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Chapter 344: Chapter 344: Using All Sorts Of Methods Just For Today

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Chapter 344: Using All Sorts Of Methods Just For Today

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Pei Jingzhou’s words stopped Chen Xin from persuading him. It also made Chen Xin realize for the first time what true love was stronger than gold.

Mr. Pei was more loyal to his wife than gold. Even if Madam went to see another man behind Mr. Pei’s back, Mr. Pei trusted her unconditionally and without a bottom line.

Li Xiwu arrived outside the district where Gu Lanshi lived at two-thirty sharp. However, she did not go up today. Instead, she sat quietly in the car and waited for Gu Lanshi. Until Gu Lanshi’s figure appeared in her vision. She lowered the window. “Take my car.”

Gu Lanshi had no objections and got into Li Xiwu’s car.

Li Xiwu reached out and tapped on the GPS a few times. She glanced sideways and asked, “Location?

Gu Lanshi said, “Shouguo Kindergarten.”

Li Xiwu searched for the location of Shuoguo Kindergarten on the GPS. After locating it, she set off.

Gu Lanshi watched her turn the steering wheel skillfully. “I remember that when you were in Country T, you were preparing to take the driver’s license test. Later on, you were delayed because of your pregnancy. I didn’t expect you to be so skilled at driving now.”

Li Xiwu looked straight ahead, her face expressionless. “1 haven’t just been breathing for the past four years.”

Gu Lanshi choked and only smiled. He looked at her intently and asked, “Does

Pei Jingzhou know that you’re here today?”

Li Xiwu said, “He knows.”

Gu Lanshi’s lips twitched. “Is that so? Then did he know that you’re here to see me?”

As the car drove on the wide road, Li Xiwu suddenly tilted the steering wheel when she sped up. Right on the heels of that, she straightened it immediately. The car swayed for a moment. Gu Lanshi frowned. “What’s wrong?

Li Xiwu smiled and said as she drove, “I’m not that good at driving. I can’t be distracted, so I suggest you be quiet.”

Gu Lanshi knew what Li Xiwu meant. It was not that Li Xiwu was too mean, but she really was not in the mood to deal with Gu Lanshi’s words now. She was not distracted, but she would be very frustrated.

Shuoguo Kindergarten was a little far from Gu Lanshi’s address. It was about a ten-minute drive. When they arrived, it was 2:55 pm. Many parents were already standing outside the kindergarten.

Li Xiwu parked the car and put on a mask and hat. She followed Gu Lanshi to the kindergarten. Recently, her image had been easily recognized outside.

Wearing a mask to cover her face could avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble.

She turned around and realized that Gu Lanshi was also wearing a mask. She looked at him quietly for a few seconds. Gu Lanshi understood and explained, “I’ve been on that show, so I have to avoid unnecessary trouble.”

Li Xiwu said, “The teacher should know you, right?”

Gu Lanshi said, “She does, but I have the image of Youyou’s brother. It’s understandable for me to pick up my sister.”

Li Xiwu looked away and turned to look in the direction of the crowd. “You’ve lowered your seniority.”

Gu Lanshi suppressed his smile and did not say anything.

The architectural style of Shuoguo Kindergarten was very attractive. It was obvious that the area where it stood belonged to the aristocrats. Li Xiwu familiarized herself with the surrounding environment and turned to Gu Lanshi. “Youyou is attending kindergarten here?”

Gu Lanshi replied, “Yes.”

Li Xiwu looked into the kindergarten. The wall was too high to see.

“Gu Lanshi,” she called out, still looking inside, even though she couldn’t see a single child.

Gu Lanshi nodded and said, “Don’t be anxious. They will open the door on time.”

Li Xiwu retracted her gaze and looked at him. “Should I go in and pick Youyou up?”

“You won’t be able to pick her up if you go.” Gu Lanshi made it clear in advance.

“I handled the procedures for Youyou’s first day at kindergarten. In addition, Auntie Lin, who has been taking care of Youyou. You’ve never been here before. The teacher doesn’t know you. They have to call me to confirm it again and again and sign some papers. The process will be more troublesome.”

Li Xiwu looked away. “Then go and pick her up.”

Gu Lanshi asked, “Are you in a hurry?

Li Xiwu said truthfully, “A little.”

“Youyou will be very happy to see you,” Gu Lanshi said.

Li Xiwu pursed her lips. “…I hope so.”

After opening the door on time, Li Xiwu was already prepared to wait. However, Gu Lanshi suddenly said to her, “Let’s go together. Anyway, you’re wearing a mask and hat. You don’t have to worry about being recognized.” Li Xiwu hesitated for two seconds, then lowered her head and followed.

Under the teacher’s command, the children lined up and were picked up by their parents one by one. Li Xiwu did not need to line up to pick them up. She stood in an empty space and watched quietly.

She searched for Youyou among the children. Youyou was standing at the back. She was carrying a small purple school bag and pulling her hair in boredom. Her big watery eyes were rolling.

The scene instantly overlapped in front of Li Xiwu’s eyes. Youyou on the pleasure boat that day and Youyou in front of her were the same person.

When Youvou realized that it was also Gu Lanshi who came to Dick her up today, her eyes instantly lit up and she called out in a crisp voice, “Brother.”

The teacher was also surprised to see Gu Lan. She asked, “Mr. Gu, haven’t you been busy recently?”

Gu Lanshi’s voice was gentle. “Not very busy.”

The teacher said, “No wonder you’ve been picking up Youyou more often than before.”

Gu Lanshi nodded indifferently and reached out to Youyou. Youyou ignored Gu Lanshi’s hand and went forward to hug Gu Lanshi’s leg like a koala. “Brother, I don’t want to eat cake today. I want Ultraman.”

Gu Lanshi was surprised. “Ultraman? Are you sure it’s not a beautiful doll?”

Youyou said in a muffled voice, “I want Ultraman. I want to defeat the monster


Gu Lanshi bent down and picked Youyou up. “Okay, I’ll buy it.”

“Oh yeah Ø ‘ Youyou raised her fist. “Charge, charge, charge. Buy Ultraman, buy ten Ultraman, and defeat the monster Magnia.”

Gu Lanshi agreed gently. “Okay, we’ll buy ten.”

He carried Youyou and walked towards Li Xiwu. Because Li Xiwu was wearing a mask and hat, Youyou could not recognize her for a moment. Even though Gu Lanshi was carrying her and standing in front of Li Xiwu, she thought that she was the parent of another child.


As Li Xiwu called Youyou’s name, Youyou stopped gesturing and turned to look at Li Xiwu.

Although children had good memories, Li Xiwu covered most of her face, revealing only her eyes. Youyou couldn’t recognize her at all. She wrapped her arms around Gu Lanshi’s neck and slowly moved back, her eyes gradually becoming guarded.

Gu Lanshi said, “She’s the older sister.”

Youyou remained silent and buried her face in Gu Lanshi i s arms. She did not move, like an ostrich. Gu Lanshi couldn’t help but laugh. He looked up and said to Li Xiwu, “Let’s go out first. It’s not convenient for you to take off your mask

Li Xiwu replied emotionlessly, “Yes.”

After coming out, Gu Lanshi carried Youyou into the car and placed her in the backseat. Li Xiwu was about to drive when Gu Lanshi stopped her. “Sit in the back.”

Li Xiwu said, “Youyou is afraid of me.”

Gu Lanshi said, “That’s because you didn’t take off your mask.”

Li Xiwu hesitated for a moment before agreeing. She opened the door of the backseat and was about to get in when Youyou screamed

“Ah! Kidnapping!’

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