Passionate Love After Marriage With The White Moonlight Movie Queen


Shen Qingzhi couldn’t believe that at such a young age, she was being forced to go on a blind date.Before the appointment, she created a particularly unconventional look for herself. She styled her hair in an explosive manner, adorned with skull accessories that made people shake their heads in disbelief.She was satisfied with her masterpiece: No matter who this unfortunate soul is that I’m meeting, they’ll be dumbfounded when they see me like this.Soon she met her blind date partner, but she was the one who was dumbfounded.Gu Jinrong, the youngest Golden Bear award-winning actress in the entertainment industry, the White Moonlight that Shen Qingzhi admired when she was young, was now sitting in a private booth, smiling coquettishly.Shen Qingzhi hastily pulled down her hat to cover her messy and wild hairstyle, but as she turned around in a flustered manner, she ended up bumping straight into the door.“Qingqing.” Gu Jinrong stood up, and her slender, fair fingers playfully hooked onto the mischievous ends of Shen Qingzhi’s hair outside the brim of her hat. “I am the person you’re going on a blind date with today. Shall we have a chat?”This chat led them straight to the Civil Affairs Bureau.Shen Qingzhi held the freshly stamped marriage certificate in her hands, and she couldn’t help but feel a surreal sense of disbelief: Am I now… a married woman?

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