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Chapter 35

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Fourth Brother Is On The Way

Pei Jiao suddenly shouted, “Mom!”

Han Qianye looked away from the audience in front of her. “What?”

Pei Jiao asked, “Who do you think this female guest number nine looks like?”

Han Qianye looked at Pei Jiao’s wooden fish head. “Who do you think she looks like?”

Pei Jiao had a strange expression. “Doesn’t she look like Peripheral Li?”

“Peripheral Li?” Han Qianye was stunned.

Pei Jiao reminded her, “Didn’t you say that the proxy is the peripheral?”

Han Qianye was speechless. “…”

Pei Jiao carefully stared at Li Xiwu, who was sitting at seat number nine on the stage. The more she looked at her, the more confused she became. “This number nine female guest really looks like Peripheral Li. But what’s her name in front of the light sign… Qiao Qiao? Oh, that should just be a resemblance. Peripheral Li doesn’t usually dress like this.”

Han Qianye snorted. “You’re quite observant.”

Pei Jiao took out her phone and turned on the camera. She took pictures of the person in seat number nine on the stage.

Han Qianye noticed that Pei Jiao’s phone screen had shattered into spiderwebs. “The phone is so rotten that it can still be used?”

Pei Jiao said, “The screen is rotten, but the inside isn’t.”

Han Qianye took a closer look and realized that the phone was operating smoothly when Pei Jiao clicked on it. “The inside didn’t even rot after falling like that. Thinking about it, your height saved your phone.”

Pei Jiao: “?”

Han Qianye pressed Pei Jiao’s phone down. “Alright, stop taking photos.”

“The photos are all taken.” Pei Jiao opened WeChat on her phone. “I’m going to send the photos to my brother. There’s another one here who looks like his first love. I’m going to ask him if he wants her to join the harem.”

Han Qianye’s lips twitched. “You’re pimping your brother.”

Pei Jiao argued, “In any case, isn’t this the only type he likes? One to comfort his longing, and another to make him happier. He might get sick of it after a few more. His first love won’t be his love anymore. I’m really smart.” With that, she hit send on the photo.

Pei Jingzhou quickly received the photo.

On the stage.

Faced with male guest number one’s sudden roll call, Li Xiwu replied naturally, “I prefer loyalty. No matter how outstanding he is, as long as he’s not loyal enough, it’s a sin.”

It was a sharp answer.

Male guest number one smiled. “Coincidentally, my thoughts coincide with those of female guest number nine. My requirements for my other half are also loyalty. As long as she only has eyes for me, I will always love her and always put her first in my heart.”

It was an excellent answer.

Their conversation led to a subtle atmosphere. Both the host and the two emotional analysts could already see the signs.

Li Xiwu could already feel several hostile gazes on her.

Tonight’s first male guest was outstanding in both looks and career. He was very popular. It was obvious that there would be a lot of people who would leave their lights on to confess to the male guest. But she wasn’t involved.

The onlookers started fighting.

All she had to do tonight was stand in for Qiao Qiao long enough to wait for the recording to end. However, the subsequent development was completely out of Li Xiwu’s control.

Male guest number one peppered her with questions.

For example: “I want to know more about female guest number nine. Do you like to stay at home in private, or do you go out shopping more?”

For example: “I want to know the horoscope of female guest number nine. I wonder if female guest number nine believes in horoscopes?”

Another example: “How long can female guest number nine accept a relationship?”

Every time the host asked the male guest to ask a question, the male guests could clearly choose different female guests to ask questions, but the male guest used every opportunity to ask questions on guest number nine.

Everyone could tell that the first male guest had fallen in love at first sight. He was mesmerized by the ninth female guest and was completely infatuated.

Finally, it was time to put out the lights.

Even though most of the female guests on the stage could already tell that male guest number one was clearly tempted by female guest number nine, there were still five or six female guests who insisted on leaving their lights on for male guest number one during the lantern-extinguishing segment.

When Li Xiwu extinguished the lights, the male guest also clearly looked disappointed.

According to the program, the next step was the confession of the female guest. The male guests could choose to reject everyone’s confession and then officially confess to their female guests.

Han Qianye looked at the male guest on the stage who was tactfully rejecting his confession. Then, she looked at Li Xiwu on the stage and immediately couldn’t sit still. She said, “This kid isn’t going to confess to number nine next, is he?”

Pei Jiao said, “It’s obvious. Male guest number one doesn’t like anyone except number nine. Looks like the first pair tonight should be able to make it. I feel that male guest number one is alright in all aspects and is quite sincere.”

“Alright?! How is he alright?! He’s far inferior to my son!” Han Qianye was inexplicably angry.

Pei Jiao turned to her mother in surprise. “Mom, aren’t you being too immersive?”

Han Qianye said, “I…”

Pei Jiao raised her hand and patted Han Qianye’s shoulder. “Mom, this is a blind date program. Everyone will be happy if it works. If it doesn’t, they will leave with regrets, why are you so agitated?”

Han Qianye suddenly came to her senses. “Yes, why would I be agitated?” No, she shouldn’t be agitated.

Han Qianye comforted herself that if Li Xiwu took a fancy to this male guest, Li Xiwu might divorce her son even faster. They better hold hands tonight! When she went back, she would tell her son that Li Xiwu had gotten together with another man first. When the time came, he wouldn’t give her a single cent of his assets! Right! Just like that! In fact, self-comfort was fake. Han Qianye was about to die of anxiety.

On the stage.

Male Guest Number One had rejected all the female guests who had confessed to him. Each rejection was very tactful but very firm. The female guests knew that there was no hope. It was a pity that such an outstanding male guest had taken a fancy to a plastic face.

The host, Yu Qingye, raised his microphone and said loudly, “Next, please tell everyone who your heartthrob is.”

Male guest number one held up his microphone and looked lovingly in Li’s direction. “Number nine.”

Li Xiwu: “…”

If one wanted to avoid it, one would encounter it instead. She sighed silently, then her lips curled into a proper smile. Under the host’s loud voice, she slowly walked off the stage. They closed the distance at once.

Li Xiwu realized that this male guest was also very handsome up close. His facial features were really superior. He had a high nose bridge and phoenix eyes. When he wasn’t smiling, his facial expression looked a little aloof.

Soft music had been arranged backstage, which was very suitable for the scene of the confession.

Male guest number one stood only five meters away from Li Xiwu. He held the microphone nervously and officially introduced himself to Li Xiwu. “Hello, I’m Lu Cheng.”

Han Qianye suddenly stood up.

Pei Jiao was shocked. “Mom?”

He was really going to confess. Han Qianye really couldn’t calm down anymore!

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