Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 1853

Published at 19th of September 2023 04:30:18 PM

Chapter 1853: 1853

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1853 For What 1

He was a man who had been through a lot as well.

What a pity.

He had suffered so much that he lost the justice in his heart. He was unscrupulous in order to achieve his goal.



But for what happened to Qing, and his extermination of Huaijin, she would have helped him in Snow Territory. After all, he did help her before.

What a pity.

For her, Ouyang Mingjing was more like an enemy. He was the murderer who killed Qing and hurt Huaijin. He was also the person who used all kinds of tricks in front of her.

So she was not going to help him at all.

And she even planned to cooperate with his enemies.

And she had nothing to do with who was right or wrong between him and the Elder Men. She was not from Snow Territory, and she was not in the position to make the judgement.

“What is it?” Ouyang Mingjing could not help but ask, seeing that she was in a daze.

“I am tired, I am going to take a break.” Gu Chaoyan answered coldly.

Ouyang Mingjing nodded and told the maids to escort her back into the room, whilst he went to deal with the rest.

Gu Chaoyan had never liked having too many people around her. Apart from Lingyun, she asked the other maids to leave.

The maids had just left…

When a figure sat down on the table in front of her.

Lingyun got startled. Even Gu Chaoyan, who had always been calm, got slightly startled.

Her room was heavily guarded Ouyang Mingjing’s guards. How did he walk in without showing anything or getting noticed.

The man sitting in front of her seemed to have understood what she was thinking. He said expressionlessly, “I am formed by magical power. So it is not me who is in front of you, but one of my magical powers. The palace is heavily guarded. I am an advanced cultivator, but I may cause trouble if I am here personally”


“Ouyang Mingjing and I are enemies, and it is not a big deal if we are discovered. But that would be bad for you, Pheonix Girl. So I am sorry to have offended you, but I have to talk with you with my condensed magical power right here.”


“You are smart enough to understand what is going on in Snow Territory. I don’t like City Lord, and I would like to bring him down.”


“But I don’t want Snow Territory to be torn apart. Also, Snow Territory is facing many enemies, so we are in a deadlock anyway.”


“He is the City Lord of Snow Territory, and he became City Lord while being too young. Because of this, he has not been well-taught to behave like a City Lord. He is narrow-minded and only wants to rely on the so-called Pheonix Girl. He claims that he has been like this since ancient times. Anyone with a clear mind would know that he is just trying to set up people.”


“Sooner or later, Snow Territory will break down.”


“I don’t want that to happen.”


“Pheonix Girl, what are you doing here in Snow Territory anyway?” He asked straightforwardly.

Hearing what he said, Gu Chaoyan felt that what he said made sense.

Sooner or later, the situation would have Snow Territory ruined.


That was not what she would like to get involved.

But Gu Chaoyan had nothing to hide, when Elder Man put it so clearly.

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