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Chapter 91: 91 Heart-to-Heart Talk with Fourth Brother

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91 Heart-to-Heart Talk with Fourth Brother

As soon as Pei Jiao said this, the atmosphere was silent for more than a minute.

Lin Huan clenched her fists nervously, looking at a loss. Before she went out today, she had specially dressed up. From her makeup to her outfit, she was exquisite. Even her hair had been carefully styled, afraid that she would dissatisfy Mrs. Pei.

As for looks, Lin Huan had always been very confident. Because the Lin family’s genes were very good, her aunt, Lin Yourong, also married into the wealthy Zhou family with that face. Although the Zhou family was not worth mentioning in front of the Pei family, they had also entered the circle of aristocratic families and were very prominent.

Her aunt had long told her that she would definitely be able to marry into a wealthy family in the future. She was also very obedient to her aunt. During the period when she was training overseas, she worked hard and won some awards in the design world, enriching her resume and experience, learning the piano, the violin, and many foreign languages to improve her external conditions.

She had made so much preparation, and now the opportunity was right in front of her, but Mrs. Pei did not seem very satisfied with her.

At this moment, the Herti employee brought over an exquisite dessert.

Lin Yourong immediately took advantage of this moment to make arrangements. “Qianye, hasn’t it been a while since you shopped for clothes and changed new hairstyles? How about this? I’ll let Huanhuan accompany you shopping this afternoon and choose clothes to match. Huanhuan is especially good at doing hairstyles, too. Huanhuan can also refer to you.”

Han Qianye raised her hand to touch her bun. “My hairstyle is new. I’m very satisfied now. There’s no need to change it.”

Lin Yourong refused to give up. “Then the clothes…”

Han Qianye said, “I’ve already ordered a few sets of Chanel’s autumn and winter high-end clothes. They’ll probably be here in two days.”

Lin Yourong still refused to give up. “And shoes…”

Han Qianye cleared her throat. “Balenciaga had contacted me when they released their new product.”

Lin Yourong went for the next best thing. “Then let’s not go shopping. Just focus on your face today and let Huanhuan accompany you to chat. At the same time, change the style of your nails. I heard that their manicurists have developed new patterns.”

Han Qianye raised the back of her hand and looked at it. “The color of my nails is quite good. It’ll look ugly if I change them again.”

Lin Yourong: “…”

Lin Huan, who could not speak, was speechless.

Han Qianye felt that it was not good to drag this out. She cleared her throat and said, “Actually, I learned some new words from young people surfing the Internet. I used them casually just now. I might have used the wrong words. Miss Lin, please don’t take it to heart.”

Hearing Han Qianye’s explanation, Lin Huan was flattered. She waved her hand quickly. “No, no.”

Han Qianye smiled. “That’s good.” With that, Han Qianye suddenly excused herself and stood up. “My Old Pei asked me to go to the company to get something. I almost forgot about this. I can’t do my face today. Rongrong, let’s meet another day.”

Without waiting for Lin Yourong to say anything, Han Qianye grabbed her bag and quickly left.

Pei Jiao stood up. “Mom, don’t leave me behind.”

In the car.

Han Qianye was a little angry.

Pei Jiao did not dare to provoke her. She only dared to ask in a weak voice, “Mom, I’ve accompanied you out for a while. This pocket money…?”

Han Qianye glanced at her. “You still want pocket money? Damn girl, you’re a professional pithole digger! Just let them go to Baidu themselves. Do you have to say it? Don’t I care about my reputation?”

Pei Jiao explained, “Mom, although Miss Lin doesn’t look like the original, I’ve observed her for you. She can speak well and is gentle and cute. Don’t you like daughters-in-law in this style?”

Han Qianye: “…”

Yes! But that was in the past!

Han Qianye took a deep breath. “Remember, I like the quiet ones who ignore me.”

Pei Jiao did not understand. “Mom, I remember that you didn’t fall into the water when you went out.”

Han Qianye: “?”

Pei Jiao scratched her chin in thought. “You didn’t fall into the water. So why is your brain filled with water?”

Han Qianye: “…”

She really wanted to send this wretched girl back to the furnace with the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms. Never mind. She wasn’t angry. It wasn’t easy to maintain her skin. It was difficult to remove her wrinkles.

Pei Jiao returned to the point. “Mom, that… money, hehe?”

Han Qianye said, “Other than money and Makka Pakka, what else do you know?”

Pei Jiao waved her hand. “Mom, you’re underestimating me. I don’t just know Makka Pakka. I also know Upsy Daisy. Oh, right, there’s also Tombliboos.”

Han Qianye: “…”

Han Qianye did not give this money. She only said, “Go find your father.”

Pei Jiao told the truth. “If my father had a little money, he wouldn’t have bought fishing rods that only cost dozens of yuan each.”

Han Qianye grabbed an important piece of information. “Did your father go fishing again?”

Pei Jiao looked at her cheeks with her tongue and smiled. “No, I was just describing it briefly.”

No matter how much she argued, Pei Jiao did not get the pocket money her mother gave her in the end. Pei Jiao sighed at the sky. Then, she took out her phone and made a call. “Take two orders for me. I really don’t have any pocket money recently. I can’t even afford skin.”

On the other end of the line, Beike sneered. “The recent order is a little big, but the price is really high. Are you sure you want to take it?”

Pei Jiao said, “I can’t even afford the skin. Why would I care about the size of the order? Send it to me. I’ll accept it.”

Beike: “Alright, I’ll send it to you.”

Ding! Pei Jiao’s phone beeped. After hanging up, Pei Jiao opened the message from Beike and gritted her teeth. “Money is hard to earn, and shit tastes bad.”

At seven in the evening, the live broadcast of the four groups of couples ended at the same time. Millions of netizens left the live-stream reluctantly.

Although there were no more comments, the heated discussion on Weibo about #Xie Wen’s Mother-in-Law#, #Li Xiwu’s connection to Mother Dragon#, #Madam Di Xin’s arrival in the capital# was still fermenting. In short, ever since the live broadcast of the second season’s “Mother-in-Law Joy”, all kinds of popularity and topics had not decreased.

It had only been broadcast for a few days, but it had completely surpassed the popularity of the first season.

Li Xiwu was about to return to the inn when she said goodbye to Pei You’an alone. “You have the key to the small courtyard. Stay there if you want, but don’t take photos and post them online.”

Pei You’an was very obedient. “Got it, Sister-in-law.” He definitely wouldn’t take photos. He also knew that he had almost revealed his sister-in-law’s secret. Still…

Pei You’an asked ingratiatingly, “Can I pack some of the snacks in the cabinet and take them away?”

Li Xiwu smiled. “Take whatever you want to eat.”

The seventeen-year-old smiled like a seven-year-old. After He Wang drove Pei You’an away, Li Xiwu also got into Pei Jingzhou’s car. There was a driver driving. They both sat in the back. The black Bentley drove steadily down the wide avenue.

Li Xiwu looked at her phone first and absorbed today’s trending information. After browsing through it, she put down her phone and turned to look at Pei Jingzhou, who was sitting beside her. “Fourth Brother, do you want to have a heart-to-heart talk?”

Pei Jingzhou glanced sideways at her. Their eyes met. Although his expression was cool, his gaze on her was gentle. “What do you want to talk about?”

Li Xiwu enunciated each word clearly. “The fact that you booked the entire Waldorf restaurant but I wasn’t there.”

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