded. “Sit.”

Li Xiwu felt a little uneasy and sat down on the sofa beside her. The fragrance of cinnamon wafted over. Li Xiwu rarely drank cinnamon and surprisingly felt that it smelled good.

Gu Lanshi saw that her expression was relaxed. “You used to like to drink cinnamon.”

Li Xiwu’s hand paused when it touched the cup. She picked it up imperceptibly and sniffed it. ‘Everyone’s taste won’t remain the same. Just because I liked it in the past doesn’t mean I like it now.”

With that, she smiled and took a shallow sip of cinnamon in front of Gu Lanshi. It was a little hot.

Gu Lanshi looked away. “Li You, you’ve changed a lot in the past four years.”

Li Xiwu put down her cup and changed the subject. “Thank you for your hospitality. The tea is delicious.”

Gu Lanshi smiled self-deprecatingly. “I can tell that you don’t really want to talk to me about the past.”

Li Xiwu looked at him quietly for a moment and said, “People have to move forward. It’s boring to keep remembering the past. What do you think?”

Gu Lanshi said, “That’s true.”

He looked up at her. His eyes were filled with love.

Li Xiwu calmly looked away and cut to the chase. “Old Master Cai came to look for me. He told me something. It’s also about these things. I decided to look for you.”

“Oh?” Gu Lanshi pretended to be curious. “What did Uncle Cai tell you?”

“Uncle Cai…” Following Gu Lanshi’s guidance, Li Xiwu subconsciously called him Uncle Cai. After calling him that, she realized that this was how she had called Old Master Cai in the past.

Gu Lanshi could tell that she was stunned for a moment and smiled. “It’s respect for others to call him Old Master. It’s unfamiliar for you to call him that.”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips. “Let’s get down to business first.”

Gu Lanshi nodded.

Li Xiwu continued the conversation. “Old Master Cai said that you have a four-year-old daughter called Youyou.”

Gu Lanshi nodded. “Yes.”

Li Xiwu glanced at Gu Lanshi and said calmly, “Is she your biological daughter?”

Gu Lanshi also looked at Li Xiwu. When they looked at each other, his gaze was extremely calm. “Of course.”

Li Xiwu took a deep breath. “Then let me ask you, were you the person on the pleasure boat that day?”

After asking this question, Li Xiwu’s heart skipped a beat. It was obvious how nervous she was. She actually hoped that the person on the pleasure boat that day was not Gu Lanshi. She also hoped that the little girl she met on the pleasure boat was not Gu Lanshi’s daughter, Youyou. But it seemed that the heavens were not what she expected.

Gu Lanshi said

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