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Chapter 1598: 1598

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Chapter 1598 Interim Leader Of Daimon City -Part 2

Upon reaching Daimon City, Click was already there preparing another set of supplies for the entire Grey Bear Squad but not for Jin. With his new responsibilities shoved to him by the circumstances and the probable possibility of sabotage by the Imperial Family. Yinn could not extract much information from the dead Wilderness Experts but which idiot would bring a monster to lure and give the promise of money for putting a monster lure beside a city with no barriers? Not to mention, the right time right place kind of situation.

If they were to argue it was the perfect opportunity that presented itself so nicely, then something was wrong with their heads. There would be no points given to these experts other than the chance of creating havoc. Therefore, as the situation presented itself to be dangerous for Daimon City, Jin had no choice but to liaise with the acting executive officer of Diamondz, Denise to make sure that everything was proceeding smoothly.

With Yinn at the helm of coordinating the mission to eliminate the Eastern Monster Lure before more of those monsters emerge, Jin could rest easy that the Grey Bears were more than capable of doing so. Thus, Yinn told Jin to settle his bureaucratic nonsense while she will drive with Click to the Eastern Dungeon while picking up Tellie who had been told to scout at a certain position in the east. And since the other three were coming from the north, they will be moving down to the Eastern Dungeon as soon as possible while checking the dungeons there were residing in the northeastern areas as well. It would be at a later point they would rendezvous at the Eastern Dungeon entrance as their checkpoint.

Click also deduced that they should have enough ammunition and battery sources to keep them juiced up for the trip down to the Eastern Dungeon considering how Jin had forced them to search with a full battle order, arming themselves to the teeth. Thus, they should not have any problem with ammunition even with them spamming like crazy. Not to mention, they had Diaz and Lynn with them. The only problem was the Western side.

Denise did recommend sending an unmanned drone armed with missiles out to hit the dungeon entrances but hinted that things could get worse. Jin initially thought that would be a wonderful idea until Denise explained that no matter how precise the hit monster lure was, there were no assurances that upon destroying the lure, it would dissipate the effects.

"The only way to prevent the lure from breaking and have a constant effect is to shut it down. The lure is something akin to a radioactive source. If you destroy the monster lure device, you technically break only the shielding and effectively allow it to radiate at full blast. Of course, it has benefits doing that since if it radiates at full blast, the lure would be used up faster rather than an intermittent release as designated by the device's programming." Denise said and now Jin also understood why Yinn had not left the lure at the area and instead brought it with them.

Considering how portable the device was, it was not an issue to lug around. It was practically the size of a piece of mini luggage, and it was not a hassle for Mechanoids to carry on their back, much less throw it at the back of their vehicle.

"Also, hitting so close to the dungeon may have undesirable effects such as damaging the dungeon entrance and that could possibly anger the inhabitants in there, forcing an even bigger outbreak. All we could do is shoot missiles near the dungeon entrance and hope that the subsequent wave of explosions can create some cause and effect. Otherwise, it's to hit to kill the monsters in order to delay them." Denise added.

"You sure know your stuff..." Jin said and all the ex-secretary could do was to shrug her shoulders.

"The experience comes from the previous job plus I am a partial Mechanoid. So, I kind of have access to the database in order to lecture you. Anyways, the Archduke's assistants had sent a message to me, asking me to aid you in your endeavour to transit as the Interim Lord of Daimon City. And considering what you had done for the city plus the rumours circulating around that a very highly trained and yet unconventional personnel sent by the Archduke to subdue the previous CEO.... it should be easier for me to get things moving."

"So, the point is, it's good that I'm not a nobody to start with?"

"You could say that. Plus the returning army from Mount Sunn may actually respect you... assuming we are able to hold Daimon City until they come back."

"You already send an expedited order for them to return?" Jin asked and Denise felt like that should already be a necessary step which should not need to be asked.

"Unless you have some animosity against people who you fought against...? I do not see the reason why not." Denise had a way of implying that this was the only possible way for them to survive.

"It's not really a concern for me, just that it is funny how they changed from enemy to ally almost immediately. Though I like to ask what about your neighbours? Aren't they going to help you all? There had to be some defence pact considering your city is Diamondz Corps's headquarters."

"We do, but when the message was sent out to them for help, none of them were making any moves. Not one gave a reply and there is a possible assumption that they had been bribed by someone or as you could have imagined, the Imperial Family."

"They dare to do that in the Archduke's district?"

"Considering the information you had given me, the Archduke had been preoccupied with mobilising his army based on the Imperial Family's decree. There is no way he could do anything unless he overrides the decree's command. But if that were to happen, it would also mean that he was directly defying them and he could no doubt be discharged from his seat."

"So all he could do is rely on us."

"And well, that extra two hundred troops he was about to airdrop to us," Denise said in such a way that those soldiers were just an additional drop of water in the bucket. "But that is not the crux of the issue. What you should care about right now is how to address the citizens of Daimon City to this. What you are going to do to save this city and why you should do that."

"So I sincerely hope you do not have stage fright." She said as camera drones started to surround the room they were in when the commander least expected. There was no warning nor alert that he was about to go live.

All he could rely on was the beeping red buttons on all the camera drones which simultaneously turned fully red. There was no turning back for Jin, this was it. As much as he disliked it and prefer to work in the shadows, this event was like a precursor to him to be the interim leader of Daimon City.

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