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Chapter 440: Chapter 440: Cat and Mouse Game

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Chapter 440: Cat and Mouse Game


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Gu Ci once again heard some strange bells. Aside from the scent of incense, all that filled the air was the sound of bells. Qin Wan said, We must be not far from a temple.

There was no trace of light in the windowless dungeon, which was dim and damp. Gu Ci touched the dampness on the walls, furrowing her brow slightly. Ji Chi had been unconscious, lying on Gu Cis lap, and Qin Wan circled the dungeon. Strangely, the special agents guarding outside had inexplicably withdrawn. Qin Wan knocked on the window, Is anyone there? We need medication.

There was no response from outside. Rong Li was running a fever. Gu Ci gave him a bottle of water and had him swallow one of the anti-inflammatory pills she had hidden. He leaned against the wall with a grim expression.

The Pentagon!

Why of all places, the Pentagon!

This was a place both Black Hawk and the underworld despised.

Seeing that there was no one around, Qin Wan sat down and asked, Rong Li, why is Ji Chi reacting so strongly?

You investigated Ji Chis background, didnt you? He grew up in the Pentagon, Rong Li replied calmly. He glanced at Ji Chi, who was still unconscious, thinking of the young boy he had seen years ago, like a half-human, half-ghost.

Im not interested in his background. 1 only know he grew up in the Pentagon, but I dont know what he went through there. This is clearly a stress reaction, and he must have suffered a significant trauma, Qin Wan said. She didnt investigate things she wasnt interested in. She knew Ji Chi grew up in the Pentagon, but she didnt know what he had experienced there.

Rong Li didnt want to discuss Ji Chis privacy with outsiders. I dont know.

Qin Wan didnt press further. Its so boring. Theyve locked us up like this, and we have no idea if well live or die. Say something.

There were no surveillance cameras in the dungeon. Qin Wan had managed to unlock the handcuffs using a needle she had stolen from the medical kit, only to lock them again. She played with the handcuffs repeatedly, and Rong Li watched her, frowning.

Qin Wan held up the needle and asked, Do you want it?

Give it to me!

Ask me nicely!

Get lost!

Humph! Qin Wan scoffed. Prisoner, yet still so temperamental.

Arent you a prisoner too?

Gu Ci interjected, Both of you are in the same boat, stop bickering.

Even if were in the same boat, he should die first! Qin Wan and Gu Ci shared a knowing look, both avoiding useless arguments. Even if they managed to unlock the handcuffs, they couldnt open the dungeon door. There were heavily armed guards outside, and despite the lack of any visible threats now, attempting to escape would be foolish. They had no weapons and were all injured.

A direct confrontation would be a break-even situation at best, killing two would be a gain, but it wasnt necessary. It would be better to wait for Chen Rushi and Tang Mingzhou to come to them on their own.

Ji Chi slowly regained consciousness, but for a moment, he couldnt figure out where he was. Gu Ci quickly lowered her head and checked his forehead. He didnt have a fever. Rong Li had torn open a package and tossed a piece of bread to him, saying, Eat quickly!

Ji Chis expression remained calm, as if nothing had happened. After getting up, he leaned against the wall and started eating the bread. Qin Wan watched him, and Rong Li was afraid that Qin Wan might say something to provoke Ji Chi due to her unfiltered mouth. Rong Li made a throat-slitting gesture to Qin Wan, who responded by raising her middle finger at him. They both looked away, annoyed with each other.

Gu Ci opened a bottle of water and handed it to Ji Chi, saying softly, Dont just eat bread, drink some water.

Ji Chi took the water and drank it all in one gulp. His breathing suddenly became rapid. Gu Ci whispered, Ji Chi, your brother will come to rescue us.

Ji Chi remained unmoved, but Gu Ci thought for a moment. Ji Chi, Jiang Junlin will come to rescue us, trust me.

That name seemed to strike a chord within Ji Chi, and his eyes briefly lit up before dimming again. He wont come.

Years ago, he had heartlessly abandoned him.

Gu Ci knew that this was a deep-seated fear and obsession for him. She spoke softly, Ji Chi, youre not alone anymore. 1, Rong Li, and Qin Wan are all here with you. Were in this together, for better or worse.

She knew that when someone was gripped by fear and obsession, words might not be enough to console them. If something happened to Lu Zhiyuan, and someone tried to reassure her and tell her not to worry, she wouldnt be able to listen.

Ji Chi looked at her with slightly reddened eyes, and Gu Ci held his hand. We came here together, and well leave together.

Rong Li reached out to ruffle his hair. Gu Ci is right. We came together, and well leave together. 1 wont abandon you.

Both Gu Ci and Rong Li knew that these words, if spoken by Lu Zhiyuan, would have a more profound effect on Ji Chi. Perhaps having companions by his side was already helping to reduce his stress reaction.

Suddenly, footsteps could be heard outside the door, and Chen Rushi had returned. Gu Ci, Tang Mingzhou wants to see you.

Ji Chi instantly snapped back to attention, and Qin Wan furrowed her brow. Do you want to take Gu Ci away alone?

Do you have a better solution? Chen Rushi shrugged. He had heavily armed agents behind him.

Qin Wan really wanted to give him a good beating. This guys attitude was even more annoying than Rong Lis!

Fine, 111 go with you, Gu Ci said calmly. Rong Li, Ji Chi, and Qin Wan couldnt stop them, so they could only watch helplessly as Gu Ci was taken away. In situations where one is at the mercy of others, its essential to conserve ones strength and not engage in futile struggles.

After being brought out of the dungeon, Gu Ci realized that they were still underground, and they had to take an elevator to go up. In the elevator, Gu Ci sneered and said, Chen Rushi, dont forget that I once saved your life. Is this how you repay me?

Cici, rest assured, I will make sure you stay alive, Chen Rushis voice was cheerful, but there was a terrifying gentleness in his laughter. Gu Ci shuddered. Over the years, Chen Rushi had changed dramatically! When she first met him, he was a charming young man, but now he was completely different.

When ambition exceeds ones abilities, its a kind of tragedy!

He couldnt escape from this kind of cage!

Gu Ci was seeing Tang Mingzhou for the first time, but Tang Mingzhou had seen her before when she was much younger. He had thorough investigations of Lu Zhiyuans every move. Therefore, he knew exactly where Lu Zhiyuans weaknesses lay and what his preferences were. He had no doubt about his ability to control Lu Zhiyuan.

Gu Ci stood by the railing and looked outside. She first saw a temple with predominant yellow and green colors, resembling an Indian style. The sound of bells came from the temple. Beneath the attic, there was a field of poppies, and it was heavily guarded by well-equipped agents. Gu Ci knew that the newcomers meant trouble, but she remained composed.

Miss Gu, do you know how my child died? Tang Mingzhou asked.

Gu Ci had seen the information. The child had died in a car accident.

It was an accident, Gu Ci replied. Lu Zhiyuan wouldnt harm women and children.

Tang Mingzhou burst into laughter. Then, he suddenly slapped Gu Ci across the face. Shut up! 1 know Lu Zhiyuan better than you!

Tang Mingzhou was a man, and he had considerable strength. Soon, a red mark appeared on Gu Cis cheek.. Tang Mingzhou sneered, Take her down!

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