My CP Rumor With The Movie Queen Has Gone Viral


Ruan Jinghong is an unpopular female star.
Despite having a “a face drawn by God”, only have dramas where she were small support beggar characters, with make-up lowering her beauty.
(Mostly because she refuse to use her body to climb higher and/or have no background, in an entertainment industry where this kind of thing proliferate)

But one day, because the rich heir and top Movie Queen Wen Jin used her as a distraction shield for the livestreaming journalists after the reward ceremony, spectators were surprised by her perfect face (without make-up) and became curious about her.

Until soon the fans of Wen Jin discovered that Ruan collaborated with their goddess before in a drama.

Then because of brain supplement (imagination), fans that like “yuri”, fans that wont accept their goddess marrying a male, and the logic of “why did Wen Jin pick Ruan so far away as distraction despite dozens of people around?”, trollers, GL-appreciaters, and finally the fact Ruan’s face is so beautiful, able to rival Wen Jin,
~~~the CP (Couple Pairing by fans) of Wen x Ruan started, and in less than a day has gone viral~~

From simple screenshots, to funny edited GIFs with captions, and fanfic novels and drawings.

Looking at the 500 000+ fans of [Wen x Ruan] on Weibo, Ruan Jinghong is very confused.
Ruan : “I obviously never said a word to her and she simply used me as shield, so why do everyone is saying that i am in a underground (=secret) relationship with her since 4years ago??? Shouldnt I as a participant know it beforehand ??????”
Next day
To profit from this new topic popularity, the popular variety show “Holiday Saturday” that had actress Wen Jin participating in the episode, invited Ruan Jinghong.

(Lazy) Ruan : “The show just wants to profit by firing up the CP, right? I’m just a basic wage earner, I don’t want to fire up the CP ! Its too much trouble ! Isnt it better to sleep and play videogames !?” _(:3」∠)_

(Kind but tired of Ruan’s laziness) Female Manager : “Refuse the invitation and your basic salary will also be gone”

Ruan Jinghong ٩(^ᴗ^)۶ : “Did i say i didn’t want to join ? I mispoke i meant i am really happy to join !!!!”
[“Big deal, on the show, I’ll just try to distance myself from her”] —————————————–
During the show

Ruan style to avoid suspicion #1: Keep a distance, avoid intimacy.
CP fans (≧∇≦*): “Ruan is so cute running away like a kitten from the big wolf Wen!!!”

Ruan style to avoid suspicion #2: Addressing honorifics, showing unfamiliarity.
CP fans (≧∇≦*): “Acting cold to Goddess ! Clearly its a cold war fight that couples often do !!!”

Ruan style to avoid suspicion #3: Lack of tacit understanding, performance of unfamiliarity.
CP fans (≧∇≦*): “No tacit understanding but still very affectionate, what a perfect love !!!! JinRuan CP FOREVER !!!!!!!!!! When is the marriage !!!! Everyone call your family members to support them !!!”

Random viewers (⊙ᗜ⊙) : “We thought that like other CPs of stars that this CP was fake, but we didn’t expect them to look so good together and that this CP to be true. We also support your love !”

Ruan ╥﹏╥ : “I just wanted to be lazy and get the paycheck of the program group !!!! Why did the CP turn even more popular !!!!”

Wen (*^.^*) : “Ruan Jing ? I need your help for the script, can you join me in my room at 10pm?”

Ruan : “? Ok.” (⑅⌒_⌒⑅)ノ
2months later, whole internet bless their relationship

Ruan (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞ : “My wife is too fierce !!!!!! Someone help !!!!”
Wen (^∀^) : “You can’t run away now, its too late. The room is soundproof, no one will hear even if you break your throat~”

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