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Chapter 158.2

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Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Ch 158 Pt. 2

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Meanwhile, in the theatre, a banquet was being held with a huge table covered with delicacies.

The main dishes included roasted venison, squirrel fish, braised chicken with sea cucumber, winter bamboo shoots with chicken breast, roasted duck tongue, stewed mutton, and braised trotters. There was also a variety of appetizers. Just looking at all the food made people drool.

All sorts of fine wines were laid out on the table. Lu Wang gestured at Qing Wang and toasted him as if to make amends for what happened earlier.

The gongs and drums on the stage were very lively. The actors were currently singing about the Eight Immortals bringing good news.

A maid suddenly rushed in and broke up the lively atmosphere.

Zhuzhu fell into the water.

This news came as a shock to everyone. It was such a cold day, what would happen if a child fell into the water? Qing Wang was so shocked that he spilled wine all over his chest. Without saying anything, he hurriedly followed after the maid.

Now that such a thing happened, the banquet could no longer continue.

An Wang and others also proposed to go to see what happened, but they were blocked by Jin Wang.

With frost on his face and eyes like ice, Jin Wang glanced around at everyone. Lu Wang’s scalp was numb seeing him like this, and he couldn’t help but say, “Fifth brother, why are you looking at us like that?”

Jin Wang said slowly, “What happened in old seventh’s manor today better have nothing to do with any of you. Otherwise……”

“Fifth brother, what you said doesn’t make sense. The two children fought, and I already made amends with old seventh. What does the matter of that girl Zhuzhu falling into the water have to do with us…”

“That would be best.” After saying this, Jin Wang turned around and left.

Fucheng approached them. “Several Highnesses, this—”

Lu Wang nearly lept three feet up in anger. “What kind of dog shit luck is this? It’s New Year’s Day, yet something like this happens. From what fifth brother just said, if there’s anything wrong with Zhuzhu he’d look for us to settle accounts…”

An Wang stepped forward to persuade him, “Don’t be angry, old sixth. Old fifth and old sixth have always been close and Zhuzhu is so likeable. With such a troublesome thing happening on this day, old fifth will definitely not be happy seeing it.”

“He’s not happy? You think I’m happy?! Even if they invite me again in the future, I won’t come!”

Lu Wang waved away An Wang’s hand and walked out the door. Consort Lu didn’t dare to remain behind. She hurriedly signalled at the maids and mamas, grabbed Xuan Ge’er, and went out after him.

An Wang, Yong Wang and the others looked at each other in dismay. Dai Wang said, “Benwang will make a move first.”

“Well. At this time it’s best not to stay behind to avoid suspicion.” 

When Qing Wang arrived at the main courtyard, he saw the maids carrying things in and out.

Going inside, Zhuzhu was already awake, crying and hugging Consort Qing. Yan Ge’er was sitting next to them with a white cloth wrapped around his head. A person, who seemed to be the doctor stood next to him, speaking with the maids.

Zhuzhu didn’t want to leave Consort Qing, so the maids could only wrap a soft blanket around Zhuzhu. Consort Qing hugged her daughter, her body trembling.

Yaoniang held Xiaobao and stood beside her with a complicated expression on her face.

“Zhuzhu…” Qing Wang, who strode in, paused and breathed a sigh of relief. “It’s good that you’re fine. You scared father to death. How did you fall into the water? Were you being naughty again? Come here and let father take a look.”

He stretched out his hand, but Zhuzhu didn’t even look at him. She buried her little face in Consort Qing’s arms.

“You don’t like your father anymore?” mocked Qing Wang, but no one had any reactions. Consort Qing’s face remained cold and his words only brought contempt on himself.

Qing Wang could only put his focus on the doctor. The doctor who had already explained what should be paid attention to could only repeat what he had said to Qing Wang again.

Zhuzhu was rescued quickly, so there was no serious problem. The child was still young, and she only drank a few sips of water.

“Why did you fall into the water? What were the maids and mamas doing?!”

Consort Qing didn’t speak. Yaoniang couldn’t help but say, “Seventh brother, Zhuzhu was thrown into the water.”

Thrown into the water? Was that what he heard?

Qing Wang’s face was full of disbelief.

Yaoniang was really in no mood to explain at the moment. She asked Yu Chan to repeat what happened, starting from how Zhuzhu chased after her mother during the chaos, then how Xiaobao kept up with her, and then Yu Chan following them at the end. Then Xiaobao witnessed Zhuzhu being thrown into the water, and An Shi appeared to save her.

The woman who harmed Zhuzhu was also captured by An Shi.

“Bring the person up.”

Soon, a mama was dragged up.

It was unknown what she had experienced, but she was so frightened that she was shaking like chaff in the wind. As soon as Qing Wang started interrogating her, words started pouring out of her and she admitted that she had done wrong. She felt resentful from being punished by the consort, so she took advantage of the chaos to stir up trouble.

Only fools would believe her words. Just because of a mere punishment, she dared to harm the young master of the household. Plus this was no ordinary household, but one of the imperial family. Zhuzhu was also no ordinary person. She was the granddaughter of the emperor and a junzhu. Just because of this trivial matter, she dared to hurt someone. Wasn’t she afraid that those around her would be implicated?

Even Qing Wang couldn’t be deceived by such a statement, but this mama insisted it was so.

Qing Wang ordered someone to beat her with a board, but even when the mama’s skin was broken and her flesh was torn, she still would not change her words.

Zhuzhu was still so young. It was extremely unlikely for others to have such a grudge against her. Since this happened in Qing Wang Manor, it must be due to enmity between the adults and the children being implicated.

But who would hold a grudge against Consort Qing? The results seemed to speak for themselves.

Qing Wang sat on a chair, his eyebrows knitted together.

Outside the house, the mama’s shrill screams gradually disappeared. Soon there was only the sound of a wooden board hitting flesh.

A maid walked in and said, “Your Highness, the person has stopped breathing.”

Qing Wang nodded stiffly and didn’t speak.

The room was silent. All the servants had their heads bowed. Yaoniang holding Xiaobao sat at the side. She couldn’t help furrowing her eyebrows.

Even someone like her who wasn’t super smart knew that in this situation, she would’ve ordered someone to investigate, rather than directly beat the mama to death. Yet Qing Wang had her beaten to death.

The problem was that this wasn’t her place, so she couldn’t intervene. She felt unbearably stifled.

Zhuzhu stopped crying. She seemed to have fallen asleep in her mother’s arms.

Consort Qing put her down on the bed and covered her with a quilt.

The little girl’s face was so pale it was almost transparent. It was completely different from the usual rosiness. Consort Qing had been sitting for too long and her body had already stiffened. When she stood up, she couldn’t help but sway a bit before she regained her balance.

“Jirou…” It was Yaoniang’s voice.

Consort Qing ignored her and walked toward Qing Wang step by step.

Qing Wang raised his head. His face was a little pale, his lips were parted, and he looked like he wanted to say something. But he held back his words upon meeting Consort Qing’s cold gaze.

Slap! It was the sound of Consort Qing’s palm making contact with Qing Wang’s face.

Jin Wang just arrived at the door. Hearing the sound of the slap, he paused and didn’t go in.


“Don’t call me that!” Consort Qing carefully enunciated each of the following words, “Do you think I’m a fool? Do you think that since Zhuzhu is fine, taking that mama’s life is enough? You want to cover up for her, don’t you?” 

Qing Wang shook his head and explained, “No, Jirou, you misunderstood. It wasn’t Zhi’er who did it. She’s timid and gets scared from just seeing a mouse. How could she do this…”

Before he could finish his words, Consort Qing slapped him again.

“Zhao Youji, I thought you would be able to walk out of the shadows from your past, but now I know you will never be able to! To outsiders, you appear to be courageous and frank, but you’re actually a coward at heart! You immerse yourself in self-pity all day long and act like you have nothing. But what you have, only you know in your heart!”

Consort Qing gave a desolate smile and shook her head. “No, I’m also a coward. I thought you would come to your senses given enough time. I struggled with my thoughts before finally adopting a wait-and-see attitude. Yet, who did I harm in the end? Myself and my children. As for that venomous snake of a woman, she’s probably dying of happiness…”


Consort Qing ignored Qing Wang.

At this time, a woman’s scream came from the yard. It was Side Consort Han being dragged here by the maids and mamas.

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