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Chapter 165.1

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Chapter 165.1: Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Ch 165 Pt. 1


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Qing Wang cried for a long time and words poured from his mouth.

From the beginning to the end, Jin Wang only listened without saying any words.

He wasn’t someone who was good at coaxing people. Plus, Qing Wang was no longer young. He should be able to understand what was right and what was wrong.

Jin Wang patted Qing Wang on the shoulder and then left.

Lan Zhu wasn’t dead yet. Before he left for Qing Wang’s place, she was taken away by Emperor Hongjing’s people. But now, she was sent back and on her last breath.

Her clothes were soaked with blood. It was hard to imagine a person could shed so much blood.

Jin Wang glanced at her and was about to order someone to carry her away when Lan Zhu suddenly moved. Like someone on their deathbed and unwilling to die, she struggled weakly.

“Don’t- don’t forget you- you promised- promised me!”

“You seem to care about that child. Why didn’t you take him away with you earlier?”

Lan Zhu gasped for breath. For her to speak at this time was already very difficult. “People like- like us don’t live long. It’s good for him to stay in the prince- prince’s manor. I- I was lucky to- to have received such a mission. It gave me- me a chance to- to live longer. Otherwise, I might- might have died earlier…”

Jin Wang was silent.


Lan Zhu’s pupils slowly dilated, and her consciousness began to waver. “Don’t forget…you promised me…”

“Is that child old seventh’s child?” Jin Wang suddenly asked.

Lan Zhu’s pupils suddenly shrunk to the size of pinpoints before expanding again. There seemed to be a sound stuck in her throat, but she was destined not to speak again. She tried to lift her hand, but after a breath or two, it landed on the ground with a smack.

Jin Wang frowned, looked at her, and said after a while, “Take her away first. Don’t dispose of her body yet.”

Jin Wang left the palace and returned directly to Jin Wang Manor. He had planned to go to Qing Wang Manor, but he was really not in the mood at this time.

Back at the Rongxi Courtyard, Yaoniang was sitting on the Kang playing with the three children.

As soon as Jin Wang came back, Yaoniang got off the Kang in a hurry.

“What’s going to happen to seventh brother?”

“Father Emperor intends to let him guard the imperial mausoleum.”

After that, Jin Wang recounted the entire story. After hearing it, Yaoniang couldn’t return to her senses for a long time. Xiaobao was also in a daze.

Side Consort Han was actually an impostor? But why didn’t she sneak away in the previous life? Immediately, Xiaobao understood that the trajectory of this life was completely different from his previous one. In his previous life, during the 32nd year of Emperor Hongjing’s reign, turmoil ruled, and his Father Emperor ascended the throne the following year. Among the princes, besides An Wang, Qing Wang, Lu Wang, and Wu Wang, everyone else died in the 32nd year of Emperor Hongjing’s reign.

Without any coercion, Side Consort Han wouldn’t have fled, and the matter naturally wouldn’t have been exposed. This meant that the person who knew Side Consort Han’s identity and coerced her to help should be one of the dead princes.

Xiaobao thought of Yong Wang instinctively, then immediately denied it. In the 32nd year, Yong Wang devised such a complicated scheme. How could he have the extra time and energy to think about a minor Goryeo character?

Just as Xiaobao thought about this, Jin Wang was also thinking about it.

He also subconsciously thought of Yong Wang but felt that this didn’t resemble his typical methods. Besides, he had ordered his people to keep an eye on Yong Wang for a while now. If there had been anything unusual, he would have received news long ago.

Who was it?

Was it Lu Wang?

Jin Wang suddenly said, “Go and get the map.”

After he spoke, no one answered. Then he remembered that he had sent Fucheng away for business. But there was still Yaoniang. She knew that Jin Wang had a map in the study, so she hurriedly went to the study and brought the map over.

The map was made of sheepskin, and it had undergone a special process to ensure that it wouldn’t fade away even after a long time. The background was light yellow, with various graphics and symbols marked on it. Yaoniang couldn’t understand what they meant.

She helped Jin Wang spread the map on the table. Jin Wang’s eyes landed on the upper right corner of the map. He looked at that place, and then looked to the left, next to Goryeo, where? ‘Dai’ was written on it.

Indeed, Dai Wang’s fief was located near Goryeo.

While Jin Wang studied the map, Xiaobao was also looking at it.

It was impossible for the King of Goryeo to ask Side Consort Han to assist someone for no reason. It must be related to his own interests. And this person must be someone from Dagan and one of the princes. He couldn’t think of anyone else besides Dai Wang.

Because the King of Goryeo would only be willing to expose the spy he had buried for so long with someone who he shares a common interest with.

Dai Wang?

The Dai Wang who was mediocre, taciturn, and completely unremarkable?

To be honest, this wasn’t too unexpected. They were both di sons of the Empress, so it was normal to be tempted. With this single move of his, An Wang was thrown off his high horse and Qing Wang was ruined at the same time. However, ruining Qing Wang wasn’t his main purpose. His ultimate goal was likely to harm Jin Wang.

What the other party didn’t expect was that Jin Wang didn’t make a move at this time because of Sun Mang’s warning. If he had tried to make a move, he would definitely be exposed, given Emperor Hongjing’s character. Even if Emperor Hongjing didn’t punish him severely, Jin Wang would’ve left an impression of framing his siblings in Emperor Hongjing’s heart.

As one ages, their thoughts change. Although Emperor Hongjing guarded against his sons, he still hoped that the brothers could live in harmony. This was evident based on what Emperor Hongjing had said when the princes gathered in the capital to celebrate his birthday.

What profound thoughts. What an intricate scheme!

Jin Wang, who finally figured it out, felt a layer of cold sweat on his back.

Because among the princes, the only one he didn’t have his guards up toward was this plain and ordinary third brother.

Fucheng walked in and said, “Your Highness, when this old servant arrived at Qing Wang Manor, Fu Xi had already taken poison and committed suicide.”

Jin Wang was not surprised by this result. Ever since he realized Dai Wang’s involvement with the matter of Side Consort Han, he knew this would be the result. Given Dai Wang’s cautious character, he definitely wouldn’t leave behind any traces.

“Did you take a look at the child?”

Fucheng paused and lightly shook his head.

Yaoniang was a little unhappy and asked, “What kind of riddles are you guys saying? Why can’t I understand anything?”

If you could understand it, it won’t be called a riddle.

“Sheng Ge’er doesn’t have a mole behind his ear,” said Jin Wang, and Fucheng nodded beside him.

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