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Chapter 431: Chapter 431: He Fell First

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Chapter 431: He Fell First

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Pei Jiao’s eating manner was not coy, but she was not too bold. It was considered standard.

The drumstick in her hand was juicy, and she didn’t notice that the sauce was on the corner of her mouth. Seeing that it was about to flow down, Wei Yu frowned and reminded her, “There’s sauce on the corner of your mouth. Wipe it.”

Pei Jiao scrambled to get the tissue, but Wei Yu was already a step ahead of her. He handed her a tissue and reminded her, “Wipe it with your left hand.” Pei Jiao did not take the tissue from Wei Yu and looked at him in a daze. Wei Yu raised his eyebrows. “Don’t tell me you want me to help you?”

At this moment, Pei Jiao’s expression seemed to be saying, Can I?

The expression was not difficult to read for Wei Yu. He was silent for a few seconds, then exhaled. Once again, resigned to his fate, he raised the hand holding the tissue and told her, “Don’t move.”

Pei Jiao smiled.

Wei Yu pulled a face. “Don’t smile.” Pei Jiao suppressed the smile on her lips and turned into that aggrieved expression again. Wei Yu realized that he had spoken a little too harshly just now and restrained his tone a little. “I’m not going to be fierce to you.”

Pei Jiao blinked at him curiously. Wei Yu explained, “I was born that way.”

Pei Jiao: I think so too! Bastard!

Wei Yu reached over with a tissue and wiped the sauce from the corner of Pei Jiao’s mouth. It was a very gentle gesture.

The two of them were so close that Pei Jiao could smell the fir fragrance on him. It smelled a little good. She even wanted to lean closer and smell it carefully. She moved closer to him when Wei Yu was wiping her mouth. She admitted that she was suspected of doing it on purpose. She just wanted to see strange expressions on We Yu’s face.

Wei Yu’s hand paused. He lowered his eyes and watched her approach him bit by bit. She was careful, afraid he’d notice, but she didn’t know it. He’d seen it all. When she was closer, he moved his lips and said in a low voice, “Have you smelled enough?”

Pei Jiao stopped in her tracks and slowly raised her eyes to look at him. The extremely close distance made their breaths intertwine. This posture was like that of a passionate couple who would kiss passionately in the next second.

Wei Yu’s heart was in turmoil. He reached out and pushed her away. “It’s clean. Eat slowly.” After pushing her away, he stood up and turned to leave.

Pei Jiao glanced at the document hag on the table and reached for the empty cup on the table. She knocked on the table a few times. When Wei Yu at the door heard the sound, he stopped and turned to look at her.

Pei Jiao pointed kindly at the document bag on the table. Wei Yu gave her a long look, then doubled back and picked up the folder on his desk.

But this time he didn’t bolt in panic like before. Instead, he said, “Dinner will be delivered on time. And don’t try to leave this building. When the missing things are recovered, you can naturally leave here.”

Pei Jiao looked at him eagerly.

Wei Yu said, “Don’t look at me like that either. It’s useless. Even if I wanted you to leave, no one here would agree to let you go.”

Pei Jiao looked away and lowered her head.

Wei Yu’s tone had always been casual and never deliberately restrained, but when he spoke to her just now, his tone subconsciously restrained a little. Seeing that she was very disappointed, he said softly, “No one will mistreat you here. You can stay in peace. When the missing thing is recovered, I’ll send you home myself.”

Pei Jiao thought to herself, Send me home? I’m also looking forward to your reaction when you see my parents after sending me home!


Although she thought so, the reality was that Wei Yu had rejected the betrothal. So what if he knew that she was Pei Jiao and sent her back to the Pei family? Would she feel the pleasure of revenge? Not at all.

She had even suffered!

She nodded at Wei Yu, her obedient expression answering him silently: I’ll listen.

Seeing this, Wei Yu’s gaze landed on the drumstick in her hand. He reminded her gently, “The drumstick is getting cold. Finish it as soon as possible, but don’t choke.”

Pei Jiao nodded.

Wei Yu nagged, “You… probably won’t eat that rice anymore. Leave it there. I’ll come back and clean it up tonight.”

Pei Jiao nodded again.

Wei Yu saw that she was very obedient. Although he was annoyed that he had become naggy, the corners of his lips curled up unconsciously. He took the document and turned to leave.

She watched as Wei Yu disappeared before her eyes until the door closed. Pei Jiao leaned back and chewed on the drumstick without tasting it. She looked at the ceiling with a lifeless expression.

It was really tiring to pretend.

She had lived very self-centeredly for the past twenty years and had never pretended like she had for the past two days. On the one hand, she had to maintain the fake persona, and on the other hand, she had to deal with it very tiredly.

What next? Continue pretending? Her voice would recover eventually. When

the time came, should she say her true identity or make up an identity?

However, making up an identity risked being exposed at any time. And her true identity was at risk of being ignored.

It was too difficult.

The next second, Pei Jiao suddenly sat up straight, and her expression gradually became serious. If she made up an identity to make Wei Yu like her, and then let him know that she was the one who had personally canceled the betrothal, how would he react? Would he be so angry that he would stomp his feet?

He probably would!

It would be best to make him fall for her first before she kicked him away. That feeling of revenge would definitely be very refreshing!

But… imagination was always good.

The reality was that the chances of Wei Yu falling for her were slim to the point of negligibility. Even if he’d compromised with her just now, it was only because she was a patient and he’d brought her here. He was only doing what he could.

This cold-faced, cold-hearted man was obviously not a romantic. He probably would not fall for anyone easily in his life. Moreover, Pei Jiao could not imagine what Wei Yu would be like when he loves someone to death. That was too f*cking terrifying and did not suit his character at all.

This way, it would be too difficult to conquer him.

In addition, Pei Jiao did not have any love experience herself. She was about to use up all the small tricks she knew. It would be even harder to flirt with him next.

Pei Jiao sighed wistfully and began to think about how to make Wei Yu like her. She didn’t want him to love her to death. At the very least, she had to think of how to seduce him.

Pei Jiao nibbled on a drumstick as she pondered in confusion.

Not long after Wei Yu left, a doctor came to take a look at Pei Jiao’s wound.

Pei Jiao sighed to herself that this person had not forgotten. After leaving, she really called the doctor to look at her wound.

Around seven in the evening, Ji He came with a meal. He knocked on the door. Pei Jiao opened the door and saw that it was him. One second, her expression was very natural, and the next second, a hint of loneliness flashed across her face.

Ji He saw this loneliness and explained, “Young Master is not done with his work yet. He asked me to bring you food. He also said that if you need to feed him, I can do it for you.”

Pei Jiao glanced at Ji He and shook her head.

Ji He asked, “No need?”

Pei Jiao gestured.

Ji He looked at it for a long time before understanding. “You want Young

Master to come back and feed you. You won’t eat if he doesn’t?”

Pei Jiao nodded.

Ji He grinned. “Then you’re dreaming. How can our precious young master feed you personally?”

Pei Jiao pointed at the untidied lunch box on the small table and continued to gesture. He was the one who fed me at noon today!

The heartless smile on Ji He’s face suddenly froze. “Impossible!!” Pei Jiao smiled, her expression saying: Of course, it’s possible!

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