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Chapter 628: A Demonic Symphony

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Leonel's eyes widened in astonishment. "Saya? But she . . . she . . ."

Leonel's voice trailed off, his attempt to defend Saya falling flat in the face of the glaring evidence. It was clear that no one else possessed the knowledge of their HQ's hidden location and had enough motive to expose Ren's identity.

"But how on earth could she have guessed your other identity?"

"It's highly likely she got wind of it from Alice."

"Ah, that might be it," Leonel muttered, his fingers massaging his temple in frustration. "That ghost can be such a nuisance. Should we exorcize her?"

"Despite everything, we currently need Alice more than ever," Ren clarified.

"We do? But she spends most of her time just tidying up and indulging in gossip."

"Alice's true prowess lies in her capability to safeguard our headquarters, especially considering the circumstances now. We might face players and guilds attempting to breach our hideout."

". . . You have a point. So, what's the strategy regarding Saya?"

"We'll impose a ban on her access to the HQ, restricting her movements," Ren stated a tinge of remorse detectable in his voice. He recognized the oversight of not having done this earlier amidst the chaos that had consumed him.

"But are you absolutely sure? We can't definitively conclude she's the one responsible."

Ren stared at Leonel seriously, evoking a defeated sigh from the latter. "I'll attend to that task right away."

"Are you planning to log into the game now?" Leonel inquired after a pause.

"Yes, I need to address this promptly."

"But it's already evening. You should take some rest beforehand."

"I won't find any peace while this hangs over my head. It'll only nag at me. I must log in to ensure the security of our headquarters."

"I'll accompany you, then."


Alice's Playroom


Meanwhile, Alice went about her usual routine, meticulously cleaning and gathering herbs and materials for Ren's workshop.

As she worked, she kept her ears attuned to any snippets of gossip or chatter.

The headquarters appeared deserted at the moment, likely with everyone seeking some well-deserved rest in their own abodes.

Alice often found these quiet stretches to be the most trying.

"Ah, this is getting quite monotonous," she muttered, her broom swishing across the floor.

For the nth time, the floors were spotless. The furniture gleamed after being meticulously polished, and she had even rearranged a few displays.

Alice had ventured outside to gather herbs and materials, engaging in conversation with Hubert, but even that was losing its charm.

Moments like these amplified her wish for a larger World Conquerors membership, someone to converse with and dispel the monotony.

Then, amidst the silence, a faint sound reached her ears, rousing her from her musings. Her senses heightened, and a spark of alertness coursed through her spirit.

What could it be? Alice thought and giggled while she checked what was going on outside.

As night descended upon the virtual realm, the World Conquerors' headquarters stood in apparent stillness.

Unbeknownst to its members. However, it had become the target of curious and, in some cases, ill-intentioned players.

Some of them were curious about Ren's identity. Some wanted the reward for the bounty on his head. And most wanted revenge for the Ren in the cloak.

These outsiders, fueled by the rumors and the recent upheaval, had begun snooping around the supposedly hidden location of World Conqueror's HQ.

Alice, vigilant as ever for gossip and drama, had detected the presence of unauthorized players.

A mischievous glint danced in her eyes as she decided to have a bit of fun. She knew just how to play with their curiosity and exploit their lack of fear.

One by one, the players arrived at the entrance, drawn by whispers and insinuations.

"Is this it?"

"This is the location in the forums."

"I never knew that there's a door right here. I've been to this part multiple times, and I didn't notice a thing."

"That's why it's called hidden."

"Do you think Ren is there?"


"But what if he's not the Ren in the cloak?"

"Who cares? As long as his name is Ren, we'll get our rewards."

"The top guilds are desperate after what happened in the Fey Realm. They want anyone who named Ren dead."

"But . . . I heard that Ren with the cloak is strong."

"He is. But with a close to hundred of us here, even him would stand no chance."

"How do we get in? It's lock."

"Just smashed the damn door."

Alice, seemingly obliging, welcomed them by opening its doors.

The players looked at each other.

"Do you see anything?"

"I don't see anything but an empty small room . . . seems like a living space."

"Go on. Get inside."

"But what if it's a trap?"

"We'll cover you."

As the players stepped through the threshold, they were instantly enveloped in an uncanny darkness that swallowed their surroundings.

The door shut closed, leaving half the players inside. The transformation was immediate. The headquarters itself seemed to morph around them, distorting into a twisted, nightmarish version of its former self.

Hallways that led nowhere, doors that opened to voids, and portraits that whispered sinister secrets were just the beginning.

As panic and confusion set in, their attempts to log out were met with chilling silence. Panic quickly turned to horror as they realized that escape was impossible.

Fear began to gnaw at their minds, and Alice reveled in the psychological torment she had woven.

"Teeheeheehee~ Your timing is perfect! I'm bored so let's play a little!"

"What's that?"

"Who's there?"

"What's going on?!"


In this ghastly realm, the players were subjected to horrors beyond their imagination. Shadows seemed to come alive, taunting and tormenting them.

Eerie whispers echoed through the air, and the air itself became heavy with an unsettling presence. Rooms shifted and rearranged, leading them in endless circles.

Their worst fears materialized before them, played out in twisted scenes that shattered their sanity.


"Let me out!"


Each corner turned held a new terror, and every step they took plunged them deeper into the abyss of their own fears.

Hours turned into eternities as they grappled with their inner demons and the nightmarish environment Alice had crafted.

It was a merciless symphony of terror orchestrated by Alice's playful malevolence. She watched from the shadows, relishing their agony as they were pushed to the brink of despair.

The line between reality and nightmare blurred, and the torment seemed unending and the players didn't have any means of escape.

No skills or spells worked in this room. No items could help them. They were trapped in their most demented nightmares . . . for all eternity.


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