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Chapter 422: Chapter 422: Bring Yaoyao Home

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Chapter 422: Bring Yaoyao Home

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When taking the photo, Yaoyao stood in front of Li Xiwu cooperatively. He stood properly, and his expression was obedient. Youyou always relied on Yaoyao, even when taking photos. She had to hold Yaoyao’s hand and be very close to him.

The uncle was still adjusting his angle. Facing this handsome family of four, for the first time, the uncle was worried that his photography skills would not be able to capture this beautiful scene. As the uncle adjusted his angle, Pei Jingzhou looked sideways at Li Xiwu and whispered into her ear, “I’ve imagined this scene many times.”

Li Xiwu looked up and met his gentle gaze. “Don’t fantasize anymore. When you’re bored, look at the photos taken today.”

They both took off their masks for the photo. There were few people passing by at this moment. Even if some passersby stopped and turned around, Li

Xiwu did not care about being watched because this moment was really rare.

There was a gentle smile on her lips. As she smiled, Pei Jingzhou slowly said to her

“Thank you.”

Li Xiwu raised her eyebrows with a surprised expression. “Huh?”

Pei Jingzhou leaned over and kissed Li Xiwu’s forehead. “Thank you for letting me have everything I once imagined.”

Li Xiwu said, “At this moment?”

Pei Jingzhou’s dark eyes were filled with determination. “At this moment.”

Li Xiwu blinked. “You’re welcome, Mr. Pei.”

The uncle was mesmerized by the atmosphere at this moment. Afraid that he would miss this moment because he was distracted, he quickly took a photo. “OK!” The photo uncle raised his hand and made an OK gesture. “It’s perfect.

You’re going to love today’s photos.”

The uncle took down the camera and admired the photos he had just taken. He was very satisfied. There was only one photo. This one was more memorable than many. The uncle quickly took out the photo and handed it to Li Xiwu in an envelope. He praised, “You’re the best-looking family of four I’ve seen in so long.”

At this point, he paused and looked at Li Xiwu. “I keep feeling that you look a little familiar. I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere before.”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “Perhaps it’s because I’ve been to the aquarium before and you happened to see me once, so you find me familiar.”

The uncle tried to remember carefully, but he couldn’t remember if he had seen her at the aquarium. Afraid of delaying the photo-washing, he said,


Then he took the photo to wash it. It wouldn’t take long to wash the photos. And there was only one photo. It could be done in a few minutes. After receiving the photo, Li Xiwu was very satisfied. She turned around and handed it to Pei Jingzhou. “I think it’s very good. What do you think?”

In the photo, Youyou and Yaoyao were both looking at the camera. Youyou smiled the brightest, and Yaoyao looked obedient. Li Xiwu and Pei Jingzhou were looking at each other. Their gazes were affectionate. The background was blue glass, and a great white shark that swam past was the only photobomb.

Pei Jingzhou pointed at the great white shark. “It’s quite good at stealing the limelight. ”

“What do you mean stealing the limelight? It just happened to pass by.” Li Xiwu smiled and took the photo back from Pei Jingzhou. She placed it in her bag. “When we get back, let’s frame the photo and put it in the most obvious place in the bedroom.”

Pei Jingzhou frowned. “Of course it has to be placed in the most conspicuous place, but the size of the photo is too small.”

Li Xiwu nodded. “Now that you mention it, I think so.”

“Wait a minute. I’ll ask him for the negatives,” Pei Jingzhou said as he walked towards the photo uncle.

The uncle was very straightforward. After taking the photos, many people asked him for the negatives. Without another word, he sent them to Pei Jingzhou.

The aquarium was huge.

At the moment, Pei Jingzhou and Li Xiwu had just arrived at the shark museum with the two little guys. There were even more sea creatures ahead. Youyou was like a happy fish in the aquarium. She was curious about everything and took a second look at everything. At first, it was Youyou who took the initiative to grab Yaoyao’s hand. As they walked forward, they encountered more and more sea creatures. Because Youyou was engrossed, after she accidentally let go of Yaoyao’s hand, Yaoyao would take the initiative to take Youyou’s hand back and hold it firmly.

Youyou and Yaoyao had a lot of fun that day.

Yaoyao was very lively today. Along the way to the aquarium, he said a lot of things. He would tell Li Xiwu or Pei Jingzhou anything he wanted. There were names under the glass of every sea creature. If he knew a few words, he would take the initiative to ask what those words were read.

Seeing the change in Yaoyao, Li Xiwu was also happy.

Pei Jingzhou booked a cafeteria at noon. After lunch) the next stop was the zoo. It was winter now, and most animals were already hibernating and did not like to move outside, so if they went to the zoo now, they would not see many animals moving outside.

But children didn’t care if animals were hibernating. As long as they went to the zoo, they would be happy and satisfied. After confirming the location, the family of four went to the zoo. Although they did not stay for long, Yaoyao and Youyou were very satisfied.

The last stop was the amusement park.

Perhaps because the aquarium and zoo had exhausted all their energy, the two of them leaned against each other and fell asleep as soon as they got into the car. Neither of them reacted when they mentioned that their next stop was the amusement park.

Pei Jingzhou held Youyou’s head to prevent her from falling off while sleeping. “It seems that they’re tired from playing. Lees go to the amusement park another day.”

Li Xiwu looked at the exhausted two little fellows. “Other than the tram at the zoo today, we’ve been walking. The physical strength of children can’t compare to that of adults. They can’t walk anymore and don’t want a hug.

We’ll go to the amusement park next time.”

“This kid is quite stubborn.” Pei Jingzhou’s gaze landed on Yaoyao.

Li Xiwu smiled playfully. “Isn’t this like you, Fourth Brother?”

Pei Jingzhou refused to admit it. “I wasn’t as stubborn as him when I was young.”

Li Xiwu suppressed the smile on her lips. “I didn’t say Fourth Brother was very stubborn when he was young. I mean now.”

Pei Jingzhou raised his eyebrows. “Now? Do I?”

“Yes.” Li Xiwu’s tone was light. “The fourth brother I know is stubborn in every way.”

Of course, Pei Jingzhou would have argued with Li Xiwu. He even admitted indirectly, “Perhaps, but I don’t know.”

They had to redesign the route ahead. The chauffeur slowed down and asked, “Sir, Madam, are we going to the Lu Residence or back to Lake Lu?”

Pei Jingzhou glanced sideways at Li Xiwu.

Li Xiwu’s gaze landed on the sleeping Yaoyao. She thought about how she had been going to the Lu Residence to accompany Yaoyao every day during this period of time, but she had never brought Yaoyao back to the Pei Residence or Lake Lu.

But she couldn’t decide.

Pei Jingzhou could tell that she was in a dilemma and made the decision for her. “It’s Sunday today. It’s good to bring Yaoyao back to Lake Lu.”

Often, when Li Xiwu was in a dilemma, she only needed Pei Jingzhou to say the word and Li Xiwu would immediately make up her mind.

She smiled cheerfully. “Okay..”

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