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Chapter 82

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The fine silver moon is emitting a chilly light in the winter night sky.

The plaza in front of the dungeon, which is crowded with stalls and adventurers during the day, is now quiet, with no one making a sound.

As Michelle and I made our in front of the stairs descending into the dungeon, we found Merle and Mira waiting for us.

[Where’s Marco?]

[He’s not here yet. Maybe he’s working too long at the mansion.]

Working until late, and then wanting to challenge the dungeon at night, I couldn’t help feeling impressed with the depth of his love.

If it were me, I’d probably be too exhausted to move.

Is that woman Marco loved really that charming?

I’m kinda getting a little curious.

[I wonder what kind of person they are. The person in Marco’s mind, I mean.]

[Wouldn’t she be someone beautiful? She made him that desperate after all.]

Someone beautiful enough for one to risk their life?

[He also mentioned how she’s apparently kind and like a saint.]

Mira added.

[I see. If it’s for a woman with a good face and a good personality, it’s no wonder Marco is devoted to her.]

That’s what I was thinking, but then Michelle shook her head.

[You couldn’t be so sure. It’s also possible that an extremely evil woman is deceiving him.]

[Deceive him for what?]

[That I don’t know, but is there really someone who’s beautiful and stylish, yet like a saint? Besides, even if I were in that woman’s shoes, I would never send Yuusuke to the dangerous dungeon. My heart would burst with worry.]

She can be quite restrictive, but Michelle is a very compassionate person……

[Now that you mentioned it, that’s certainly true. For the two of them to choose to elope, it’s probably because they had no other options, don’t you think?]

It is conceivable that the husband is domineering and the wife might not have any money or freedom.

[In that case, she could have just sold everything she could, even the things in that mansion, to make funds for their escape. If it were me, that’s what I would do. I would never make Yuusuke do something that would put him in danger!]

[Everyone already knows how much Michelle cares about me. Well, don’t get so excited.]

Michelle expressing her emotions so straightforwardly makes me feel embarrassed.

Merle and Mira are here with us, so I wish she’d hold herself back a bit more.

I’m too embarrassed to say my thanks, so I silently wrapped my scarf around Michelle’s neck.

I hope my feelings can reach her with this……

[Yuusuke’s scent is…… wrapped in Yuusuke’s love…… Even if I die, Yuusuke will…… If he were to cheat, I’ll destroy this world……]

She’s kinda mumbling something, but I did at least get my feeling across, right?

That’s good, that’s good……

After waiting for a while, Marco arrived with the Legendary Nail Bat in his hand.

[I’m sorry I’m late. Work ended up taking a little longer than expected.]

[Don’t worry about it. That aside, have you eaten yet?]

[No, I went here in a hurry……]

That’s what I thought.

[Come on. For the time being, eat these. It’s better than heading to the dungeon hungry, right?]

I handed out curry crackers to everyone.

This snack helps restore stamina and keep you warm.

When I first came to this world, I couldn’t even count the number of times I had eaten these.

After everyone ate curry crackers, we then entered the dungeon.

The dungeon at night was shrouded in a thin haze and had a strange atmosphere.

[The miasma is thicker than usual. Seems like monsters are more likely to appear tonight.]

Keeping a wary eye around us, Michelle said.

I clutched an 8-round pistol and a pop rocket in my hands.

[You don’t have to be so nervous, just stick close to me.]

Michell is reliable at times like this.

We may be armed, but Michelle and I are just backups behind them.

Marco, Merle and Mira are the ones doing the hunting.

If we actually take part in the hunt, we’ll also have to take our share.

[Let’s go.]

Merle, the vanguard, walked in the lead with her shield at the ready.

The first monster to appear that night was a Stone Golem.

It’s a powerful enemy that will never be sighted on the 1st Underground Floor during the daytime.

It’s usually found on the 3rd Underground Floor and the lower floors.

Mira immediately used Wind Magic: Wind Cutter, but it didn’t seem to have much effect.

[Mira’s magic had a bad affinity against Stone Golems. Mira is good at unleashing speedy, rapid-fire spells, but her destructive power is low.

Michelle calmly explained.

However, in her right hand, I could sense her mana gathered and ready to assist them in case of danger.

Even with all the things she say, Michelle is kind after all.

[I’ll handle its attacks. Marco, get behind the enemy!]

With her sword sheathed, Merle held her shield with both hands, charged at the Stone Golem.

Seems like she’s giving up on attacking and intends to concentrate entirely on defense.

Merle’s entire body was glowing blue under the effect of Body Reinforcement Magic.

[Merle’s vigor is great. She’s quick in her decisions, making her quite capable as a leader in combat. However, seems like she isn’t very good at strategizing……]

I think Mira is the one who makes their battle plans.

The two of them complement each other and are a good duo.

Marco, circling behind the enemy, cleverly struck the Stone Golem’s back with his Nail Bat.

Several chunks of rocks were peeled off by his attack.

However, the Stone Golem isn’t so easy to deal with to kill with a single blow.

Mira and Merle provided exquisite diversions, allowing Marco to keep attacking, before finally, on his sixth strike, they managed to defeat it.

[Uhyahyahya, six silver coins dropped!]

Merle, whose excitement from the battle had not abated, let out a funny laugh.

Although it’s quite dangerous, I guess the profits they’re making would be large huh.

If they continue earning well tonight, they should have about 60,000 gold by midnight.

(T/N: Not sure if typo by author, but they really stated gold here instead of rim)

After a couple of small battles, we reached the central area of the 1st Underground Floor.

[Now then, I’m going to open up the store here, okay? Open!]

With a mental thought, the store appeared within the stone walls.

The windows were also buried in the stone, leaving only the entrance exposed to the passageway of the dungeon.

[I think it will be alright with Michelle-san here, but wouldn’t the door be broken by monsters?

Mira’s worried about me, but I’ve got something special for this moment.

[I’ve got this, so we’ll be alright.]

Product name: Surprise Mountain Choco

Description: Chocolate snack that restores energy and stamina. Includes a sticker of Light vs Dark. The stickers depict the Angels of Light and Demons of Darkness characters. When a sticker is applied, a powerful barrier is formed. The strength of the barrier depends on the strength of the character depicted.

Price: 30 rims

[If I stick this sticker at the entrance, even monsters won’t be able to come in.]

[A Surprise Mountain’s sticker huh! However, since it’s the nighttime dungeon, won’t a regular sticker’s barrier get broken through?]

[Don’t be naive, Merle. Look at this.]

I held out a sticker with a sparkling holo prism.

[Whoa, it’s a very rare Head Korokoro sticker! That would certainly work!]

The Head Korokoro is a powerful Light character that can rarely be obtained.

[With this, the monsters won’t be able to get inside the store. Then, we can go hunt in peace.]

[Wait a moment. To remove the barrier, the stickers need to be peeled off, but only the person who placed it can do that. If you guys get chased by monsters, wouldn’t it be possible that I won’t have enough time to peel it off?]

[You’re right. If we place a Darkness sticker on top of the Light sticker, we can neutralize the barrier, but for a sticker to counteract Head Korokoro’s barrier……]

[Bring this with you.]

[Ohhh, a Santa Maria sticker! You’re really going to give it to us!?]


[I didn’t say you should use it to neutralize the barrier. I’m just giving it to you for you guys to use in case of emergency.]

[Okay, okay!]

Does she really get what I’m talking about?

[Alright then, let’s go night hunting!]

After seeing off Merle and the others walk off in good spirits, I put a sticker on my shop’s door.

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