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Chapter 196: 196

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When I finished scolding Alice and made her hide again before Rei-san and the others notice her, it looks like Sieg-san has just finished scolding them too.

Both Rei-san and Fia-san are in a ragged state after getting her scolding while sitting on a seiza.
[……Geez, I can’t believe you’re going to do this just when I came back……]
[ [ ……We’re feeling ashamed. ] ]
However, I don’t think they’ve reflected at all. Unnn, I’m sure around that area…… They will probably do the same thing next time.
As I was thinking about this, Rei-san and Fia-san stood up and serenely smiled, unlike the ragged state they were in earlier.
[……Anyway, welcome back, Sieg…… I’m relieved to see you look fine.]
[I was so excited to hear Sieg-chan’s voice…… I’m really glad that you have regained your voice.]
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As expected, both of them were sincerely worried about Sieg-san, and they were really happy that Sieg-san’s voice had returned.
As I felt the familial bond between them, it became a little difficult for me to talk to them, and that’s when Rei-san and Fia-san turned to me.
[It’s been a long time, Miyama-kun. It’s good to see you again.]
[Long time no see, regarding Sieg-chan…… thank you so much.]
[No, ummm, I’m really happy for her.]
Rei-san and Fia-san were slightly….. like my parents.
They are usually cheerful and somewhat half a loose screw in their heads, but I can tell that they truly care about their child. Looking at them makes me smile from feeling the warmth of nostalgia.
Oops, it would be great if we just end that topic right there……
[……By the way, Miyama-kun. How far have you and Sieg gotten?]
[ ! ? ]
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[Geez, that’s no good, Rei. You shouldn’t ask the youngsters something like that.]
[Hahaha, I see! I guess you just do what you have to do—– Bfuuuhhh!?]
A very heavy fist slammed into Rei-san’s face.
The atmosphere they have earlier is ruined…… This is important, so I’ll repeat it again, the atmosphere they have earlier is ruined.
[Good grief! I see you haven’t learned your lesson yet!]
[N- No, wait, Sieg! A- As your father, it is my duty to check on my daughter’s situation……]
[C- Calm down, Sieg-chan. Rei doesn’t mean any harm……]
Then, once again, Rei-san was chastised by Sieg-san.
After watching it for a while, it seemed to be finally over, and Rei-san stood up, holding his cheek.
Rei-san’s face, which was originally supposed to be quite the ikemen just like what the face of an elf would have in anyone’s imagination, was in a horrible situation to watch, but it soon returned to normal with Recovery Magic.
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[……Well, my daughter’s love is quite heavy. By the way, Miyama-kun.]
[……Are you perhaps not interested in women?]
Whoa there, not just a few minutes passed and he started making jokes again.
[No, this is an important matter, you know? You’re in the company of my cute Sieg and you’re not lusting after her!? I was just wondering that perhaps, that male part of yours have some problem functioning……]
[……No, I- I mean, I already have a lover.]
[What!? What the heck does that mean!!!?]
[Wait!? R- Rei-san!?]
When I told her that I already have a girlfriend to clear up his very disgraceful misunderstanding, Rei-san turned stern and after grabbing both of my shoulders, he violently shook me.
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H- He’s surprisingly strong too!? Or perhaps, it was just me who is weak……
[For you to be in a relationship and disregard my cute Sieg…… Who the heck is that person that came out of nowhere……]
[……Father. Kaito-san’s lovers are the Underworld King-sama and Death King-sama.]
Rei-san, who looked as one would expect from an overly doting parent, was gnashing his teeth, but when he heard what Sieg-san said, he stopped.
And then, without any useless movements, he got down on his knees with his hands on the ground.
[……Please accept my apologies.]
A really polished and no faltering dogeza.
I don’t really know to whom he was bowing for…… No, I can somewhat guess who because Rei-san’s shoulders are slightly shaking.
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[……P- P- Please don’t tell Death King-sama about this……]
[……I won’t say anything, okay?]
As I thought, the one Rei-san was scared of was Isis-san, as he looked pale and was shaking so much that he looked pitiful.
Rei-san recovered from Isis-san’s fears, and we finally started walking through the streets of Rigforeshia.
[I mean, Rei-san, Fia-san, would it really be alright for me to stay for the night?]
[Of course. We’ve already prepared a room for you.]
[Yes, you don’t have to be reserved, feel free to make you yourself at home.]
[Thank you.]
For the time I’m staying here, I’m going to be staying at Rei-san and Fia-san’s home.
At first, Sieg-san was going to stay with her parents while I was going to stay at the inn…… But they recommended that I stay with them instead.
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While talking about this, we were walking through the streets of Rigforeshia…… but strange things began to happen.
[Ahh, c- could it be, Miyama-sama!?]
[Eh? Ah, yes.]
[You’re finally back! Ahh, if you’d like, here are some fruits on the house.]
[Eh? Errr, t- thank you.]
The owner of a shopkeeper selling fruit talked to me and, for some reason, gave me some fruits……
[Kyaahh! It’s Miyama-sama!]
[Eh? Really!? Ahh, Miyama-sama!!!]
[Eh? Ah, errr……]
[We’re Miyama-sama’s fans.]
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[C- Can I please shake your hands!?]
For some reason, young elven women asked me to shake their hands……
[If it isn’t Miyama-sama. Welcome back to Rigforeshia.]
[Errr, i- it’s been a while.]
[If you have some time, please visit us elders as well. Everyone would be delighted.]
[Ah, y- yes.]
The elderly elf I had met back at the harvest festival reverently greeted me, and everyone I met looked at me very favorably.
[……Ummm, what in the world is……]
[Ahhh, Miyama-kun is just very popular in Rigforeshia.]
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[Why, that’s obviously because you had set an unprecedented record at the harvest festival and asked World King-sama for the recovery of Rigforeshia. Thanks to that, the wall surrounding the city has become stronger than ever before, the spirits have become more friendly to us than ever before, and moreover, World King-sama remembers you…… It’s almost like you’re a hero.]
I felt dumbfounded from what Rei-san told me.
N- No, no, I mean, it was Lillywood-san who fixed the city, and my record at the harvest festival was all thanks to her, and the way Rei-san is saying it sounds like I’m the one who made it all happen……
[Ahh, by the way, among most of the residents, what they know is that Miyama-kun was the one who got rid of the Black Bears.]
[How come!?]
[Moreover, there are also books and plays based on Miyama-kun’s exploits.]
[Books!? Plays!?]
Apparently, it had turned more terrifying than I thought it would be. I mean, I had passed out when the Black Bears were attacking though!?
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However, what Rei-san and Fia-san were saying were true. The people I met on the streets are all very friendly, as if they’ve met their idol.
It feels kind of unsettling to be enshrined as a hero without my own knowledge…… hearing about it is starting to give me headaches, but with it spreading so widely, I don’t think there’s anything I could do about it.
Should I ask Alice to clear up their misunderstanding? No, it might turn for the worse instead since they’ll find out that I’m interacting with not only the World King, but the Phantasmal King as well.
[……Come to think of it, it seems that the Death King-sama came to buy a book about Miyama-kun, and she seems to be praising it well…… so they’ve decided to publish a sequel.]
Isis-san! What the heck are you doing!?
Geez, seriously…… How the heck did this happen……
After I felt unsettled from being treated as some kind of hero, we finally reached Rei-san and Fia-san’s house.
How should I say this…… I think I know a little bit about how Noin-san feels…… This feels embarrassing.
[It took us a lot more time to go home than I expected. I guess it’s time to get ready for dinner.]
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[I guess. I’ll do it. Rei, you go show Miyama-kun to his room.]
[Yeah, I’m on it.]
We should have arrived in the early afternoon, but it’s been a long day for some reason, and it’s already almost evening.
Fia-san goes straight to the dining room, while Rei-san brings me and Sieg-san upstairs.
[……Ummm, Father?]
[Unnn? What is it?]
[……Did we have that many rooms in our home? Where will Kaito-san be going to stay?]
Just as Sieg-san said, Rei-san and Fia-san’s home isn’t that big.
It’s big enough for the three of them to live together, but it doesn’t have many rooms, and it doesn’t seem like they have anything like a guest room.
[……Yes, that’s okay. I’ll have Miyama-kun stay here!]
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[……Ummm, Father?]
[What is it?]
[……This is my old room though……]
And the room that Rei-san led me to is…… To my surprise, it seems to be Sieg-san’s room.
Sieg-san currently lives in the Symphonia Kingdom, but Rei-san is currently living in Rigforeshia before he became a court mage, so it’s not strange if he had a vacant room like this…… but, eh? I will be staying here? What about Sieg-san?
[Ummm, Rei-san…… If I’m staying here, what about Sieg-san?]
[Eh? What are you talking about? Sieg would obviously be in this room too.]
When I timidly asked him, Rei-san replied to my words, as if it was obvious that Sieg-san would be staying in this room too.
[W- What are you talking about!? Father!!!]
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[No, you see, we don’t have a lot of rooms…… Ah, don’t worry, I properly changed the bed to a double size.]
[Wha!? T- T- That’s not the point, f- f- for me to stay in the same room as K- K- K- Kaito-san……]
[Do your best, Sieg. Father is rooting for you.]
[How come the conversation turned towards that!?]
When he told us that Sieg-san and I would be staying in the same room, Sieg-san’s face turned red as she flusteredly drew near to him, but unfortunately, Rei-san isn’t listening at all.
[Ummm, Rei-san…… As expected, I’ll just go stay in the inn……]
[……Fia and I were looking forward to having Miyama-kun staying with us…… Please don’t say such sad things.]
[Eh? Ah, yes. Sorry.]
[Kaito-san!? Could you not get swept along with them!?]
[Eh? Ahh, errr……]
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[Sieg too, you won’t say something horrible like kicking Miyama-kun out of the house, right?]
[T- T- That is…… N- No, but……]
I don’t know if it’s as to be expected from Rei-san or not, but it seems like he really knows which areas I’m weak at…… It’s impossible to say no when he looked so sad.
As for Sieg-san, I kind of feel like she would end up getting caught up by Rei-san’s tune.
[To begin with, you’re just going to stay in the same room, right? It’s not like I’m asking you to do anything…… Or perhaps, would there be some kind of mistake that would be done if you stay in the same room?]
[T- T- That won’t happen!!!]
[Then, there shouldn’t be any problem.]
[Ehh? Ah, no, that’s different……]
It’s already completely going along Rei-san’s pace. It’s starting to become difficult to refuse him now.
Well, as long as I sleep on the floor, it should be alright…… Let’s just give up on saying no and try to find a way to bother Sieg-san as little as possible.
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[Ahh, that’s right, Miyama-kun.]
[Rest assured, the room is soundproofed to the max…… You should know what to do next, right? Also, Sieg-san’s underwear are in the drawer on the right, third shelf…… The State Preservation Magic is designed to be unlocked when you open the drawer. You can take at least one of them home with you—–Gafuuu!?]
[ ~ ~ ! ? ! ? ]
Her iron fist is again shot into Rei-san’s face just as he made a thumbs-up.
Why does this father even know where his daughter’s underwear are stored…… No, let’s not tsukkomi here.
As I watched Rei-san being beaten up by Sieg-san again, I suddenly remembered…… Arehh? It kind of feels like Sieg-san’s attention was drawn away from the topic of whether I’m going to stay or not……
Dear Mom, Dad——- I was treated like a hero in Rigforeshia, and I was given an unsettling welcome, but my unsettled thoughts were completely blown away. I don’t know how I could explain this—— It seems like I’m going to be staying in the same room with Sieg-san.

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