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Chapter 579: Chapter 579: Can ‘t Laugh Anymore. A Love Rival Appeared (2)

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Chapter 579: Can ‘t Laugh Anymore. A Love Rival Appeared (2)

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Old Master Qiao was amused. He reached out and knocked Qiao Qiao’s forehead. “You’ve been smart since you were young. You’ve grown up for decades in vain. You’re not steady at all.”

She replied without thinking, “How can one’s personality change just like that? Isn’t that natural? Besides, it’s enough to have a mature and steady person in the family. If there’s another one, won’t there be chaos?”

Old Master Qiao said meaningfully, “The person you’ve been criticizing has become a mature and steady person.”

Qiao Qiao knew that her grandfather was teasing her and smiled embarrassedly. “That’s because I was young and insensible in the past.”

Old Master Qiao asked, “Are you sensible now?”

Qiao Qiao nodded. “Yes.”

Old Master Qiao laughed out loud. He laughed and coughed again. Qiao Qiao was so nervous that she quickly poured water for the Old Master. Old Master Qiao waved his hand. “It’s fine when you’re happy. It’s fine.”

When Old Master Qiao recovered a little, he looked up and saw that Qiao Qiao’s eyes were red and she was about to cry. Old Master Qiao sighed helplessly. “Look at how scared our Guigui is. It’s fine. Grandpa is used to it.

Just don’t tease Grandpa. Grandpa won’t laugh anymore.”

Qiao Qiao smiled through her tears. “I was going to make you happy. It’s better to be serious.” With that, she put the glass of water back and brought the fruit platter over.

Old Master Qiao did not resist fruits much and ate some. When they were chatting, Old Master Qiao almost never asked about Qiao Qiao’s company. But tonight, for the first time, Old Master Qiao asked a lot of questions about her in the company. Including some recent developments in the Deep Blue Group.

Qiao Qiao answered seriously.

The topic shifted to Shao Jingmo, who was not present. Old Master Qiao asked, “I can’t find any fault with how well Jingmo treats you in front of me. Does he usually pick on you in the company?”

Qiao Qiao shook her head. “No. Little Uncle treats me the same way he treats me in front of you and outside. As long as I don’t know anything about the company and ask him, he will tell me patiently. Little Uncle treats me very well.’

“This child is still loyal to you.” Old Master Qiao sighed and looked melancholic. “Back then, I wanted him to marry you. 1 owed him to begin with. Later on, when I saw that you two were in harmony, the guilt in my heart increased instead of decreasing.”

Qiao Qiao was curious. “Why do you still feel that the guilt in your heart has increased instead of decreasing?”

Old Master Qiao said earnestly, “After his parents passed away, I didn’t see him shed a tear at the funeral. This child can endure it, so he can achieve great things.”

Hearing Old Master Qiao’s words, Qiao Qiao slowly recalled the first time Shao Jingmo came to their house. The young man was only fourteen years old. He was wearing a slightly dirty sweater. Under the lead of his adoptive father, Qiao Huasheng, he stepped into the Qiao family’s residence.

Qiao Qiao, who was only seven years old, was not in the house. She had been squatting in the flowers in the front yard. When she heard her grandfather’s voice, she immediately stood up from the flowers and waved her hand.


At that time, Qiao Huasheng was leading a young man towards the door. When he heard Qiao Qiao’s voice, he stopped and turned around. The young man turned around with Qiao Huasheng.

Not far away, Qiao Qiao heard her grandfather say to the young man, “Jingmo, look. The little girl in the flowerbed is my granddaughter. Her name is Qiao Qiao. I gave her a nickname called Guigui. She’ll be your little niece from now on.”

At that time, Shao Jingmo, who had just lost his parents, was silent and expressionless. After her grandfather introduced her, the young man, who knew he was about to live under someone else’s roof, gave her a very forced smile.

Qiao Qiao had never seen such an ugly smile on a person’s face. Therefore, she had never liked Shao Jingmo from that moment on.

“Guigui,” Old Master Qiao shouted.

Qiao Qiao came back to her senses. “Huh? What’s wrong, Grandpa?”

Old Master Qiao waved his hand. “The past is in the past. Let’s not talk about the past. Let’s talk about recent events. The Bai family has already looked for me. Bai Fengjiangs 88th birthday is imminent, so they specially invited me to participate.”

Qiao Qiao asked, “Is Grandpa planning to go?”

“Yes, I plan to go.” Old Master Qiao said in a serious tone, “l locked myself in the house for the entire afternoon today. I’ve figured it out. I’ll have to face it sooner or later, so Grandpa plans to bring you along.”

Qiao Qiao was stunned. “Take me with you?”

Old Master Qiao nodded. “Yes, Grandpa plans to bring you along. Don’t be afraid. You’ll be fine by Grandpa’s side..”

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