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Chapter 481: Chapter 481: Past in Country T (14)

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Chapter 481: Past in Country T (14)

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“Pei Jingzhou, don’t lead me astray.” Although Li You complained, her hands were not free at all. She took her bag from the side and unzipped it to search for her earphones.

Pei Jingzhou listened to her rummaging and chuckled. “Yes, it’s my fault, so for the sake of my fiancée’s physical and mental health, I’ll come back to you after I’m done showering.”

“Hey, wait—! Pei Jingzhou was very close to the camera. Only his chest could be seen from his upper body. Li You forced herself to look away from Pei Jingzhou’s chest and look at his face. “Who’s your fiancée!”

Pei Jingzhou smiled. “Soon.”

In the video, Pei Jingzhou reached for his cell phone, looking like he wanted to turn off the video. Li You looked at the headphones she had just gotten and then at the video. She shouted again, “Wait—!!”

Pei Jingzhou stopped reaching for his cell phone and looked at her through the video. “Hm?” The end of the sentence was very seductive.

Li You whispered, “I’ll watch quietly, okay?”

Pei Jingzhou put on a serious expression. “It’s not like you haven’t seen it before.’

Li You became even more shameless than Pei Jingzhou. “Hey, it’s been too long. I forgot.” “Long?”

“Yeah,” she said bluntly.

Pei Jingzhou raised his eyebrows and looked at her. “Have you really forgotten?”

Li You nodded again. “Mm.”

Pei Jingzhou said, “I have a mole on my lower back. Have you forgotten that?”

“I’ve forgotten… no, I don’t know at all.” Although the two of them had been together for more than half a year, how could she study carefully where the mole on Pei Jingzhou’s body was? But as soon as she finished speaking, the video screen went black.

Li You thought that her cell phone was broken. After anxiously shaking it twice, she realized that Pei Jingzhou had switched to a voice video. Li You threw her earphones aside and lay on the bed angrily. “Pei Jingzhou, you’re unkind. You deliberately diverted my attention.”

Pei Jingzhou’s voice came, mixed with the sound of running water. “I’m afraid you won’t be able to sleep tonight after watching the entire process.” Li You smiled playfully. “You’re the one who can’t sleep, right?”

Pei Jingzhou did not refute.

It would indeed be him.

On a whim just now, he had not thought that if she really watched him shower later, he would probably not be able to sleep for the first half of the night. In order to maintain his best state tomorrow, he could only go back on his word. The patter of water grew louder and became the sound of rushing water.

Li You did not hang up. She took her phone to the bathroom to wash up.

Brushing her teeth, washing her face, skincare and facial masks…

The next morning.

It was a few minutes past seven. At this moment, Li You was still sleeping.

MO Zhu held a dust bag in her hand and knocked twice on the door before entering. She first put the dust bag aside and walked to the bed. Her movements were still gentle as she lifted the blanket and reached out to brush away the messy hair on Li You’s face. “Hurry up and get up. The Pei family is here.’

Li You opened her eyes. “Who’s here?”

MO Zhu cleared his voice and said, “The Pei family is here to propose marriage.” As soon as she finished speaking, Li You instantly woke up from her sleep. She suddenly sat up straight and turned to get out of bed. MO Zhu stopped her and couldn’t help but laugh. “They’re on their way to propose.”

Hearing this, Li You, who was about to straighten up, suddenly sat down again. “Mom, 1 thought I slept until late in the morning again.” As she spoke, she picked up her phone and looked at it. The alarm hadn’t rung yet.

MO Zhu rubbed Li You’s face with both hands. “If you wake up early, you can dress up early. If you wake up late, you’ll be in a panic. Then your appearance would not be exquisite.”

Given that her mother’s words made sense, Li You did not argue.

MO Zhu got up and went to get the dust bag. Inside was the little dress she had prepared for Li You. It had been ordered on the eve of her return and she had kept it from Li You.

MO Zhu unzipped the dust bag and took out the burgundy dress inside. It was a high-end custom-made style and was expensive. It had been ironed in advance before it was delivered this morning.

However, MO Zhu was worried. Before sending Li You in, she opened it and checked it carefully.

“Mom, what is this?” Li You only saw an extremely bright color appear in front of her. She rubbed her eyes with one hand and reached out with the other to lift it to see what it was.

She lifted it. There was something wrong with her expression. She lifted it again and suddenly looked up at her mother. Every frame of smile in MO Zhu’s eyes was so gentle. “This is the engagement gown Mom ordered for you on the eve of your return. Take a look and see if you like it.”

Li You held the dress and was filled with joy. like it.”

“Then get up quickly. Go wash up and come out to try. The size should be suitable. Mom has seen the changes in your figure in the past two years. Your father and I have been looking at the style for a long time. If it was sent over last night, we could let you try it in advance before sending it back to modify it. It might be too late this morning. After you wash up, come and try it quickly. If it doesn’t fit anywhere, Mom will change it for you personally.”

As MO Zhu spoke, she urged Li You to wash up. Li You was not in a hurry to try it on. Instead, she put down her dress and reached out to hug MO Zhu. In a soft voice, she said, “Thank you, Mom.”

MO Zhu patted the back of her shoulder. “Mom has received your thank you.

Hurry up and wash up. I will help you put on your makeup later.”

“Ang- Okay.”

Li You carefully put the dress aside, got out of bed, and slipped into the bathroom. It took her two or three minutes to finish washing up. As soon as she came out, MO Zhu urged her to go in and do her skincare. Because she had to wear makeup for the entire day, her skin had to be moisturized to maintain its optimal state.

Ten minutes later, Li You changed into the little dress that MO Zhu had prepared.

Burgundy had always been called a high-level color. In recent years, burgundy had gradually become a tacky color, but when it came to marriage, burgundy was still an immutable standard. Because it represented joy, nobility, and the meaning was very important.

Li You rarely wore burgundy dresses. Her skin was fair, and she could control any color. This time, she changed into a burgundy dress. In MO Zhu’s words, “My daughter is so fair that she glows.”

Li You spun in front of MO Zhu. “This is called Mom being good at giving birth. Mom still knows how to give birth.”

“Your little mouth is smeared with honey,” MO Zhu said. She went forward to help Li You see if the back of her waist was suitable.

The little dress was a slim-fit design. The fabric was made of velvet, like the shoulder strap of a fishtail. There were very small pearls on the waist, making the entire burgundy dress look just right. It would also look more luxurious.

Originally, the style that Mo Zhu saw was a princess-style dress. She also imagined that Li You would look cute and beautiful in it.

However, after looking at a few more styles, MO Zhu changed her original idea..

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