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Chapter 98

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Chapter 98: Be Careful Not to Eat Too Much!


Baron Essel arranged for me an audience with the King that day.

Perhaps it was because he had heard I would be bringing with me a product that I myself had restricted.

The Baron’s eyes lit up with joy as he brought us to the royal palace.

As I waited with Michelle in the luxurious sitting room, the King and the Baron arrived together.

He sure is as full of aspirations and vigor as ever.

[Sorry for making you wait, Yahagi. So, is the effect of that product you mentioned true?]

Not wanting to waste time, the King abruptly cut to the chase.

[Yes, there’s no mistaking it. Here’s the aforementioned product.]

I put a small bag on the table.

Product name: Young Doughnuts (4 pieces)

Description: Eat one and you will be 5 years younger.

Price: 40 rims (limited to 5 bags)

There are many doughnuts unlocked in my shop with amazing effects, but this one stands at the top of the list.

Moreover, for it to be priced at only 40 rims……

That’s the only part that’s making it like a dagashi, snacks that were supposed to be cheap.

Well, I’ll just keep quiet about the price to add a golden flair to its name.

[If one eats this, will it really make them five years younger?]

The King asked me with a glint in his eyes.

[Yes, that’s true. Be careful not to eat too much though.]

There’s that folklore I heard about after all.

It’s a story about a greedy old woman who drank too much of the waters of the Fountain of Youth and turned back into a baby.

Being greedy won’t lead you to anything good.

My thoughts aside, the King and the Baron conversed in lowered voices.

[If I eat of those and use it as bait, the old men in the senate will be at my mercy.]

[If we can win over the old men to our side, then the budget allocation for Gokoun Region will be passed.]

No matter how good the King is, politics can’t be handled alone.

They’re probably planning to draw the important nobles to their side with Young Doughnuts.

Well, that’s not something within my interests as far as I am concerned.

They can just do whatever they want.

[It’s not just about passing the budget allocation. The sickly Marquis Kepass would surely comply with any request if he sees this.]

[That indeed seems to be the case. Our long-awaited reinforcements for the eastern garrison is now a reality.]

Ahhh, nope, nope.

As expected, I really don’t like the idea of my dagashi being used as a political tool.

Let’s at least give the leftover Young Doughnuts to Merle and Mira’s grandmothers and grandfathers.

Having the grandparents of those two is already good enough for me.

Now then, let’s get the topic back to Marco and Titti.

[Your Majesty.]

[Hmm? Oh, my bad! We’ve moved away from the topic, haven’t we?]

The King, who had been talking to Baron Essel, finally turned to me.

[I present this item to His Majesty. With this merit in mind, may I ask for leniency to Marco and Titti?]

[Fumu, leniency to that Marco fellow is fine, but I’m not able to grant acquittal for former Queen Consort Titti. Now then, as for what to do with her……]

The King probably wants the Young Doughnuts really bad as well.

It seems that he’s trying to come up with something both sides can compromise with.

A heavy silence filled the room, and while the King stared into empty space, he suddenly clapped his hands.

[Ah, I know! Yahagi, become the Lord of Luganda.]

Huh? Lord?

Thereupon, as if he thought what the King said was a great idea, Baron Essel nodded his head in agreement.

[That option does exist. If it’s Yahagi-dono, undertaking such a role would indeed be suitable for him. It would be a perfect reward for his donation of the Young Doughnuts.]

[Ummm, I don’t see what you’re talking about though……]

I was puzzled, but the Baron explained.

[Recently, a new dungeon was discovered in Luganda Forest, which is part of the Kingdom’s territory. It’s a small dungeon, but it contains magic crystals and materials, so His Majesty has decided to develop that territory.]

[That is…… Well, congratulations.]

[And so, as a reward for these Young Doughnuts, he is appointing you as the territory’s lord.]

That’s the part I don’t understand.

If they’re gonna reward me, all they have to do is release Marco and Titti……

[Why me!?]

[To tell you the truth, Luganda is just a forest clearing at the moment. However, we want to develop Luganda into a city in the future. To that end, we have decided to give the land free of charge to adventurers who investigate the dungeon.]

And with such a plan, they would recruit settlers, get funds from the dungeon and make Luganda greater.

[Your dagashis will be of great use to adventurers who dive into that dungeon. What’s more, the adventurers adore you. If you were to be the territory’s lord, wouldn’t many adventurers follow you there?]

[I see, I understand why you’re asking me to be that territory’s lord. However, what does this have to do with Marco and Titti?]

When I asked this question, the King answered this time.

[I’m not able to exonerate former Queen Consort Titti. However, what about exiling her to Frontier Land Luganda?]


That would certainly satisfy the people and his subjects.

[If you plead for Titti’s pardon, it could be settled in the form of exilement to Luganda. In exchange, Yahagi would take on the role of Lord, stationed there to effectively monitor Titti.]

[I understand what you’re saying, but I can’t be a lord.]

[I’ll assign an aide by your side, so don’t worry. All you have to do is continue to run your dagashi shop in Luganda as you have always done. That will be the best thing for the development of Luganda.]

While I was pondering what to do, Michelle leaned in close.

[Yuusuke, I think it’s good to accept this offer.]

[You think so?]

[Yes, there are various reasons why I think so, but if Yuusuke decides to go to Luganda, I will also be there with you.]

[Are you sure?]

[Leaving apart with you would drive me insane. We will always be together.]

[I see. Well, if that’s what Michelle says……]

This seems to be the only way to help Marco and Titti.

If that’s the case, then I guess it wouldn’t be a bad idea to leisurely run my dagashi shop while working on developing a countryside dungeon.

Even if they say I’m gonna be a lord, it seems more like I’m becoming a village chief in a pioneering village.

[I understand. I will go to Luganda.]

And with that, it was decided that I would be running a dagashi shop in Luganda.

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