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Chapter 62: 62 So Considerate and Gentle

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62 So Considerate and Gentle

The man who came downstairs was Chi Xu.

Just a few hours ago.

The husbands of the daughters-in-law of Group One, Group Two, and Group Three had already arrived at the inn one after another. Other than Li Xiwu’s mysterious husband, who had never appeared.

At that time, every live-stream was very popular. However, the first three groups were popular because their husbands were here. Li Xiwu’s group was popular because they were making grapefruit tea in the villa.

There would be a lot of comments: Why didn’t Li Xiwu’s husband appear?

There were several questions on the screen.

At this moment, Chi Xu, who had come downstairs, greeted Li Xiwu. “Hi, Miss Li.”

Li Xiwu’s expressionless face lit up with a gentle smile again, making it impossible to tell anything. “Chi Xu, when did you arrive?”

Chi Xu replied, “I arrived half an hour ago. Miss Li wasn’t at the inn at that time.”

The inn was heated, so it was not that cold. Chi Xu was wearing a black high-collared cashmere sweater and black pants. Before he went on the variety show, he had carefully taken care of his appearance. He exuded the aura of an aloof and handsome man.

Chi Xu’s facial features were indeed very good. He was undeniably handsome at a glance. When he smiled, he was sunny and handsome. When he didn’t smile, he had a cold face. Even when he spoke to people, his attitude and tone were appropriate. No one who had interacted with him, be it staff or colleagues, had ever disliked him.

Even Li Xiwu could not find much fault with Chi Xu back then, but he had gotten Xie Wen pregnant too early. She was very angry that Xie Wen had given up her career too early. After greeting each other and a short conversation, Chi Xu said, “Wenwen wants to eat fruit. I’ll cut a fruit plate for her.” With that, the gentleman turned sideways to make way for Li Xiwu.

Li Xiwu kept smiling. “Okay.” She had a lot on her mind on the way upstairs, and it was difficult to relax her frown.

Knock knock knock –

She knocked lightly on the door.

Xie Wen came to open the door. When she saw that it was Li Xiwu, her eyes lit up. “Miss Li, you’re back.” Her voice was not deliberately restrained, which meant that Little Shenshen was awake.

Li Xiwu hefted the small bag in her hand. “I picked a few kumquats and came back. Drinking fresh kumquat juice can stop coughing and reduce phlegm. It’s also good for the spleen and appetizing.”

That day, she went to Xie Wen’s house and ordered food from the Qingwei Pavilion. Xie Wen ate very little and was physically and mentally tired from taking care of the child. Her appetite was also very poor.

Xie Wen took the kumquats and was moved. “Miss Li…”

Li Xiwu was not here to stir up emotions. She changed the topic and asked, “Where’s Shenshen?”

Xie Wen immediately invited Li Xiwu in. “Shenshen is playing by herself. When Chi Xu teased her just now, the entire floor was filled with Shenshen’s laughter.”

Li Xiwu walked in. Zheng Yuehua was not in the room. Only Xie Wen and Shenshen were there. At this moment, Shenshen was lying on the bed, moving her limbs in the air. She looked very lively. The toy in her hand accidentally fell. Xie Wen picked it up and Shenshen immediately grabbed it and continued to wave it around.

Li Xiwu turned to look at Xie Wen. She noticed that Xie Wen had let down her hair, which she had been tying up. It was soft and loose behind her shoulders, but it was in the way. She raised her hand to brush it away several times.

She remembered that whether it was a chance meeting that day or a variety show recording, Xie Wen had always had her hair tied up, or had a young girl’s bun and occasionally tied their hair in a high ponytail. However, she tied her hair in a bun more often to prevent her daughter from catching her hair.

Li Xiwu walked over and said, “It looks good with your hair down too.”

Xie Wen’s eyes were clear and bright. “Chi Xu said the same thing. He likes me with my hair down.”

The faint smile on Li Xiwu’s lips faded. “So you let your hair down because he came?”

Xie Wen was surprised that Li Xiwu would continue asking, but since it was a variety show, it was normal to find a topic to talk about. She also told Li Xiwu openly, “The first time he saw me was when I was about to enter the production team for filming. I dyed my hair back to black. At that time, I was taking selfies with my hair down. He said that he had always been impressed.”

Li Xiwu listened intently. “And?”

Xie Wen didn’t elaborate. “I didn’t dye my hair much after that because he didn’t really want me to.”

Li Xiwu suddenly said, “I’ve been considering dyeing my hair recently. Why don’t we make an appointment and dye it together?”

Xie Wen’s expression was clearly tempted. At this moment, Chi Xu, who had brought in a fruit platter, said, “There’s no need to dye it. Wenwen’s black hair is the best.”

Li Xiwu and Xie Wen turned at the same time. Chi Xu walked over with the fruit platter and handed it to Xie Wen. “Every piece is very small. Eat more.”

Xie Wen smiled sweetly. “Okay.”

Li Xiwu casually said, “In the past, Xie Wen’s hair color was casual and varied. She could control almost any color. I think Xie Wen looked very good when she dyed chestnut and tawny. Of course, red and pink were also very good. I remember that year, Xie Wen dyed red and pink. At that time, she directly became the top trending topic among female celebrities.”

These memories had been in Xie Wen’s mind. Of course she remembered them all. Xie Wen was about to say something. “I…”

Chi Xu interrupted casually, “Those colors are all very good, but the most suitable for Wenwen is still black. After all, black will never go out of style.”

Li Xiwu looked up at Chi Xu. “Black is never outdated, but it’s not the most suitable.”

Chi Xu did not continue. He thought that Li Xiwu did not like him, so she kept refuting. He didn’t take it to heart. After handing the fruit platter to Xie Wen, he took the initiative to pick up her daughter. “I’m here to take care of Shenshen. Talk to Miss Li.”

[Help! Chi Xu is really considerate and gentle.]

[No wonder Xie Wen insisted on giving birth to his child back then. Such a good man can’t be found even if you miss him.]

[I feel that Sister Li is a little nosy today.]

[On the account that Li Xiwu brought Xie Wen kumquats, I won’t curse her. I hope she mind her own business.]

Her pink hair was indeed eye-catching, but Xie Wen is already a mother. How can she dye it so out of line? She’s too delinquent.]

[Wenwen, listen to your husband. Ignore Li Xiwu.]

[Tao Jing and her husband went out for a walk. Chi Xu took care of the child the moment he arrived. Xu Muzhen is also with her husband. Only Li Xiwu is alone.]

[It’s possible that Li Xiwu’s husband is too ugly to be on camera.]

[Han Qianye’s family might be a little powerful, but her in-laws are probably just so-so. They’re not even considered wealthy?]

Netizens spoke freely in the comments. Only a few people who did not speak clearly felt that Li Xiwu’s speech had another meaning when they were watching the live broadcast. However, they still had to take a comprehensive look. If they only discussed hairstyle and hair color, it would not escalate to some overly controlled behavior.

Li Xiwu went downstairs. She realized that Zheng Yuehua was pulling the other three groups of mother-in-laws to have afternoon tea and chat.

Zheng Yuehua was very experienced. She was talking about the difficult times in the past. For example, how capable she was when she was young. She took care of the children and did housework alone. Min Hanrong’s heart ached when she heard that.

Xiang Lan was also very impressed.

Han Qianye drank the unfinished cup of grapefruit tea without changing her expression.

Li Xiwu was alone and could not participate in the topic of her mother-in-law. She planned to return to her room. She was about to turn away.

Someone came in and called her, “Miss Li, someone is looking for you.”

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