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Chapter 1601: 1601

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Chapter 1601 Interim Leader Of Daimon City -Part 5

"The System is glad to report that the Virtual Simulation Instance had been created. Individual rooms and group rooms have been allocated while Qiu Yue is making the final adjustments to ensure that the rooms are well equipped and have proper connections with the Synthesis World. Syn is also standing by to make dummy connections to ensure that the transfer of souls is nominal and without any problem."

"Holy shit. I did not expect this to happen this quickly." Jin merely finished his speech and the System had already enacted on the problem.

"As the System had already made the necessary arrangements previously, it only expedited the creation of the Soul Inhibitors and Soul Extractors along with the help of Original Bellator Kraft."

"Ah. Once you get a tech that he is not used to or something brand new, he will want to dip his hands in it. I am glad that he had managed to create this without leaving it half done." Jin was elated that Kraft personally assisted with the Virtual Simulation project even though it was not his responsibility.

"He did and placed several fail safes to pull the soul out of the Virtual Simulation as well so that the cultivator's souls would not be stuck in the Synthesis World. However, the System believed that he did not do it because it is for the customers and the System deduced that there were other ulterior motives at hand."

"Hey, I am not that bad of a person," Kraft interjected and Jin was surprised to hear him. "Eh, don't bother replying to me. I cannot hear what you are talking about for some reason. So, I am just seeing what the System had spoken and interrupted. Just so you know Boss Man, you should be thankful that both the Soul Inhibitor and Extractor had similar features to this world's technology. It was easy to replicate despite the odd blueprints that had been given to us. Their design had so much redundancy but when it comes to properly ejecting the souls, the problem exacerbated." Kraft continued to babble on since he know that even if he were to say something, he needed the System to tell him what Jin was saying.

"It was as if they had made this machine first to slow down the decomposition process of a human and started to think of ways to provide nutrients for the human."

"But meh, when I queried Syn further why don't they just do full hibernation instead? I was surprised that the answer I got was something out of the infamous MADTRIX Trilogy films...just erm the robots are friendlier? He said that the AI Administration needed the energy to power up the millions of humans that they were hibernating. The power reserves were being calculated to the point where it should last a century, enough time for a wide scale expedition force to search for new worlds so that the humans could be preserved."

"Yet, 100 years later there were no signs of the expedition force coming back and not even a signal, forcing the AIs to consider of the possibility that the worst had befallen them. So! They eventually had to search for renewable energy that enabled the robots and systems that were maintaining the hibernation machines in order to keep the humans alive."

"And as if the MADTRIX had the very same idea as them, they decided to use the humans they had hibernating as their power source. And if you are wondering, they could have used solar power as their source of energy but their world had been so polluted and major catastrophe struck so much that the period where they could collect solar energy was probably 30 odd days?"

"I am starting to think this is some sort of lecture..." Jin said to himself but he could not let Kraft hear it through the System nor should he try to stop Kraft from grumbling like an old dude mainly because he did after all complete the modified version of Soul Inhibitors and Extractors so that the cultivators could join in.

"At first they thought it was possible to collect that much energy but their luck got even worse as they found out that their sun was dying as well and the star energy made solar power a non renewable energy source which it would be a stupid idea if they could chasing for it."

"That's why they used human electrical pulses as their power source just as MADTRIX did. Probably less terrifying since all of them are under hibernation unlike where the movie did it when they were all still well awake and alive...and that explains the simulation part why all of them are in there."

"But what I found out is that they are running multiple simulations, especially for those who were 'killed' in the simulation by putting the 'dead' people into those Mechanoids and allowing them to be commanded. This enabled them to continue the simulation with the AIs getting their needed electrical sources of energy while also allowing players who lose to continue playing in a 'dead' state."

"And this electrical pulse thing is giving me lots of ideas on how to manipulate the brain. Hue hue hue~." Kraft laughed softly for once and not caring that he was on record.

"Wait a minute... Do you mean?" Jin realised what Kraft was talking about and he was not just working this Soul Inhibitor and Extractor for free. The System was able to relay the words back at Kraft and that was when his Devilish smile emerged.

"You are absolutely totally 100 percent on the spot, Jin! As expected from my disciple! Yes! I did! I copied and I was successful!" Kraft danced on the spot and Jin could not help but sigh at the situation. He had realised why the Devil Fox was giving such a long monologue.

For he had implemented the very same mechanics on their world's Soul Inhibitor and Extractor machines. They were capable of collecting electrical pulses from their customers as well, reducing the electrical consumption of the dungeon instance store.

"Qiu Yue told me to save money these past few months and how about we skimp a little on the public's electricity and create our own? And those power plants that we have... we can actually sell power to people cheaply instead!" Kraft raved on as he knew that Jin was not around to stop him at all, and neither did the System have the power to do so.

All Jin could get out of this was that they finally solve their electrical bill problem while providing this amazing opportunity for the customers to play. And if this Virtual Simulation Room proves to be a hit, this could be the revival of 'cyber' cafes since Jin and Panda Inc had yet to publicly release and produce this for the country to use. After all, unlike the machine that they had made that consumed lots of energy, this big hunk of Virtual Simulator Machine that extracts and inhibits souls were currently only available in Dungeons and Pandas.

But for the first time, Virtual Simulation would be a reality to the world and the System predicts that it would going to take the world by storm.

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