Pain Fetish

Pain Fetish
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Five years ago, on a graduation trip, Fu Ge broke through the twenty-two prayer flags on the racecourse. Holding the reins in his hand, he stepped on the snowy slope, smiling brightly and wantonly.

Qi Han: “If you win, what reward do you want?”

Fu Ge: “I want a temporary mark, the kind with the pheromones injected.”

Qi Han: “What if you lose?”

Fu Ge: “If I lose, I’ll use these twenty prayer flags to pray for you, and Ah Han will always be safe.”

That night the Alpha marked him eagerly and fiercely all over the back of his glandless neck, and Fu Ge took it for granted that his lover loved him too.

He never expected that eight months later, Qi Han would put the chains on him with his own hands, sneering, “You didn’t really think I liked you, did you? You and your love are worth nothing to me.”

Blinded by years of hatred, Qi Han thought that Fu Ge was using him from beginning to end, until the moment the truth came out and he was so sorry that his heart broke.

Five years later, they met again after a long time. Faced with Fu Ge’s drastic change in character, Qi Han—

“Wife, the pheromones are ready, do you want to use them now?”

“Wife, do you want to unplug my oxygen tube? Be careful not to leave fingerprints.”

“Wife, see this little box? Till death do us part, let’s sleep in this big bed together, okay?”

Fu Ge: “Go die, you.”

One regrets to death, the other hates to death.

“Every bit of pain you give me, I’ll suffer gladly.”

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